Thursday, March 10, 2011

Remember that U S gov't controls all computers

In this past week, both of my new computers were attacked by the US government because I complained about Obama's killing-of-innocents-in-the-womb, and because I called him a pervert on a blog because he hired one of that evil sort to make his private appointments, thus apparently thinking he could defy all the Commandments of GOD [read Leviticus 18:22 KJV and Romans chapter one KJV and Exodus ch 20, KJV] and thinking he will rub GOD's nose in the Commandments of GOD. I sincerely pray he burns in hell and the sooner the better.

Having written that, I want to tell you what I learned by having worked through the mechanisms the US government uses to attack computers illegally; so you are informed as to some of their methods, so you will be on guard against cyberattack by the US government. I am a US citizen and not charged with any crime or guilty of any crime; but in the eyes of those who kill for money, I am their worst enemy [because I write often that it is a sin against GOD to kill innocents and that sodomy and lesbianism is abomination to GOD.] The devil and the followers of the devil hate GOD and also hate the followers of GOD. I am Christian. For other verses about human beings start with these : John 14:6, John 10:10, Matthew 18:14; Jeremiah 1:5, and also read these websites of mine : and!vote-prolife/ for more scriptures and reasons.

Back to the topic of how the Obama administration attacks computers:
1) they 'jam' the signals with radar via the Pentagon; which scrambles the code that tells the computer what to do. If you are paying close attention, when every thing on your computer--keyboard, apps,mouse,browser freeze and do nothing, unplug your computer instantly and disconnect from your isp immediately. The War Powers Act is abused against US citizens to try to prevent negative press of either H Clinton or Obama. Those evil twins abuse all power to try to censor/suppress/oppress the prolifers, the Christians who are born again, and the true republicans who do not want communism as government.
2) They have taken control of Facebook, [through $$$$ on stock exchange when it went public] and they took control of Microsoft years ago via the anti-trust fake lawsuit against Microsoft that had end result of US government getting a 'backdoor' into EVERY computer or device that Microsoft makes anywhere in the world, in exchange for allowing Microsoft to continue their monopoly on computers . And as the news reported about 10 days ago, Obama the devil, met with Zuckerberg from Facebook [no doubt doing the bidding of Libya's Gadhafi a fellow African ] and with Steve Jobs of Apple, and with Eric Schmidt , current CEO of Google to find hw to capture those computers and gain access to total computer control worldwide. This was not a coincidence but directly relevant to how Facebook, Twitter & Google [saynow, and speak2tweet] were helpful in revolutions in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Kuwait, and spreading across Arabic nations to set the people free. Liberty of the citizens is Obama's worst nightmare.
3) And dozens of ads appearing trying to get all corporations to move their content to the "cloud". Read into that-- instead of cloud substitute the US government's storage that they control the key too. IF you put your content on any cloud [remote from your computer and not on a physical device you have possession and control of, when Obama wants to suppress what you read or write from anywhere, your info is all 'in the cloud' for the U S government's [Homeland Hackers, Hillary's hackers, team-Obama Hackers] to access through the backdoor.
4) They abuse the War Powers Act to control /suppress/control virtually EVERY cell phone carrier in the world that does business in the US with even one customer. IF you saw that movie that was showing around Dec '08 that showed your cell phone tracking your every move and being controlled by government, that is right on target.
5) They use Microsoft to 'lockdown' the computers of the political enemies of either Obama or Clinton through their built-in lockdown {Windows Defender which really only defends Obama and Hillary's political careers] or through the built-in kill switch for the software you bought. Remember when you buy a Microsoft computer you never really own it. Microsoft allows you to use it only as long a you do not actively oppose Obama or H Clinton in public places like blogs, websites, or twitter. They get the automated software attack system that Windows builds into every computer to trun against the computer you bought by causing you as owner to download a corrupt file [with foreign language on it, or evil words in the code] then it tricks Windows into attacking your computer. Mission accomplished by Homeland cyberattack against political enemies of Obama the communist. They recently attacked Google apps via the same methods.
6) The US government 's cyberattack team [Homeland fake* security] creates/writes malicious code regularly and sends it agist computers of political enemies. They also use it to attack the computer run infrastructure of bridges, airplanes,water supply, heating, oil furnaces, [why your bill escalates constantly] , meters that measure gasoline, [transportation] , trains, airports,and other governments.
7) When you pay your bills online, the government knows the details of your bank accounts and your transactions as you do them. If you oppose either H Clinton or Obama they will attack your bank accounts and hold up payments you sent being paid, for any purpose that they think will hinder you.
8) They insert "hot keys' that distort your words as you type them to try to make it appear to your readers that you were sloppy or not paying attention, thus attempting to discredit you before your readers. My 5 WEEK old computer changed one word three times yesterday. I changed it twice to correct word and it changed it to wrong word.
9) Mobile devices [cell phones, tablets, laptops, netbooks] have a built in controller device that the government [or cell phone carrier when the government strong arms them into it] uses to drain the battery on your device almost instantly. It is called battery composite file. It sucks the battery dry of power so instead of hours of use, you get minutes .
10) If you have wired dsl, they get your connection number from your telephone company . The telephone companies are totally "regulated' --read controlled-- by the federal government, also through War Powers Act that's main purpose is controlling, spying on the citizens in order to rig elections. They add on excessive taxes [my $59 month plan has about $20 tax added] to try to price it out of the affordability of the so-called poor and to make it only available to the elite with real, private service.
My recommendations are and I admit they are not fool-proof nor as a computer expert would write them but as a citizen who has endured repeated attacks against my computers since 1991 because I write that killing of innocents in the womb is a sin and has to be a crime also. For starters,
1) have more than one method and more than one device to connect if internet connectivity is crucial to your life.
2) Have different carriers on your cell devices and different operating systems, and different computer companies.
3) Have internet companies and cell phones with HQ located outside the US if possible [or with branches outside the US] .
4) Learn enough about computer code to recognize what is going on.
5) Realize that most of the financial 'meltdown' occurred because online banking is NOT safe and money was sucked out of accounts by criminals and one of them is in the White House.
*Footnote; it is fake because it searches, suppresses, attacks the US citizens who are political enemies of Obama regime and does nothing to protect the innocent in America from harm or death-in-the-womb.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 9:39am;10-March-2011

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