Wednesday, March 14, 2012

words that WORK for the glory of GOD

The phrase 'words that WORK" was coined by me in about 1991, and then I registered it in the state of Georgia as an LLC. It was always meant to mean "words that WORK/ achieve results for the glory of GOD". It was never a business but a mission effort to evangelize the world for JESUS. I have endured for years a concentrated deliberate effort by cyber-hackers to steal every domain and website I had created, in their effort to use them for stealing other things like bank accounts, my name, years of my life as Registered Nurse and years of interaction on the web in forums etc.

For a while I wondered how something begun purely for the glory of GOD could have gotten so many corrupt people in it, especially since they were NEVER authorized on my accounts [the people who stole emails, and domains from me, I mean.] Then I remembered the life on earth of JESUS, and how HE attracted the most sinful and vile people to HIM --some who wanted to know about GOD, but mostly those who only wanted to destroy, annihilate HIM. I guess I should not expect my experience on earth to be a whole lot different???
Anyway, words that work as a concept continues. I have no business partners, and most of my domains and hosting accounts were hijacked by criminals who broke into my hosting accounts, after causing massive injuries to me, to immobilize me and try to render me incapable of continuing my work for THE LIVING LORD JESUS.
I moved permanently to Missouri in Oct 2009, and that was publicized at the time. I am not immobile now but have some residual damage to me that is forever as a result of physical assaults on me when I lived in Colorado for years Dec 2002- Oct 2009. And then someone tried to run over me with a vehicle last June, [2011]. So it's a work in progress, as always I suppose, since there are way more challenges to me than ever before.
This is a notice I suppose that I still intermittently write on the cause of human life, preserving human life--saving the baby humans. And I still paint as artist, and write extensively but in much smaller blocks of time.
Gloria Poole;in Missouri;12:16pm;14-March-2012

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