Sunday, April 14, 2013

Save the baby humans is the slogan for this Century's civil rights cause.

I write on the PROLIFE topic as a Registered Nurse; but more importantly as a Christian, who believes the words of JESUS to be the gospel truth. JESUS said, " even so, it is not the will of your Father [GOD] in heaven that one of these little ones should perish." Matthew 18:14, KJV. Also, one of the Commandments of GOD that GOD wrote in stone for Moses to give the Israelites was "thou shalt not kill" as written in Exodus 20:13, and repeated in Deuteronomy. I want you to understand that it is a sin against GOD to abort your babies. And I want you to understand that the sins of abortion and homosexuality will keep you out of heaven if they are not confessed before GOD as sin, and repented of, with a turning away from it, never to do it again approach. {Read Leviticus 18:22, KJv, Romans chapter 1: 18-32, KJV about homosexuality and the death that results from it in verse 32. And read all the prolife scriptures, and the book of Revelation to see who is allowed into heaven.].

The prolife cause has more splintered groups than any cause ever had; yet it has not so far coalesced around the goal of ending abortion as a so-called "right". Abortion is the deliberate premeditated murder of a tiny defenseless human being in the trapped womb of its mother. It's horrible! It's ungodly, horrifying sin. The same people who wouldn't dream of setting a trap to catch an animal and then mutilating it, decapitating it, shredding it, selling its body parts, will out of the same mouth tell you that doing those things to tiny defenseless humans in the trap of the womb is a "right". GOD forbid it should ever be so. IT HAS TO BE ILLEGAL> There can be no splitting hairs. IF the offspring of a HUMAN male and a HUMAN woman is HUMAN [and it's always so, that each species reproduces after itself] then the premeditated murder of that tiny HUMAN in the womb, [or born ] is a sin and it is ALWAYS WRONG. You cannot change the truth of GOD into a lie for your convenience.

Save the baby humans is a motto I began some months ago, when it occurred to me that years ago, the save the baby whales mobilized the entire world to stop whaling for profit. Now it is time to stop the killing of tiny humans for profit [abortionists always get paid] and for any reason. The United States will not succeed as long as its only export is killing via abortionists, ngos sent from US to annihilate the offspring of others, drones to attack and kill innocent people. It is unamerican, it is a sin and it is a a sin that GOD will not wink-wink at--read the Bible. I take my authority from the King James Holy Bible, and the U S Constitution and the First Amendment specifically, as a natural born U S citizen born in the state of Georgia.

The tide is turning. A poll I read the other day said 52% of Americans think abortion has to end. The P.U.S.H** for change is rising up on college campuses everywhere, as students see the medical images of the tiny humans in the womb, and as they see the "truth trucks" with photos of aborted babies, that are gruesome --yes; but if they are too gruesome to view, how can abortion be "legal'?

I quote from news sent to my inbox to help publicize: "Last night, Wisconsin Congressman and former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan energized pro-life advocates with a rousing speech against abortion that provided hope for ending the travesty someday.

In his speech at the Susan B. Anthony List gala, Ryan urged pro-lifers to be active in the battle to change hearts and minds — setting up political change down the road" and also: "He urged pro-life advocates to never abandon the cause of life or accept a political truce on the issue of abortion and protecting unborn children under law." And also: "And you’re making headway: A majority of the country now believes abortion should be illegal in some or all cases. And young people are among our most passionate supporters." ..." Many of us are pro-life because of our faith. We believe every person is made in the image of God. So every life is precious—and worthy of protection. But if we want to appeal to the broadest audience, we need to use every tool at our disposal. We can’t just make arguments based on faith. We also need to make arguments based on reason. And if we deny the right to life, we deny the principle of equality—and with it, our belief in self-government.

The Declaration of Independence says “all men are created equal.” It rejects the old notion that some are born to rule—and others to obey. In fact, it calls this truth self-evident. It’s obvious to anyone with ears to hear and eyes to see. We each have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And no one can deprive us of those rights without our consent. Consent is the source of power, not wealth or ancestry. Government isn’t the master of the people. It’s their servant. So we must stay vigilant—because when government assaults any of our rights, all of them are endangered. And once some people can deny the rights of others, we’re no longer equal. The foundation of our government is weakened. The rights of the people are imperiled. Anyone can understand that danger." These quotes from :

Yet, remember that an abortion gives no "due process' to the preborn humans. The ungodly, sordid fake* law of Roe v Wade does not allow the voice from the womb to cry out to the Judge/executioner [in those courtrooms where the Judges are in the pocket of Planned Parenthood] to save the life. It does noes not allow tiny humans to be classified by the U S Congress as HUMAN even though all medical fact and reason/logic says they have to be humans if they are produced by a human man and a human woman. The horror of Roe v Wade is dawning on the nation, and collectively, we the people are repulsed by it. The law has to change. Abortion has to be illegal. Just as slavery was rendered illegal forevermore by President Abraham Lincoln by the stroke of his pen, signing the act of Congress, so abortion must be illegal--by act of Congress signed into law by whoever is President at the time. Obama is public enemy number one of the preborn humans--every deed he has done is to kill more tiny humans in the womb. He's the U S version of Hitler, Stalin, and all the so-called leaders who slaughtered their own people.

Please educate yourself on the issues. I write several blogs on the PROLIFE cause and they are unique , individually written by me, a RN licensed in Missouri, and maintained on my own personally owned equipment, as a U S citizen with first amendment liberties to publish my beliefs, words, thoughts, prayers, actions; [and also those of others when relevant and attribution is given].

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I ask you please to do all you can, as often as you can to raise the public's awareness of the horrors of the travesty of justice that abortion is; and to demand that Congress make abortion ILLEGAL by definitive Act; and if Obama refuses to sign it, override his veto and impeach him for failure to uphold the U S Constitution that gives all humans "due process' and 'the right to life".

*footnote: It's fake because the U S Constitution does not give the U S Supreme Court the authority to create new laws. Read it for yourself. Constitution is available online. If you can read and comprehend English, you will 'get it"--it's easy to understand, simple, straight-forward words, few pages.

** footnote: P.U.S.H = pray until something happens .

Gloria Poole,RN; at my apt and only residence in Missouri; 11:49am; 14-April-2013