Monday, January 31, 2011

Ways 2 Communicate w/ world from Egypt-Public Service

I read about this via alert on the tech section of CNN news a few minutes ago. Google, and SayNow [ a company acquired by Google] and Twitter have joined forces to create a new way intended to help anyone in Egypt communicate with outside-of-Egypt-world. Anyone could call these numbers however and speak a tweet, thus enabling those whose SMS service was disabled by politics [ I guess in any nation of any nationality] or who do not have internet connection but do have voice service via any telephone to communicate with family,friends,co-workers etc. Call any of these numbers and speak your tweet:
. The spoken tweets will have hashtag #egypt.
You could also listen to the spoken tweets by calling those numbers or via @speak2tweet.
I am merely helping communicate this public news to help journalists,protestors,people in Egypt trying to evacuate/refugee from the city,organizers of refugees, and yes, protestors who are not violent. I absolutely believe in the First Amendment liberties for all people. And thanks to Google [ I LOVE Google] and Twitter and SayNow for the service newly created to help Egyptians and foreigners there, and maybe anyone?? Not sure if limited to Egypt.
Gloria Poole; 5:06pm;31/Jan/2011;@home in Missouri;
URGENT Update: help find one of Egypt's best friends:"Google executive Wael Ghonim is missing"
according to CNN . Also quote from article:
"His last tweet on Thursday: "Pray for #Egypt. Very worried as it seems that government is planning a war crime tomorrow against people. We are all ready to die #Jan25" [end quote from Ghonim's twitter page
Article at:
6:43pm 31/Jan/2011

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