Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ngrams of google reveals the future culture

I read an article about ngrams of google that shows information gleaned from the 500 billion database of google digitized books and so I did my own experiment. If you want eye-popping information about what culture/language is in decline and what culture is rising then do the same experiment. Go to
and type in first the word english and the years of 1600 to 2010 from the corpus English with smoothing of 3 and study the results. Then clear that and type in the word scots with same time frame and smoothing and English corpus,and study results. Then clear that and type in germans with same time frame,same corpus and smoothing and study results. then clear that and type in the word muslims with same time frame and same corpus and same smoothing. You will be astonished.

It graphs the references/books to those languages/cultures on the timeline given from 1600-2010. And I am sure you will conclude as I did,that the reason the US,the UK,and the EU are in 'wars' in Afghanistan and Middle East is trying to hold onto/preserve the western way of life that is in decline.
Gloria Poole; @ home in Missouri;3:34pm;16/Dec/2010

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