Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"The Scotsman" oil painting I painted; words-that-work

This painting I one of the ethnic series of paintings that I painted to hopefully teach that regardless of the color of one's eyes, or hair or the native costume or language, every human is made in the image of GOD [according to Genesis 1:26-28,KJV] and each is loved by GOD. I named this painting "The Scotsman" and I have it and also most of my paintings, sketches and drawings I have created over 2 decades. I own all rights to the paintings , sketches, drawings, I paint/sketch/draw and to the images of them; and also to my words, poems, essays whether written as Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri; or as simply a Christian woman, [white]. Copyright Notice: all paintings, sketches, drawings, words, essays, poems, words that work, lifemedia-publishing were copyrighted words, works, created by me Gloria Poole now of Missouri but of state of Georgia most of my life; whether my name is written as my legal formal name of Gloria Poole, or as gloriapoole; or as gloria0817, or as g-l-o-r-i-a, [whether capital letters or lower case].

This is my own photo of my own painting I painted, and named "The Scotsman'. It is NOT a real person. I am posting this here because it matters, because I am still trying to get control of my domain that is or was hosted on my earthlink acct until cybercriminals hacked into it to steal it from the site because it has some of my paintings and my poem and an essay as RN; on it [because they identify me as the artist and that is what they are trying desperately to prevent since I oppose sodomy, and the sin of killing human beings in the womb] ; or earthlink employees stole the payment paid by guaranteed delivery on Aug 3rd, 2011. They are being sort of secretive to cover their tracks but I have paper documentation it belongs to me, and also electronic documentation that it belongs to me. I think the root cause of all the cyber-attacks is a combination of perverts [homosexuals], and those who kill humans in womb, and their puppet politicians who cover for them politically and pull strings w/ Judges to 'legalize' sin as a "right" to be taught in public schools.IF the tech community wanted to be safer they would wage a cyber-war on those groups.
Gloria Poole, RN; @my apt in Missouri; 10:10am;24-Aug-2011

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