Wednesday, December 5, 2012

words that WORK is not on Pinterest or Facebook!

This is a public notice, that words that WORK is NOT on Facebook or Pinterest, and never was. I created words that WORK in the state of Georgia in 1992 and registered it there as an LLC. I continued it in Colorado for the years I lived in Colorado. When I moved from Colorado, I continued the mission of it in Missouri. I have never commercialized it or sold it. It always meant words that WORK for the glory of GOD.

Also, occasionally I add my own photos of my own created works of art to this blog and to other blogs of mine also. But I Gloria Poole [now living in Missouri] own the copyrights to all art I paint,sketch,draw, and or photograph, and of my genre photography I photograph as I walkabout or of my family and for any photographs I am asked by others to take [I photograph regularly for my two daughters who are grown of special events, etc including on occasion ballet recitals; but not for pay.] My oldest daughter Jennifer Borelli, photographs for pay,and has a degree in it, fyi.

This painting's photo that I photographed [with one of several methods I have] is of a painting I painted years ago, and named The Old Savannah Trolley, from a scene I photographed in Savannah GA but which I painted in my version instead of as the actual old rusted out trolley stored on a vacant lot in Savannah. I am adding it here because it is recognizable as my created painting [one of about 500 paintings, drawings, sketches I created], was on many websites & blogs of mine, and was even converted by a hosting company to an icon at one point in time. It is to establish that this blog is the blog of the original words that WORK that began in the state of Georgia in 1992 by me Gloria Poole, and was registered with the Secretary of State in GA soon afterwards.

. Copyright. I own all rights to the photos, art I create, poems and words I write ;and have never yet sold them or assigned them to anyone. Gloria Poole; gloriapoole; words-that-work; words that WORK; @ my apt in Missouri; 5-Dec -2012; 8:15pm

Monday, November 5, 2012

Words matter & votes matter

I am updating this to remind you that tomorrow is the federal election to elect a new President. The situation in the U S today is dire. The nation is poised to depopulate to its own ruin via the plan of "ObamaCare" that subsidizes with taxpayers' dollars the heinous sin of abortion. Abortion is a sin against GOD [because GOD wrote in stone thou shalt not kill" as recorded in Exodus 20:13, KJV] and it is a crime against humanity because it is genocide planned to destroy an entire class of citizens i.e. those in the womb.

Yes, I know the propanganda of how the money was going to come from a separate fund to pay for abortions of ObamaCare fake health care. Ask yourself the question : if you put some money in an envelope for your rent or mortgage, and some in a different envelope for your tithes, charitable giving; and more in another envelope for groceries, and another envelope for food, supplies; does all the money belong to you that you put in the envelopes and allocated as a budget? It's a no-brainer except for those who don't have functioning brains because of selling their souls to the devil, or dr-ugging themselves into oblivion; or drinking potent beverages etc. Those with their wits about them easily see that the 'separate fund' [lie of those like Nancy Pelosi and Obama] that the federal budget would use to pay for abortions with taxpayer money is hogwash. You can whitewash a pig, put lipstick on it, and dress it in a coat, but when you turn loose of it, it will go back to the wallow of mud and slime and worst. Obama & Pelosi are from the devil. I know that because of the scripture that says "he that is not with me is against me" [the words of JESUS] Matthew 12:30a, KJV; also see Matthew 12:25-30].

To be with JESUS, you have to obey HIS words. Matthew 18:14 kjv is written' Even so, it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish'. You cannot be pleasing to GOD {JESUS; see John 10:30,KJV] if you disobey Him,in any way but especially if you kill or teach killing as a so-called right when GOD named it sin. [Exodus 20:13, KJV]. You cannot call yourself Christian if you do not obey JESUS-- labeled The Christ [meaning 'the anointed one' per dictionary] in medieval times.

I am asking you to vote tomorrow and vote in a manner to please GOD so that you are not considered opposing/defying GOD; for your own sake; and for the sake of the nation and the human race, and the preborn humans in the womb. Read Deuteronomy chapter 28 for what God said are the blessings for obedience and the curses for disobedience of HIS words/commandments.

I am asking you to vote for Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, Ed Martin--who are prolife family men who can turn this nation around and back to GOD. Obama is a fake Christian. I know that by his fruits. Every cause he has championed is in direct defiance of the word of GOD.

Gloria Poole, RN, and artist; who began words that WORK in the state of Georgia in 1992 and registered it in GA in 1993 as an LLC. words that WORK has had a tortuous history as many tried to steal the domains of it and did steal them from me with their use of stolen i.d. of mine, stolen passwords, use of information belonging to me only, etc. But I can't let the work of GOD fall to the wayside. words that WORK always meant 'words that WORK for the glory of GOD". It still means that to me.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

25 LOGINS to try to get my acct back!

It has taken me approximately 25 logins, a password reset, countless minutes waiting [about an hour] to try to reclaim my account from cybercriminals. Cyber-criminals broke into my account and into my earthlink account before that. They stole my earthlink last year through fraud,using credentials they got by breaking into my email accounts. And they stole the domain of right from my owner's account on web-hosting for Yahoo. belongs to criminals now, I suppose since I never consented to sell it, and they broke into my web-hosting account to steal. The Phillippines where is out-sourced too, has no morals about business that I could tell from doing business with them from Dec 2002 until last year when my account was stolen from me by criminals.

So this is a public notice that words that WORK belongs to me still. Those who break in and steal will be punished in God's time and way, according to Scripture.

I am convinced the entire purpose of the attempt to run over me last June [2011] in my town in Missouri was so that criminals could snatch my pocketbook, get ID info they needed to steal accounts with. My computers were hacked at the same time and every web-hosting account I had was compromised. I realized then that accounts that are nothing but air, are not worth dying for.

So I am not bothering with web-hosting any more because it is futile--the companies sell out anyone who owns a domain when someone comes along who wants it and who will pay more for it than the stated/published price. That has become fairly common deceit on internet since most of web-hosting companies do not abide by business law, or laws of contracts.

I am grateful for the companies that are good and one of them is Google.

Also, while I am on the topic, there are two 'companies" putting fraudulent cookies on my desktop every time I boot up, and I want to notify the public about them. They are, and They try to prevent me from using my own private computer. I do not have a static IP address on my dsl line, but they try to pin one on my desktop so they can stalk me online.

I think any company whose sole business is online are fools! Because the internet cannot be secured, no matter what anyone says. I have tried four brands of computers, eight different isp's [some on mobiles like netbooks, tablets, phones; but 3 different ones on desktop from 2002 til now] over 10 yrs time, and they all have inadequate security to stop cybercriminals.

Also, my computers [3 of them] that belong only to me are supposedly repaired with clean installs and updated/patched. In fact one of them has been patched per recommendations about 200 times! Which explains a lot to me as to why there is no security. Could you imagine putting 200 patches on a tire? Or an inner tube you intended to float down the river on?? Only the internet would try that. Planned obselescence is the name of the game because they want consumers to have to buy a new computer/ device every six months. And I did that for about 2 years but I am not going to waste my money that way any longer. There's a whole lot of living I want to do yet.

This is much later than I usually am online but I started at about 6pm trying to retrieve two of my email accounts from criminals who broke into them, and it has taken me until 11:06 pm to get to this blog page to add to it.

Gloria Poole,RN; at my apt in Missouri; 11:06pm; 26-Aug-2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time Magazine, who paid for the 200 transformative...?

I read the Time Magazine "200 transformative moments in history" today. The font and informatics of it was microscopic in size I guess on purpose since it is obviously a P R campaign for certain people. I read with SHOCK that Time magazine considers these as transformative in history:
1) Beach Boys song "Pet Sounds" that I NEVER heard of before today;
2) Barbie doll;
3) Levi jeans
4) Mary Tyler Moore tv show
5) Snow White & 7 Dwarves
6) "Sugarhill Gang"--another group I never heard of before today;
7) "Sex Pistols " -yet another totally unheard of group; and I read voraciously.
8) Oprah Winfrey--I have never watched even 1 show of hers;
9) the concoction by chemists of coca cola-- a well known product, but did it change the world??
1) birth of JESUS
2) American Revolution; or any nations' revolution for liberty;
3) Civil War in U S that freed the slaves;
4) the Wright Brothers first flight that was the first airplane to fly;
5) Amelia Earheart crossing the Atlantic solo;
6) the development of the supersonic Concorde;
7) the user friendly interface on computers of Microsoft Windows; [ a first think from having to type in commands on terminal ;
8) the laying of the first under the sea cable that connected the continents in communication;
9) oil pipelines that carried oil thousands of miles from nation to nation;
10) World War I; that greatly changed the power structure of world;
11) World War II that ended the killing regime of Hitler and liberated the Jews;
12) the Constitutional Convention & ratification of U S Constitution;
13) Dr Albert Einstein's theory of relativity;
14) the translation of the Aramaic/ Greek/Hebrew scriptures into English [King James Holy Bible}
15) the first printing press [Gutenberg]
and there are dozens of scientific events that they did not mention.
Well. I had to comment on the list. It seems that Time needs better historians or better staff. I kinda sorta think that list had a political agenda. It does not mention George Washington, the first President and the only one truly chosen by the people since he did not run for office or ask for the Presidency but it was thrust upon him after he won the American Revolution securing liberty for the colonies.
C'mon, Time ; get a grip on reality. You could do much better.
Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 19_April-2012;12:45pm

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

words that WORK for the glory of GOD

The phrase 'words that WORK" was coined by me in about 1991, and then I registered it in the state of Georgia as an LLC. It was always meant to mean "words that WORK/ achieve results for the glory of GOD". It was never a business but a mission effort to evangelize the world for JESUS. I have endured for years a concentrated deliberate effort by cyber-hackers to steal every domain and website I had created, in their effort to use them for stealing other things like bank accounts, my name, years of my life as Registered Nurse and years of interaction on the web in forums etc.

For a while I wondered how something begun purely for the glory of GOD could have gotten so many corrupt people in it, especially since they were NEVER authorized on my accounts [the people who stole emails, and domains from me, I mean.] Then I remembered the life on earth of JESUS, and how HE attracted the most sinful and vile people to HIM --some who wanted to know about GOD, but mostly those who only wanted to destroy, annihilate HIM. I guess I should not expect my experience on earth to be a whole lot different???
Anyway, words that work as a concept continues. I have no business partners, and most of my domains and hosting accounts were hijacked by criminals who broke into my hosting accounts, after causing massive injuries to me, to immobilize me and try to render me incapable of continuing my work for THE LIVING LORD JESUS.
I moved permanently to Missouri in Oct 2009, and that was publicized at the time. I am not immobile now but have some residual damage to me that is forever as a result of physical assaults on me when I lived in Colorado for years Dec 2002- Oct 2009. And then someone tried to run over me with a vehicle last June, [2011]. So it's a work in progress, as always I suppose, since there are way more challenges to me than ever before.
This is a notice I suppose that I still intermittently write on the cause of human life, preserving human life--saving the baby humans. And I still paint as artist, and write extensively but in much smaller blocks of time.
Gloria Poole;in Missouri;12:16pm;14-March-2012