Sunday, May 30, 2010

Was BP & US Sabotaged by BIG OIL from Middle East?

I have followed some of the news about the BP oil spill in the gulf off the continental shelf of the US. And I also read that the crew of the BP rig was NOT on the rig when the "spill" occurred from a damaged pipe. How hard it is to imagine that if the well is a gusher as apparently it is, and if it endangered the Aramco and oil-dependent-for-wealth-nations of Arab oil producers that they would sabotage any effort by US to get independent of oil from Arabic nations? It is easy for me to imagine that they would do that. And it is also easy for me to imagine that it also could bave been sabotaged and blown with explosives from that crazy and violent group that wants to save the planet for the animals while at same time destroying the humans. Remember that an explosion under water would be suppressed in sound but create waves and energy and that it would probably blow right out of the water and shoot into the sky. And isn't that what happened? Was there fire and heat as from either a burning oil well ignited by an explosion OR an explosion with explosives? And where were the crew? Were they lured ashore by some trick? And why is BP being blamed for harming the US when the well is offshore --off the continent of the US or they would not have been able to drill it in the first place. It seems to me that BP has taken a huge hit from somewhere and I think it was sabotage to ruin the US [by the oil gushing into the waters, and to ruin the allies of the US= Great Britain at the same time, and to defeat the political idea that the US could get free of the oil producers of the middle east and their OPEC.
Why has no one asked these questions? Could it be that Obama is in his heart of heart Muslim and more sympathetic to them than to the US?
I am asking the question: why has there been no investigation into if the pipe was blown with explosives by enemies of the US?
And to change the topic:
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Also please see the blogs where I added the photos I took yesterday of the Airshow named Salute to Veterans in Missouri. They are interesting photos and include fighter jets, a robot, aerial acrobatics, and planes from WWII, and bagpipers. I added them to several blogs and listed where the photos are at
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 11:10 AM, 30_May-2010

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