Friday, November 4, 2011

Human life Matters: Vote YES to Personhood

I am writing on a subject that better be near & dear to all human hearts. And that topic is whether or not the human race is going to continue on this earth, or will humans abandon it to the wild animals? Years ago, when I worked as Registered Nurse* as OR Circulator I heard a ob-gyn medical doctor say that the potential to tally eradicate the human race already exists with Norplant implants that destroy ovaries production of ova [eggs], abortion on demand, forced abortion in China, massive use of contraceptives of hormones like Depo-Provera, and low-dose hormone contraceptives. I was immediately worried when I heard that statement. I was always pro [means for] life of humans to continue and always worked toward that cause. However, that statement of hers [female M.D. in Atlanta, GA] gave a new sense of urgency to me to do more, write about it, talk about it, publish facts about it, lobby FOR human life to continue by ending those evils of abortion, and hormonal changes via ingestion of powerful hormones by unsuspecting women.
I wrote all of that to get to this: the state of Mississippi has on their ballot for this coming Tuesday, the question to its voters:

"Should the term 'person' be defined to include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning, or the equivalent thereof?"

And I am asking all of you voters in Mississippi to vote an emphatic YES that will be heard around the world. That YES collective vote, to vote into law a legal definition of a human being in the womb as a "person" with all privileges & protections for humans that are already defined in the U S Constitution's 14 Amendment for "persons" would change the abortion industry overnight. It would be similar to the shot heard round the world when Ft Sumter SC fired on the Unions ' warship before the Civil War.
It would be the greatest thing Mississippi has ever done, and it would be the turning point for this nation, back to righteousness in the eyes of GOD [according to Scripture in Deuteronomy chapter 28, that GOD blesses those who obey His Commandments, and curses those who do not obey His commandments, including 'thou shalt not kill" as written in Exodus 20:13, KJV] .
And it would give probably the entire South & the midwestern states the courage to do the same, and thus defeat that horrible false law [because the U S Supreme Court never had authority to write new laws] of Roe v Wade killing order.
Please vote YES to personhood and all civil liberties for those in the womb, by whatever method they were conceived. When a male human sperm penetrates a female human egg, a new life is begun at that instant in time. And please every person reading this, do as much as you can do, as often as you can do it, to the greatest degree you can do it, to PUSH for a personhood amendment in every state of the non-United States so there might be a Union of agreement of these states that human life IS THE GOAL, to preserve it, protect innocents, punish those who kill, defeat evil.
Gloria Poole, RN; @my apt & only residence in Missouri; 4-Nov-2011;9:12 am
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* Footnote: I still have a current Registered Nurse license in Missouri but had RN license in Colorado, Georgia, UK, Nebraska & other states when I first graduated years ago.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Is Saudi Ambassador on Obama's "kill list" too????

I am troubled for this nation often, and I pray for the wisdom and words to make a difference. The "news" story about the so-called Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador named Adel al- Jubeir is totally unbelievable and this is why:
1) it was concocted on the very day the US Congress, thanks to Darrell Issa, was issuing subpoenas to U S Attorney General Eric Holder to testify as to what he knew about the scandal named 'gunwalking" and when he knew it, and how he authorized it based upon the actual laws of this nation [that do not allow making alliances with the enemies of the US]. That scandal is not going away. Obama-Holder-Clinton and all 'high-up" leaders including the ATF,entire Justice Dept, CIA are implicated in a plot to arm the enemies of the US with semi-automatic weapons [about 2000 of them] and allow them to 'walk" across the borders of the US at the southwestern corridor. Because the well-known and long term Presses in the US were beginning to ask questions, that same group of hoodlums found a willing Mexican to make some statements trying to call attention of the Press and news away from the gun-walking scandal.
2) The obvious connection between the supposed story that said Mexican hired a hit man from the same drug dealers that Obama-Holder-Clinton have used in the past [to assassinate fed Judge Rollo, the democratic party guy in Arkansas who new too much about H Clinton when she was running for Pres, another democratic party man for same reason, the PR woman in Hollywood who helped publicize the Clintons and Obamas],& WHOM THEY WERE TRYING TO ARM WITH WEAPONS IN THE GUNWALKING is the smoking gun literally, is it not?
3) The Iranians are not fools, according to the Old Testament. In fact, when the Hand of GOD wrote on the wall of Belshazzar it wrote that the kingdom of GOD was divided and given to the "Medes & Persians". The Persians are the modern day Iranians, and they are not fools since the Bible says paraphrased that a fool says there is no God. The Iranians as a class do not deny the existence of God. therefore as a class, they are not fools, by God's definition, which I trust waaaaaaaaaaaay more than any human 's words. It would be political and actual suicide for them to attack a Muslim Ambassador and especially a Saudi one.
4) IF anyone was planning to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador I would immediately suspect Obama and his group of lawless thugs, who assassinated Osama bin Ladin and al-Awlaki and Khan already, and none of those three were formally charged with any crime in the US,nor indicted by Grand Jury [required before capital crimes brought to trial] nor allowed to present a defense or witnesses on their behalf, not allowed appeals, nor found guilty of anything but by Obama who HATES for anyone to speak/write against him or his regime, and who has attacked every computer company in the world to try wrest from them a backdoor to spy the world.
5) And the hypocrisy is totally apparent. IF Iran planned a hit on a MUSLIM [Iranians ar predominately Muslim and they are a brotherhood, not attacking their own, generally speaking], and Obama -Holder-Clinton pretend it is shocking, how then do they attempt to explain their regimes' assassinations of the 3 on foreign soils, and the 4 in the US already mentioned? I quote from article in blog called " Opinionator" in NY times & made available to all via google news:
"In a post by the Los Angeles Times editorial page editor Nicholas Goldberg asked a question that few in the media have thus far. He noted that Attorney General Eric Holder, in his announcement about the alleged Iranian plot, called it “a flagrant violation of U.S. and international law.” Then: “But wait a minute. Two weeks ago, the United States assassinated one of its enemies in Yemen, on Yemeni soil. If the U.S. believes it has the right to assassinate enemies like Anwar Awlaki anywhere in the world in the name of a “war on terror” that has no geographical limitation, how can it then argue that other nations don’t have a similar right to track down their enemies and kill them wherever they’re found?” in Article "views to a Kill"; on line NYTimes ; 15-0ct-2011;8:09a.
6) Obama is suddenly pretending to have grown a conscience,saying he plans 'sanctions" against Iran for planning but not executing a kill of Saudi Ambassador; but in reality what happened is that no one believes his trumped story 'news".
7) And last but compelling, the Manhatten courtroom is where the Mexican man who supposedly planned the hit on the Saudi
Ambassador is where he appeared to state his plea. Now, remember when Obama wanted the IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn replaced? He got an emigrate who lied to get into the US, and who happens to be black, with a shady past [prostitution is not considered an 'honorable' profession by most nations. to testify against him. And the Justice Dept was behind that too. And they pushed it to trial lightning fast. If a US citizen, white woman has accused an emigrate of rape/violence/abuse/threats/actual harm to her body it would have dragged on for months or years before a trial took place.
That scheme worked so well for Obama, that they are trying it again. Strauss-Kahn was shown in handcuffs to the public to ruin him and cause him to be removed from his job, before he was found guilty of anything. His passport was confiscated and he was detained in the US against his will based upon the testimony of a black woman who decided to 'clean his bank acct' and not just his room. Now Obama-Holder-Clinton are trying that trick again but using a Mexican paid informant-tool-bribed person to be the 'fall guy" for Obama-Holder-Clinton-Panetta 's political careers. And in the same federal district of Manhatten to pretend prosecute just to the degree enough and long enough til the Press stops asking questions about gunwalking and starts heaping praise on Obama {propaganda not true praise] and Holder for "intercepting" an assassin's plot. How convenient! Obama believes he and his kill team have their own self-defined authority to assassinate even U S citizens but don't think any other nation has that same "right"?? Could you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-s ???
IF you believe for one nano-second that Iran hired a Mexican to assassinate the Saudi Muslim Ambassador, you are part of the problem with America, and you cannot be trusted to make intelligent decisions.And if you do not see/realize how it is all part of a political scheme to "protect" the democrat in office/power then you probably should not vote in the Presidential election because you are too stupid.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; [owner of the original words that WORK that began in State of Georgia and continued to Colorado until Mexican thieves/drug dealers there tried to steal nearly every internet acct of mine, with the help of the so-called "legal" drug running state of Colorado] ; 15-Oct-2011;8:57am

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Real AfterShocks of 11-Sept-2011--what 2 mourn

I read an article in on tech section today about the way to defeat terrorism by refusing to be terrified forever. And it was a considerable, thought provoking article. And I thought on it for few minutes and want to add my thoughts on that event. I remember it vividly because I lived in Falls Church, Virginia at the time, walking distance from the metro to downtown D.C. I walked to the metro train intermittently, and rode it into the Capitol to attempt to lobby as Registered Nurse with license in Virginia [at that time, not now] with medical facts to dispense to any legislator who would listen or allow it [not many interested in medical facts, sadly]. And I researched at the library in Falls Church and read the nations and world's news there also to follow the prolife debates and candidates, legislators etc. On that particular day as I had walked back to my apt I was greeted in lobby of the apt building by several people unknown ,unrelated to me from other apts in the same bldg, who were nearly hysterical, shouting rapidly, excitedly to me as I walked in the door : "did you see THE BOMB?" My immediate thought was a prayer, "OH DEAR GOD, what bomb?" but I said aloud "no, there was no bomb". I had no idea what they were talking about. They quickly informed me there was "indeed a bomb" and I should have been able to see it in the sky. I said I walked from the library on the sidewalk. I did not see any bomb.
And at first I honestly wondered if they had all been drinking or what?? Then saw it on the news/tv.
Now then, I wrote all of that to get to this:
there was a decided event, no question about it; and the ramifications of that have turned the US into a nation bordering on communist-control of EVERY move, thought, word, deed of EVERY citizen. The real after-effect on America is the loss of civil liberties as citizens are subjected to what amounts to an intimate search of their actual physical body including private parts for no other reason than wanting to take a vacation and fly to destination, or wanting to visit family 1400 miles away and fly to there.And their cell phones, landline phones, internet service, emails, US mail, whereabouts tracked endlessly without probable cause. In fact, I am confident that Obama would not be in office if he had not turned the Patriot Act into his political cow-catcher for information on voters, and had not hired a MASSIVE cyber-fake-security-but-political-spying-machinery to spy , censor, report on, suppress those who opposed him or didn't vote for him.
And another aftershock of that event is the fact reported by that wired article today, that the US spent 6.6 TRILLION $$$ chasing "possible threats". That article pointed out that an American has a greater chance/risk of dying in a car accident that being killed by a terrorist. And I would add to that, writing as a Registered Nurse, now licensed in Missouri, that homosexuals have a much greater risk of dying of AIDS than terrorism. And heterosexuals have a much greater risk of being killed by a violent jealous psychopath spouse/ex-spouse than being killed by a terrorist. And members of Congress have a much greater chance of being killed by a disgruntled constituent than a terrorist. And planes are much more likely to just fall out of sky and crash because of interference into their computer-operated auto-pilot that "pilots' them into the ground.
A third aftershock to that event of Sept 11,2011 was that Americans are afraid to even knock on their neighbor's door to say "hello" or receive a geniune gift from a person anywhere. Congress has stopped receiving U S mail from their constituents from fear of Anthrax, or "bomb" in a box, etc. So citizens have no real method of communicating with Congress, and Congress knows it since switchboard only takes messages that are probably never delivered to anyone. The result of that is a Congress that does not answer to the people and does it's own thing, without regard for what the people want.
And the biggest aftershock of the 9.9 on Richter scale earthquake-tsunami-effect of that WTC attack was that the Patriot Act was renewed that should have been named the spy-on-US-citizens-control-communication-&-transportation Act since there is NOTHING Patriotic about it. It gave to a single man [or whoever is President] enormous powers on the scale of an absolute tyrannical dictator, and it is not constitutional* . It totally changes the very form of government in the US to one that resembles the Nazi regime of propaganda [Obama"s relentless speeches pumping up his stupid ideas; ha! If they were only stupid I would breathe a sigh of relief--they are evil]; killing of innocents [in wombs by the millions] ; suppression of civil liberties of citizens; war, occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya --all events of an imperial government expanding.
Yea, that event at WTC was catastrophic that day for 3000 families, and I am not belittling that. It was also more so since then as the US has morphed into the sort of country nobody wants to live in. People can get jobs in India, China, Phillippines,Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, but not the U S. And they can afford to live in those places as the cost of living is not sky high. And their 'fat-cat' officials don't take a vacation at taxpayers' expense every 3 months as Obama does. Nor do they drag along their 'beast' [see reference to that in Revelations in Bible that says devil rides on a beast] to every country [as Obama does].
Also, I would like to add that I am a US citizen; and having to write this gives me no pleasure; but on the other hand, it does the US no good for everyone to hide their heads in the sand and pretend the situation is different. Facing the inconvenient truth is the first step to reclaiming this nation.
Also, please see the copyright notices I put on yesterday; and also the FBI warning not to steal copyrighted content of mine.
*Footnote: the Patriot Act violates the meaning,purpose,intent, words of the US Constitution and its ratified-by-the-people Amendments.
Gloria Poole,RN ; @my apt in Missouri; 11:17am;11-Sept-2011. I logged back in to add something that has weighed on my mind much since I read about days ago. In the today on their news tab is article about Obama's U S Attorney General Holder being implicated in the ATF providing 2000 semi-automatic type weapons to the enemies of the US and d-r-u-g- dealers; with this quote:"The Obama administration has been under scrutiny after revelations that as many as 2,000 guns were sold to suspected gun traffickers, not properly tracked and ended up at crime scenes in the United States and Mexico." {Obama's administration arming drug dealers and enemies of the US???}
Remember that simply because they cross the border at Mexico does not necessarily mean they are Mexican, They could be any nationality.
Footnote: I hyphenate high risk words so automated robots scanning content don't jump to wrong conclusions about me.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"The Scotsman" oil painting I painted; words-that-work

This painting I one of the ethnic series of paintings that I painted to hopefully teach that regardless of the color of one's eyes, or hair or the native costume or language, every human is made in the image of GOD [according to Genesis 1:26-28,KJV] and each is loved by GOD. I named this painting "The Scotsman" and I have it and also most of my paintings, sketches and drawings I have created over 2 decades. I own all rights to the paintings , sketches, drawings, I paint/sketch/draw and to the images of them; and also to my words, poems, essays whether written as Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri; or as simply a Christian woman, [white]. Copyright Notice: all paintings, sketches, drawings, words, essays, poems, words that work, lifemedia-publishing were copyrighted words, works, created by me Gloria Poole now of Missouri but of state of Georgia most of my life; whether my name is written as my legal formal name of Gloria Poole, or as gloriapoole; or as gloria0817, or as g-l-o-r-i-a, [whether capital letters or lower case].

This is my own photo of my own painting I painted, and named "The Scotsman'. It is NOT a real person. I am posting this here because it matters, because I am still trying to get control of my domain that is or was hosted on my earthlink acct until cybercriminals hacked into it to steal it from the site because it has some of my paintings and my poem and an essay as RN; on it [because they identify me as the artist and that is what they are trying desperately to prevent since I oppose sodomy, and the sin of killing human beings in the womb] ; or earthlink employees stole the payment paid by guaranteed delivery on Aug 3rd, 2011. They are being sort of secretive to cover their tracks but I have paper documentation it belongs to me, and also electronic documentation that it belongs to me. I think the root cause of all the cyber-attacks is a combination of perverts [homosexuals], and those who kill humans in womb, and their puppet politicians who cover for them politically and pull strings w/ Judges to 'legalize' sin as a "right" to be taught in public schools.IF the tech community wanted to be safer they would wage a cyber-war on those groups.
Gloria Poole, RN; @my apt in Missouri; 10:10am;24-Aug-2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 is down because of earthlink's evil

This is a notice to the public, that I Gloria Poole , of Missouri now but for most of my life from state of Georgia, own the entity of words that WORK and the domain of, and other domains also. The website at is down for past week maybe longer { I discovered it was down a week ago], and it was down few minutes ago. It is paid up, and I am the ONLY owner of the account. I am in contact with earthlink [my acct since 2002 but that moved with me to several places] and with the registrar,and with the people who regulate the internet, or publish info about domains [who is?]. The possible explanations for why it is down are:
1) earthlink employers stole the payment sent on August 3rd, that was 88.xx dollars for 2 months but was supposed to be 9.95 x 2 ] ;they have hiked the bill higher and higher in their attempts to defraud me, and switched certain aspects of billing, and probably did money-laundering to refund the excessive amt to either felon second exhusband or to the catholic church [ I am NOT catholic but that does not stop them];
2) earthlink was hacked;
3) earthlink routinely for past 7 years allowed a man NOT authorized on my webhosting [my second exhusband in Colorado; and other cybercriminals from Colorado to access/log into my acct with my passwords that earthlink provided to them;
4) the US mail altogether quit running to St Louis or delivering certified guaranteed mail there.
So I am posting this because I am thinking the entire world should know to be VERY cautious in signing up with earthlink. It was a good company in the beginning [around 2001 when I first became aware of it] but it morphed apparently.
Also, to let not that totally distract me from the mission of words that WORK, which has always meant 'words that WORK, achieve results for the glory of GOD", I want to add these comments:
there is a good article in but I think I read it on google news written by a J Miron, from Harvard. I seldom, almost never praise Harvard because they are radical leftists, but that article makes common sense. Here are bits of it and where it's located:

online @ 17-Aug-2011;7:42am; with these quotes:"The way to promote a hard-working, entrepreneurial and innovative society is to celebrate great wealth so long as it has been earned by legitimate means. When this is not the case, policy should target the wrongdoing directly, not demonize everyone who hits it big."

"Crony capitalism -- the special treatment of favored industries like autos -- runs counter to economic efficiency because it protects businesses that would otherwise fail, and it maintains high incomes for executives and shareholders."
And to answer the question raised by Joe Nocera in NYTimes today about what business is waiting for in not hiring. My answer to that question is that they are waiting to see what the real costs of each new hire would be to them, after all the mandatory add-ins by Obama, and the bunny-in-hat tricks of the accounting dept of Obama to pay for abortionist [which MOST people in America are opposed too] and the increased taxes his stupidity is surely going to bring about, because otherwise, they might would hire people they could not afford to pay. Does that help either the business or the employee? NO.
Also, about being a "walking radio station" if RFID chip on your bank card or phone see today's entry.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; 9:06am;17-Aug-2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Parents stop ur minor children from iTunes

This is another attempt of mine to force Apple to clean up iTunes since children are allowed to use it. I know I could sue them and try to make difference that way, but what is any judgement against Apple Computers going to do? They have more money than US government or Exxon, and they would pay it and go on with evil. So I decided maybe the best course of action is to educate PARENTS who care about their children. iTunes has pedophile-promoting apps soliticiting boys for -s-e-x, and it has an app describing or showing [ according to title, I didn't open it to avoid getting on some list of FBI] positions for -s-e-x. *
I have been married twice** and all that involves and I believe there's certainly a time and place for adults of opposite s-e-x- who are married to each other to enjoy the privileges of marriage. However, I am a vehement opponent of introducing children into s-e-xu-al behaviors for any reason. They deserve a childhood and innocence. I am writing this entry today because I signed into my iTunes acct recently and the pedophile-promoting app was still there even though I have complained repeatedly to Apple about it.. I realize it could be what the feds call a "honey-pot" to log the ip addresses of those who click on it to prosecute them with facts and track them online easier. I hope it is and that everyone who clicked on it gets logged by Apple Security AND the FBI and US Dept of Justice for prosecution for illegal trafficking in children and pedophilia. Since I reported it already several times to Apple and some of their staff told me that because I thought pedophilia was wrong didn't mean everyone did. Well. perverts don't --obviously; but good people do think pedophilia is VERY WRONG. I am not giving up the cause of making the internet safer or of getting laws prohibiting minor children from using it, IF companies continue to promote illegal, immoral activities.
Also, I have a Microsoft OS computer as well as 2 Apple computers, and Microsoft recently had 89 security updates. I don't know what to make of that--it is overwhelming and I fear updating. Can anything with 89 PATCHES ever be effective? Could you imagine patching an inner tube 89 times? That was the most recent suugested update but before that just as many--it's never ending. Their OS is like a sieve [strainer sort of like for spaghetti]. And my cell phones [all of them it seems] were hacked AGAIN,as photos stolen as I was taking them and after they appeared as photos and then vanished] and txt messages stolen AGAIN. So be warned cell phones are NOT secure.
Also be aware that earthlink HQ'd in Atlanta Georgia is having some sort of meltdown trying to send online payments sent through their supposedly secure site to Russia, among other problems.
*Footnote: hyphenated so as to avoid robots that scan for content thinking I am soliticting that online--I don't.
**Footnote2: and divorced twice also;most recently in Oct 2007 in Arapahoe County Colorado and moved to Missouri in Oct, 2009.
Gloria Poole; [RN] ; @my apt in Missouri; 8:57am;11-Aug-2011;
Update with more information about earthlink I just learned from my own account:
1) their so-called support is being sent to a phi-sh-ing site with email of admin at the;
2) their name earthlink is a decoy since all their email is bouncing and says name is mindspring not earthlink;
3) they have NO clue what is going on;
4) they have an unsafe/insecure 'chat' ;
5) their website redirects itself to a trick site with words in it;
6) they don't have communications with the other earthlink offices around the country;
7) they tried to send my payment back to a man who is not related to me in any way, does not live with me, never worked for or with words that WORK in any capacity ever; and that is a money-laundering scheme of his that he has done OFTEN on the internet.
8) their so-called tech support has no idea how to ping a modem.
I cannot say I would recommend an earthlink or mindspring acct for anyone. Gloria Poole; @11:27am;11-Aug-2011@my apt in Missouri

Monday, July 25, 2011

On Being a Patriot in 2011

There is much discussion in the news and in high places about the 'cure' for the national debt. Well. it is obvious to anyone who as ever run a household or a business that cannot exist only on debt. The US as a nation is in $14.n TRILLION of debt. That figure is unfathomable to most people. It is written as 14000000000000 . I think it is a thousand billions. It is the massive expansion of government programs that caused it and B Clinton and B Obama and T Kennedy in his career politician stranglehold were/ are the worst spenders that this nation ever endured. it cannot continue. The horrible Obama plan to make the poor criminals if they don't pay for services they cannot afford [the fake reform of health care of the stupid Obama brainwashed by Harvard] is a giant leap into communism of the sort of Marx. The redistribution of wealth is one of the biggest planks of the communist manifesto. And the other and worst for any nation is the secular humanism of communism, that has the goal of being all things to all people in their efforts to buy/hold onto power.
Here is a quote that all should learn, from Canada Free Press, sent to me via email today:
"Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”—George Washington (1732-1799)".
When the government, any government tells you it owns your money, and your career, and your children [mandatory vaccination programs] and your vehicles, and houses, it is by definition not a nation at liberty. IF a government tells you have to buy anything, the assumption is that they own your money. IF the government tells you, you have to pay tribute money to any false god, then the assumption is that they are attempting to replace The TRUE and Living GOD with fake/false gods. IF the government tells you you cannot talk about/write about GOD outside the four walls of your govt registered 'place of worship" then you have no "right" to worship GOD, and or speak of HIM and you are not at liberty. IF the government has to approve every article written by the Press by running it the White House Press corps then there is no free press.
I am law-abiding. I was taught that as a way of life by my daddy, who believed absolutely in law and order and who loved the US military and considered it a privilege to serve the nation in that way. But to say I am law abiding does not mean I would go along with anything that directly contradicted the law of GOD. I wouldn't. I would choose civil disobedience before I would kill innocents in the womb, or before I would accept/tolerate the false teaching of sodomy as a "right" when it is always a wrong according to scripture. I would choose civil disobedience even if that meant I had to emigrate to another nation because I am not forsaking GOD for any reason, I am not quitting the evangelization effort that began words that WORK in 1993 in the state of Georgia. And I am not breaking any laws by writing scripture or writing that I am Christian. Those who attempt to censor me for being prolife, and or Christian and or opposed to homosexual behaviors, are on shaky ground with the US Constitution as I have the same liberty to hate perverts as they have to hate Christians.
For more on the subject of evangelizing and my "right' in first Amendment to worship GOD, read today's entry at about the cnn article mentioned there.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 11:31am;25-July-2011
Update @ 11:53 am after reading article in about George Brunk who was sentenced to 4 yrs in prison for stalking on line via Facebook. I have these comments. To the prosecutor who tried to get him an easy sentence by claiming that at THE AGE of 24 he is "immature, unemployed,bored" and " drunk" as his excuse for his crimes, please remember the REAL laws. None of those are a defense individually or collectively for any crime. And if at age 24 he is all of those things, he is not going to change very much. He's going to be worst drunk as time goes on; a worst unemployed since apparently at age 24 he still lived with his parents letting them support him. Be ashamed Prosecutor. The fact that you offered those statements as a defense to crimes reveals you : 1) don't know the real law, or 2) don't care what the real law is. Either way, how does the state of California allow such nonsense in a court of law?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thank you Laura Fotusky of NY for your Statement Faith

I QUOTE from article online today in Yahoo News about a NC town clerk who refused to be a participant in immoral marriages of homosexuals by resigning and by stating why: "The Bible clearly teaches that God created marriage between male and female as a divine gift that preserves families and cultures. Since I love and follow Him, I cannot put my signature on something that is against God," she wrote.
"I would be compromising my moral conscience if I participated in the licensing procedure," she wrote."
This wonderful quote by Laura Fotusky in NY was when she resigned from her job as clerk of marriage licenses before she would issue permits to homosexuals.
In news yahoo online today in article "NY Town Clerk quits.." 13-July-2011;8:18am.
I believe that if every born again believer LIVED by the words of JESUS, the US would be redeemed almost overnight from the pagan influences of those in high places who have tried to justify sin of sodomy and abortion, usury,and acts of defiance against THE ALMIGHTY GOD who is ONE according to John 10:30, KJV; and many many scriptures throughout Old and New Testaments.
I want to publicly thank Ms Fotusky for her act of faith and her statement of faith in this matter. I absolutely agree that sodomy and homosexual behaviors are immoral and grievous abominations to GOD according to Scriptures in Leviticus 18:22 and Romans chapter one of King James Holy Bible; and that EVERY believer in GOD has a duty to obey GOD before obeying man-made laws that are in defiance to GOD's laws and Commandments. I am also Christian and you may read more about being Christian at this website: [entitled I am Christian]
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 8:30am;13-July-2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prolifers Rise Up & take back America from Murderers

I am writing on several points today The prolife cause is always and forever in my mind, for these reasons:
1) "The fear of THE LORD is to hate evil: pride,and arrogancy and the evil way, and the froward mouth [footnote says perverse], do hate." Proverbs 8:13
2) "Thou shalt not kill" .Exodus 20:13
3)"Proverbs 31: : "open thy mouth for the dumb* in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction".
I am not quitting this cause. The gates of hell rose up against me in many ways to try to defeat me and try to destroy me, but the devil has lost the battle! Praise to THE LORD JESUS for that. I am alive, and though I had to reinstall my Operating system on both my computers 4 times since Jan 2011, I have working computers. And though I have fractured ribs, and a second concussion from being knocked into the air and then hitting the pavement full force, after being hit fiercely with about a 4 ton van while walking in the crosswalk on June 13, in my town, I tolerate the pain of it and keep on keeping on. This cause of saving the baby humans from genocide is bigger than me, and bigger than my pain or suffering.
And the political battle is heating up. The campaign lies of that wicked Obama are being pumped by the fake news of the NY Times, and the liberal leftist magazines, and all those organizations organized by the devil to try to defeat GOD and make a mockery of HIM. But Galatians 6:7 is written , "be not deceived. GOD is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." There are some good people running for the office of President, and there are some bad people who use their power to kill, also running. It is up to the nation to select the GOOD people who oppose killing of innocents in the womb, and who have Planned Parenthood in the cross-hairs of their spiritual weapons of prayer, determination, and scripture.
I think the good people are Gov Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachman who will stand and be counted for the preborn humans.
Others also think current Gov of Texas Rick Perry will be next President:
Prediction that Texas Gov Rick Perry will be next President { I think so too]:

*Footnote: the word dumb was used traditionally as those who could not speak or comprehend languages such as a baby in the womb. How could a baby in the womb plead with a judge to save the life of him or her in the womb? If the true law that no person in the US could be put to death without a trial that proved they were guilty of a capitol offense of murder, heinous crimes,kidnapping, were upheld as written in Amendments and bad people who wanted to kill humans in the womb had to go to Court and prove to a judge why they were allowed to murder with premeditation?
Gloria Poole,RN; @my apt in Missouri;29_June-2011;9:23:53am;

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Room w/ a View Perspective on Computers & I.T.

Before I write this that is intended to be a public help to all those unfortunate folks, who like me, have to sort of maintain their own computers. Since 1993 I have had a mssion goal for my life of using computers to spread the gospel to the world, teach the difference between the holy and the profane and push the world toward a prolife embrace of human life; and an activist effort to save the baby humans. I am educated well enough to do that since I am a Registered Nurse and have a business degree, and about 25 years of I.T. efforts. Now, I wrote all of that to get to this:
In this evening's news on the money.cnn section online is article entitled "CEO's on the Hot Seat" and includes Ballmer of Microsoft, and Cisco's CEO. and SONY's,and HP's and Yahoo's. I am writing this to give them what I perceive to be their places where they miss the goal, and also to give the public my reasons. Most of what I write on this topic is as a woman who has to somehow keep her privately owned computers running securely enough to accomplish the goals of my life, as a bottom line achievement. [My life's mission statement is on website at].
I will start with Cisco. I bought a $94 router + or - few dollars made by Cisco for small business security it said on box and instructions. When I got home with it, and set it up to my computer the password supplied did not work. I called Cisco support line who assumed that since I am a woman I must have been the secretary and refused to give me the password to the brand new router I paid for, saying they changed it. So I could not use the router and it was a loss to me because it was on sale marked down from the usual price of about $178, so I could not return it. So I learned quickly what sort of business Cisco is. To be kind, I will not write my feelings about them and stick to the facts.
On to Yahoo. In the same year that Sarah Palin's yahoo email was hacked, so was mine. A Yahoo email I have had since 1996 was broken into and was being used by someone other than me. I think I wrote Yahoo tech support, and security for about 2 yrs before they replied. I was not willing to abandon it because it was my first email acct and was /is known all over the world. Enough said .
Next, HP: I bought a hp Pavilion computer with Microsoft software in 2003--it was nothing but aggravation. There was no security on it whatsoever, and to make matters worst their CEO was caught spying for the Democratic party by using insider knowledge of consumers who bought HP products. I bought another one in 2007 from Gateway with Microsoft only to discover that Gateway has this thing that allows almost any person in the world with any level of computer skills above never touched a computer before, to connect to it and to any computer it ever connected too, also. So it is the go-between sort of like an extension cord to extend the damage [malware, viruses, worm,trojan,spies] on it to virtually every device or computer you own. BAD bad security or rather no security.
Now to SONY. Sony makes great products with one HUGE flaw. They allowed their portable devices {PSP's and the newer version] to connect to any device & unsecured wi-fi connection and then to connect to other wifi in a constant pool of sharks swimming it seemed to me. I bought a PSP in Jan this year and had NO warning whatsoever it was not secure or encrypted and that it connected to the devices of others whether I liked that or not, and it ruined my mini computer I connected it to via usb.
For any one who uses their computer for real work or life's goals, to subject them to destructive powers running rampant on web, was nearly ruinous to me. IF a company is going to create those devices they should come with warning stickers that say 'this device is not secure, and not encrypted; therefore do not put confidential info on it".
To sum up, I think the fastest way for corporate heads to get results and make progress for their stockholders is to stop the drain of information that is confidential via their devices ; to make secure computers and software their goals; and to put their own fortunes on the line by giving every one of their employees their own products and only theirs to use, so they quickly find the leaks of their own money, and get motivated very fast. When they are spending taxpayers monies through corporate programs or Wall St bailouts, or public IPO's and their salaries, perqs and privileges continue regardless of their performance, there is no incentive to improve. And when their employees are using products made by other companies to protect their own assets, that is a very telling indicator of the lack of security on what they sell.
Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 8:20pm;26-May-2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Switzerland: Vote No to Suicide Industry/Tourism

Suicide tourism??
article at:
with quote :"Campaigners against assisted suicide like Hans Peter Haering of the Evangelical Union believe this is not the kind of image Zurich should have.
"In other countries, assisted suicide is regarded as wrong. It is illegal," he said.
"So I ask myself why in Switzerland we are doing things that are not allowed in other countries - I think it is unworthy of us..."
I read this in the BBC news today. I love the BBC News. It is often the only way to find out about what is happening in the US since the U S papers /online often are merely op-ed pieces with news trappings to fool the public; or marketing "tools" to promote Facebook, or do PR for Obama reelection campaign. I really hate those democratic-socialist PACs disguised as newspapers, like the NY Times, and the Washington Post.
But back to the topic: A country, any country that makes money from killing the sick,handicapped,so-called "terminal"*,mentally incompetent, is disgusting.
I always thought I would love to have about a year's visit in Switzerland or maybe move there but now I think: spend money in a country KNOWN to kill it's tourists? And my answer is no way,no how!
Switzerland when it comes up for vote soon, ask yourself if the Nazi image of "medicine' is how you want your country to be remembered in the minds of the world? And remembering that Hitler also killed in the name of "doing what was best" for those he decided had to die. It is macabre, illegal in the GOOD countries, and immoral always in the eyes of GOD who wrote HIS Commandments for all societies in stone, including "thou shalt not kill." Exodus 20:13,KJV. If you don't know the commandments they are written in Exodus chapter 20 of the Bible, and you could view them online also, I think on and other websites/blogs.
Swiss people, you have a heritage of being descended from the Anabaptists--don't ruin it. Be what GOD intended not what the devil intends. Vote NO to medical killing for any and every reason,in every instance. Keep the medical professions pure and for life without conflict of interests of beneficiaries. Please GOD,not the evil killing factions.
Gloria Poole,RN;@ my apt in Missouri;12:13pm;14-May-2011

*Footnote: The entire human race is terminal as no one lives forever--it is the varying degrees of life they are focusing on.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

HBGary.DoD Apple Spying Citizens w/ their own comp,ph

I have long been opposed to the US government routinely spying on citizens as that violates the 4th Amendment totally. I also am not as naive as I once was, and have learned much about this topic while trying to stop the proabort shadow government of Obama-Hillary-Planned-Parenthood-and-their-pervert-network spying on me, as I write as they attempt to censor my speech and religious beliefs. In the process of trying to learn enough to get control of my computers away from the State Dept run by jezebel Hillary, I have looked at much of the source code on my windows machines [but I don't have only windows]. I have found many many secretive computer programing code commands that circumvented the builtin security and firewalls of every browser. I have reported some of that to a hosting company I have done business with for years.
I do not believe that average ordinary 'teenagers' as the news often portrays criminal hackers have the level of skills necessary to break into the Pentagon security on computers or the State Dept's either;nor do I believe the so-called leaks were 'leaks' at all, but deliberate releases of information by the State Dept and or Pentagon to 'show up" certain diplomats in order to remove them by surreptious underhanded ways . I think the company HBGary in cahoots with the Dept of Defense,the Pentagon and the White House are spying on every citizen in the US via their computers, and every diplomatic post, and every person anywhere connected to the internet.
I am not the only person who thinks so. In this morning's news in CNN, in the tech tab and in the Ars Technica section is an article describing HBGary's and the US federal governments roles in spying on citizens. I quote:"The e-mail trail showed that HBGary was pitching its rootkits to defense contractors,
and writing what can only be described as malware; hostile programs that would exploit security flaws and install rootkits."
Quote from Ars Technica at:
8:23 AM 4/21/2011
And explains the rootkit system developed by HBGary for the federal government as two types:
one with no data structure,process,thread or module associated with it called 'Twelve Monkeys" and abbrev 12 with capital M ; and that runs on windows xp, and office 2003; and exfiltrates Windows files with "XRK"; and is client and server distributed. ;and the other named 'magenta' which is 100% assemly code [computer language programming to instruct computer how to behave/what to do] where the rootkit injected itself into a computer via "DriverEntry()" and thus loaded into the computer's memory, then loaded into the APC [ASynchronous Procedure Call], then when the APC does it things, the rootkit is executed, and then it moves itself to a new location in memory so it is not detected easily. I suspect this is what the enemies of free Press use to attack T-Mobile phones with a magenta T to take them over and get control of them to try to force T-Mobile out of business for not bowing before Obama's plan to spy on citizens.
And this quote:
"Rather, they concerns were that the company was developing these undetectable rootkits, selling (or at least, attempting to sell) them to defense contractors, at which point they could be sold to essentially
any agency for any purpose—they could just as well be used to spy on domestic dissidents as they could on foreign powers."
And remember Obama recently met with Apple Exec jobs, Facebook's Zuckerberg, Google's Schmidt, and Microsoft's Gates to get their 'cooperation' in spying on citizens? And that he heavily markets for Facebook as their head of marketing unofficially?. Also read in news sources today about iphones,ipods & Apple laptops tracking every move you make and saving it in plain human readable language in a file on YOUR OWN DEVICE that the US gov't knows how to find, and so does Apple Computers, and every computer programmer in the world.
I think if the U S is to continue we have to vote out of office Obama and every appointee of his, fire Hillary, fire Gates in the Dept of Defense [who after all is not a military person at all but a Dept of Education trained in spying techniques person] and disassemble probably most of the computers in America since the so-called anti-virus is usually only a way of the government reading every file on your computer. That's for starters. And then vote out every socialist Judge that does not abide by/follow the written Constitution and every legislator also who doesn't.
Also, while I'm on the topic of bad government, I think the death of Judge John Rollo in Arizona was a planned hit by a paid ahead of time assassin and that was also planned on Congresswoman Giffords for having read the Constitution with open mic in Congress thus promoting it. Anarchists, illegal aliens crossing southwest border of US, and communists hate the Constitution. There was no effort to save Judge Rollo medically because he would have sided with the citizens of Arizona [and against Obama] and there was that big case of Obama vs Arizona pending that Obama desperately wants to win to flex his communist arm and hammer.
Gloria Poole;9:00am;21/April/2011;@my apt in Missouri
Update @ 11:07 pm same day with thisArticle says in South Korea it is illegal to read someone else's email. It should be that way in the US also. The idea promoted by corporate America that spying on citizens is ok, is not ok. IF corporations issue devices or computers that they allow employees to take home, then they compromise corporate secrets and records; and they should not be surprised when their info is 'leaked' to the cybercriminals who want it desperately, or to ubiquitous marketers, or to the Press, or to competitors.
I read that most of the US's federal agencies give even low ranking employees cell phones [blackberrys in most instances] and laptops or netbooks to use as their own,take home, keep over weekends when not traveling for agency etc. Then when there was a major so-called leak from the US State Dept they acted surprised. Some events are very predictable and not 'accidents" at all. Giving lots of people 24/7 access to confidential info is insane and most bona-fide 'security" I.T. would tell you that.
Unfortunately, in the US so-called 'social media" is supposed to take the place of good in person at retail store service. I think it is one reason US is not competitive, and the economy is tanked and companies outsource.
I love electronic gadgets,computers,cell phones --I really do; they are great when they work correctly and do not give every detail of my life to unknown people. But the risks are escalating exponentially at warp speed.
My plea to gadget makers, handset makers, computer,laptop,netbook makers is remember the 4th Amendment protections against 'illegal search and seizure' of content by government. If the capability to spy exists, all governments will exploit it. And maybe all citizens should buy handsets made in South Korea ??
Gloria Poole;
PS: these are my copy and paste comments I tried to add to Information Week article that asked for comments that they censored with prior restraint while I was writing it and they were spying on me via my Apple iMac computer desktop--no surprise there,huh?; 21-April 2011; at my apt in Missouri; in response to their article entitled: "Iphone tracking only tip of the Iceberg" by Thomas Claburn and their comments page at:
Update on 22 April this with this info, that is my intended response to an "Apple " trick survey sent to me via my email address, but when I replied they blocked it from being sent [since they only want replies that tell them what they want to hear]; so I told them I am posting it here for their corporate office to read also: As to if Apple support resolved my issues with iTunes apps that are corrupt, and some illegal apps which I reported to Apple several times [because they were promoting trafficking in children for s-e-x and then to FBI and the public; and criminals breaking into my iTunes acct, I am quoting myself in my reply to what might have been Apple or a trick survey:
"There were 2 different people that day: first a man who took hours on phone with me but did not resolve it but did finally ask his 'supervisor' to get on phone. I was sent a link of ""/ which I did not open since my issue had nothing to do with my keyboard & I did not want Apple to spy my computer with the "viewlocale en_US" code in url. I really HATE it when fraudsters working for computer companies try to takeover my computer. And usually I document that somewhere. If you're interested I documented some of events on one of my blogs at: As for the issue with unsafe apps, illegal apps that I reported repeatedly to Apple and then to FBI via my twitter acct [], and someone breaking into my computer [iMac & itunes, and ipod touch] --that is an ongoing issue,unresolved. Someone spied on me last evening to censor my first amendment liberties to write on line [as already documented here in previous paragraphs. Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; my landline ph is xxxxxxxxxx. 22-April-2011@7:54am
My response to Apple 'survey" sent to me via email and on 3 times changing/chameleon url of:;jsessionid=152C530D12DBACCA76268750C603705A.JBoss1. By the way, if there was a 'boss' it would be me, but this is not a company nor a company owned computer but my personal computer.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Case of "HealthCare Crime" of citizen is shameful

The effects of the evil plan to takeover healthcare, parental rights, households,incomes,and citizens' liberties by the Obama administration is on display today in several news stories. There is an article in several news sources online about a woman being found 'guilty' of "murder' for not giving her minor child potent chemicals. That is nothing but the Obama administration meddling into State affairs,and citizen's liberties and parental rights; and tampering with Judges and juries. And a scheme by BIG PHARMA to try to make not using drugs a crime so they are guaranteed by BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT of Obama-Sebelius-Holder-Clinton radicals a huge annual income after that administration tries to force all citizens everywhere to bow at their altars and swallow their chemicals, to alter their brains, and bodies, and ovulation, and sperm counts, AND ability to think/protest/disagree with BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT.
The news event is news for certain but for different reasons than they think so. It is the first 'test case' of the healthcare crimes embodied in the 'reform' of healthcare by that evil administration and they 'reformed' it from a life-saving goal to a death-by-state-licensed-people-goal, and a buy-what-we-tell-you-or-go-to-prison-on-trumped-charges-goal, and to a worship-insurance-companies-instead-of-GOD-goal. It is a shameful expansion/usurpation of power and it has to be defeated one way or the other. Obama's 'dead in the water' politically and thank GOD for that. He's on the scale of Hitler,Stalin,Mussolini when it comes to denying liberties of the citizens, lack of Constitutional law, and life-killing government.
It is sad that the little boy died of cancer but he might would have even if he ad taken the cell-killing-chemicals of chemotherapy. The majority of patients with cancer do not live much longer than 5 yrs even with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy makes a person's hair fall out, and makes them vomit, and depresses bone marrow in some cases. It has many side effects. For a mother to be tried for murder for not giving a young child such chemicals shows the direction this country is headed in. Many people in America even adults opt out of chemotherapy because they are potent drugs that while trying to kill the cancer also kill good cells. That woman should get a Constitutional lawyer and sue that prosecutor for violation of civil liberties, violation of parental authority and rights in the law, and using her to to try to force all mothers everywhere to blindly obey whatever any so-called 'healthcare professional' tells her. I am a Registered Nurse since 1971 and in that long history there were some so-called 'healthcare professionals' that I would not have allowed to treat my dog [when I had a dog]. And whom I disagreed with so vehemently that I decided whatever ailment I had was better than their so-called cure.
Obama and his evil regime have to be defeated. They are destroying the nation by trying to make everyone wards of the state [generically used to mean government] , by trying to create whole new class of crimes of 'failure to obey blindly any healthcare recommendation', and 'being too poor to pay lots of money for something you may not need for decades [young people]', and 'failure to do whatever government tells you' and 'failure to take your chemicals' and 'failure to buy what government tells you' and 'failure to submit your body to annual review to see if ok with government if you live another year". etc,etc,etc for thousands of pages in the fake reform of healthcare by Big BROTHER/African King Obama.
If you vote for Obama or any of his appointed agents, you are a fool that deserves his peculiar brand of communism and domination/control of every aspect of your life.
Gloria Poole,RN; @my apt in Missouri; 8:20am;13 April-2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Let the buyer beware" in Internet/retail transactions

Consider this my effort to educate the public on the matters as they are in in the internet realm of existence, thinking you might not read I.T. reports and or Security newsletters [but I do]. In the first three months of 2011, these companies, and governments have had their computer systems broken into by cybercriminals/other governments/bad people:
1) Sony Corp & their Playstation Network
2) LiveJournal blogs [newest report of attempt to destroy that platform in today's news]
And working backwards on the dates hacks were discovered/reported:
3) Epsilon Data Management had 50 of their client accounts broken into and those clients are:
-Best Buy
-Food 4 Less
-Fred Mayer
-Home Shopping Network {HSN}
-Jay C
-McKinsey Quarterly
-New York & Co
-Capitol One Banks
-Barclays Bank
-JPMorganChase Bank
-Walgreen's Drug Stores
-US Bank
-College Board of 5900 Universities & Colleges & students
-Hilton Hotels
_Marriott Hotels
-Disney Destinations
-American Express
-Ameriprise Financial
4) March 29th -EU Parliament's computers
5) March 29th-Australian parliament's computers
6) March 27th- MYSQL -Oracle product used on Windows machines
7) March 25th -RIAA {Recording Industry Association of America]
8) March 24th- New Zealand Dept of Internal Affairs
9) March 24th- Trip Advisor [they know your travel plans & itineraries!]
10) EU Commission, & EU {European Commission] External Action Service
11) European Union in Brussels
12) March 17th- RSA\EMC 'security' firm that issues SecurID authorization token that generate one time passwords for sensitive /confidential accts including governments, banks, Paypal; financial services
13) March 17th- Hollywood
14) March 7th- French Finance Ministry
15) March 4th-South Korea
16) March 3rd-Wordpress blogs
17) Feb 24th- Westboro Baptist Church
18) Feb 22nd-Voice of America
19) Feb 18th-Canada's Treasury,Finance Dept & Defense Research & Development
20) Feb 11- Iran's government
21) Feb 6th-HBGary Federal in Washington DC supposedly a security company for US gov't but a scam;
22) Feb 5th- NASDAQ ;
23) Utah,Michigan,Albania, Italy, US Army's Communications & Electronic Command Center;Singhania Univ in India
24) Egypt's cabinet;Ministry of interior,Ministry of Communications, & Information Technology
25) Jan 2nd- Tunisia's government.
26) iTunes
27) Apple app store
28) Paypal.
The lessons to be learned are:
1)do not give your home address, email address, telephone number to retail stores or add them to any site not secure with encryption [which means most sites on web--few are encrypted].
2) Delete your Facebook acct since it gives your info to the US gov't,the many marketing companies and virtually every Facebook customer,and the Democratic Party.
3) Remember Paypal's security questions are not asked generally and the allow criminals to access your acct with your email address & telephone number. The security questions are to fool you into thinking they are secure.
4) Remember iTunes captures your card info WHETHER OR NOT you are signed into your iTunes acct and applies the info where they want too--> NOT secure.
5) Remember that unless a site is encrypting your info if it is intercepted by any of the 2 billion people who have internet, it is in plain text--human readable and therfore usuable by criminals.
6) Remember that every university & college in the US and most abroad have what is required mandatory 'computer labs' that have no faculty in attendance, no rules, no ethics training in not stealing or breaking into computers, and no punishments for the students who do those things or for the so-called supervising faculty either.
7) Remember that there are at least two annual events whe big computer companies PAY people to break into computers to supposedly learn from them and then publish their names as the 'winner' of the contest,thus providing rewards,pay & public recognition for breaking into other's computers.
This info is intended to help you citizens,subjects in other nations wise up to the realities of using computers.
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; owner words that WORK missions;10:51am;6th April-2011
Update 7 -April-2011@8:08 am after reading today's news in the technology section. Add these companies to the list of those whose databases were hacked into recently:
- Ann Taylor
-Victoria's Secret
-Eddie Bauer
-TD Waterhouse
-AT & T
-Universal Citi Card
Please remember that criminals would not risk federal prison [cybercrime is a FEDERAL crime] to get worthless information. Though banks, financial companies, and marketing companies for retailers have tried to downplay the risk to consumers, don't be deceived by that. Think how you sign into online bank or financial accts--what login info? Think about how the US government and any government could find out your name , address and location of your email if they want too which means that criminal hackers could also do that. Think about how the US gov't allows telephone companies to allow 'third-party billing' and watch your phone bills for scams added to your bill. There are many ways that criminals could use email addresses long with your name and address and or telephone number e.g. they could apply for credit accounts with that info, or steal your name and accounts or hijacked your postal mail. I know from first-hand experience those events are possible because they have happened to me personally.
Don't be fooled by criminals just because they are on the web. Use common sense in answering phone calls, or responding to anything online. If you have any doubts about an email, delete it. If you find it to be an attempt to steal your info, report it to your isp and maybe the local law enforcement or FBI depending upon location of the sender of it. Do not open links in your email as a general rule--write down the info and type it into the browser to view it. Remember there is malicious code that when opened in your email could reveal your email login and password info to the criminals. Remember that some computers' operating systems store your password and all a criminal has to do to find it, is get past the firewall and know where to look. Look at your settings and set your computers to never save passwords and to delete the cache when browser closes; and to use https where possible. When logging into secure sites [https] make sure a golden padlock is showing as locked before logging in. If it seems someone is fighting with you for control of the mouse log out! Quick! And shut down your computer. Delete the downloads to make sure no script [hidden download] is waiting there; delete your browsing history so criminals won't know you logged into your online bank acct when they break through firewall. And block javascript,popups,cookies and plug-ins as a general rule,only enabling them specifically when needed for known trusted sites. Remember that what you add as 'trusted' gets past the built in firewall and may have bad stuff piggy-backing onto it into your computer. Criminals on the internet are rampant--the sheer numbers of them overwhelm Police and cybercrime units so you sort of have to police your own computer. Pay attention to the tech sections of the news who tend to report cyber-attacks and during those times, don't log in to online accts except in emergency.
This advice is from my personal experience gained in 20 yrs of using computers to write, create websites, and personal study of computers' OS, and security {I.T. news etc] and some official study with Microsoft seminars and at University of Georgia years ago, I am not an I T expert but I have learned much the hard way from the school of hard knocks as it is sometimes called. It is intended to help you but I am not certified as computer expert or security guru, so keep that in mind.
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; 7th April-2011@8:30am
Update2 on 8-April-2011@10:12am:
I read last evening in the BBC news that the database for the well-known retailer Marks & Spencer was also broken into recently along with those companies already included.
Also, please read this blog for today's entry--it matters .
And though this is off topic, I think all Press writers who attempt to modify societal standards by writing op-ed pieces disguised as news about how it immorality is becoming acceptable in the UK or anywhere, do a huge disservice to the world and to human relationships. Because it's a lie. Women have not changed that much over time. Most women when married [and I think men too, though I am a woman writer] do not want their spouses sleeping around. And most women do not want to sleep with [and all that involves] with men who are sleeping with every woman in town. The medical implications and risks of that are tremendous. Most people in monogamous relationships want fidelity,trust,and mutually exclusive relationships. Sleeping around is not acceptable whether married or unmarried.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

ArchBishops Conducting Royal Wedding: R U Christian?

I am writing this to the ArchBishop Rowan Williams and the other two ArchBishops who are conducting/participating in the royal wedding of Prince William with Miss kate Middleton. I read in the BBC and other news stories that Prince William's wedding will be videographed and sold on iTunes! I think that is not only tacky but slimey. And I know it is a violation of the very words of JESUS, who overturned the moneychangers' tables in the Temple, and [quoting KJV] ""said unto them that sold"..."take these things hence; make not my Father's house an house of merchandise". John 2:10,King James Holy Bible.
The fact that THREE Archbishops of the Church of England are apparently willing to throw away the words of JESUS to accomodate money-hungry people of any class, shows me that the Church of England has lost its virtue and its relationship to THE LIVING LORD JESUS. Will you sell out JESUS for public favor? And if that willingnessof Prince William to sell to different bidders, his birthright status to cheapen it, making he & Kate nothing more and nothing less than TV personalities which are a dime a dozen, is indicative of Prince William's attitude toward his royal duties and the world's opinion of him as future "Defender of the [Christian] faith" then I think it is best if Uk becomes a republic and does away with Monarch altogether. The world does not need any more fake Christians as leaders.
The fake Christian Obama has by himself done much damage to the world's Christians, and to the secular world's concept of Christianity.
Repent for the Kingdom of GOD is at hand, is the message of JESUS.
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri;9:17am;27/March/2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Shot of WWIII ????

Quote:"Fighter aircraft from France, Britain and the United Arab Emirates converged on bases in and around Italy to begin operations over Libya under the command and control of the United States at its naval base in Naples."
And this quote:
"In what appeared to be a desperate attempt to avert military action, Gaddafi sent two letters to international leaders, according to deputy foreign minister Khaled Kaim, who read the letters to journalists. One was a warm, conciliatory note to Obama, and the other was a sharply worded, menacing message to the United Nations, France and Britain.
To Obama, he wrote: “If Libya and the US enter into a war you will always remain my son, and I have love for you.” Libya is battling al-Qaeda, he said, seeking Obama’s advice. “How would you behave so that I can follow your example?” he asked.
In the other letter, addressed to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the leaders of France and Britain, he warned that the region would be destabilized if they pursued strikes against Libya. “You will regret it if you take a step to intervene in our internal affairs,” he wrote."
And those events led up too:
report from "TRIPOLI, Libya — A French fighter jet fired on a Libyan military vehicle Saturday in the first reported offensive action by an international mission to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya." Read the entire explanatory article in Washingon Post;2:06pm;19/March/2011.
I am adding these quotes here to comment on them. The obvious remark that has everyone in the US's attention is that warm-fuzzy from Gaddafi to Obama. Maybe that is why, showing complete disdain for the mess America is in, Obama took his family and ran to Brazil. Does he look worried or concerned about the mess his lack of leadership has caused in America? Or about the lack of response of Gaddafi to his 'warnings' as the news put it? He looked sort of like a man on his 7th or 8th vacation [he takes a quarterly trip to coincide with college quarter breaks]. Gaddafi, remember what you wrote that you wanted to follow Obama's example? So get it done--follow Obama and flee to place of refuge and set the people in Libya free. Go have a beer with Obama in Brazil--it's his method of reconcilialiation as the US observed during the Harvard fiasco when that Gates man there thought laws did not apply to him, and Obama thought so too, and interfered into States' affairs.
And as for French President Sarkozy taking the lead to rout Gaddafi, well, he's a hero to the people there, no doubt.
And my last comment on this news story is, does Obama seriously think the US's military can fight a war in 3 separate locations: Iraq,Afghanistan AND Libya? If so he's been imbibing some sort of elixir from some la-la-land.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri;2:26pm;19?March.2011
PS I am aware that by writing this the US Pentagon will launch an attack against my privately owned and paid for by me personal computer declaring me a [political] enemy of the Obama-reelection-campaign. But oh well, it comes with the territory of trying to cause the people of the Unites States to THINK [and therefore vote him out of office.]

This article I quoted from is in the Washington Post online at the moment.
Update @ 3:00 and a bit off topic but not really since cyberattacks are being used increasingly against US citizens for political and religious speech is this. The number 1 reason cybercrime has become rampant is because computer companies GIVE AWARDS and cash for breaking into other's computers. I Quote:
"The annual security competition allows researchers to win any systems that they successfully compromise, and also awards them cash rewards if those security flaws are still present in the latest version of the software."
In article : "Pwn2Own day 2: iPhone, Blackberry beaten;Chrome Firfox no-shows' by Peter Bright
in Ars Technica.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Remember that U S gov't controls all computers

In this past week, both of my new computers were attacked by the US government because I complained about Obama's killing-of-innocents-in-the-womb, and because I called him a pervert on a blog because he hired one of that evil sort to make his private appointments, thus apparently thinking he could defy all the Commandments of GOD [read Leviticus 18:22 KJV and Romans chapter one KJV and Exodus ch 20, KJV] and thinking he will rub GOD's nose in the Commandments of GOD. I sincerely pray he burns in hell and the sooner the better.

Having written that, I want to tell you what I learned by having worked through the mechanisms the US government uses to attack computers illegally; so you are informed as to some of their methods, so you will be on guard against cyberattack by the US government. I am a US citizen and not charged with any crime or guilty of any crime; but in the eyes of those who kill for money, I am their worst enemy [because I write often that it is a sin against GOD to kill innocents and that sodomy and lesbianism is abomination to GOD.] The devil and the followers of the devil hate GOD and also hate the followers of GOD. I am Christian. For other verses about human beings start with these : John 14:6, John 10:10, Matthew 18:14; Jeremiah 1:5, and also read these websites of mine : and!vote-prolife/ for more scriptures and reasons.

Back to the topic of how the Obama administration attacks computers:
1) they 'jam' the signals with radar via the Pentagon; which scrambles the code that tells the computer what to do. If you are paying close attention, when every thing on your computer--keyboard, apps,mouse,browser freeze and do nothing, unplug your computer instantly and disconnect from your isp immediately. The War Powers Act is abused against US citizens to try to prevent negative press of either H Clinton or Obama. Those evil twins abuse all power to try to censor/suppress/oppress the prolifers, the Christians who are born again, and the true republicans who do not want communism as government.
2) They have taken control of Facebook, [through $$$$ on stock exchange when it went public] and they took control of Microsoft years ago via the anti-trust fake lawsuit against Microsoft that had end result of US government getting a 'backdoor' into EVERY computer or device that Microsoft makes anywhere in the world, in exchange for allowing Microsoft to continue their monopoly on computers . And as the news reported about 10 days ago, Obama the devil, met with Zuckerberg from Facebook [no doubt doing the bidding of Libya's Gadhafi a fellow African ] and with Steve Jobs of Apple, and with Eric Schmidt , current CEO of Google to find hw to capture those computers and gain access to total computer control worldwide. This was not a coincidence but directly relevant to how Facebook, Twitter & Google [saynow, and speak2tweet] were helpful in revolutions in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Kuwait, and spreading across Arabic nations to set the people free. Liberty of the citizens is Obama's worst nightmare.
3) And dozens of ads appearing trying to get all corporations to move their content to the "cloud". Read into that-- instead of cloud substitute the US government's storage that they control the key too. IF you put your content on any cloud [remote from your computer and not on a physical device you have possession and control of, when Obama wants to suppress what you read or write from anywhere, your info is all 'in the cloud' for the U S government's [Homeland Hackers, Hillary's hackers, team-Obama Hackers] to access through the backdoor.
4) They abuse the War Powers Act to control /suppress/control virtually EVERY cell phone carrier in the world that does business in the US with even one customer. IF you saw that movie that was showing around Dec '08 that showed your cell phone tracking your every move and being controlled by government, that is right on target.
5) They use Microsoft to 'lockdown' the computers of the political enemies of either Obama or Clinton through their built-in lockdown {Windows Defender which really only defends Obama and Hillary's political careers] or through the built-in kill switch for the software you bought. Remember when you buy a Microsoft computer you never really own it. Microsoft allows you to use it only as long a you do not actively oppose Obama or H Clinton in public places like blogs, websites, or twitter. They get the automated software attack system that Windows builds into every computer to trun against the computer you bought by causing you as owner to download a corrupt file [with foreign language on it, or evil words in the code] then it tricks Windows into attacking your computer. Mission accomplished by Homeland cyberattack against political enemies of Obama the communist. They recently attacked Google apps via the same methods.
6) The US government 's cyberattack team [Homeland fake* security] creates/writes malicious code regularly and sends it agist computers of political enemies. They also use it to attack the computer run infrastructure of bridges, airplanes,water supply, heating, oil furnaces, [why your bill escalates constantly] , meters that measure gasoline, [transportation] , trains, airports,and other governments.
7) When you pay your bills online, the government knows the details of your bank accounts and your transactions as you do them. If you oppose either H Clinton or Obama they will attack your bank accounts and hold up payments you sent being paid, for any purpose that they think will hinder you.
8) They insert "hot keys' that distort your words as you type them to try to make it appear to your readers that you were sloppy or not paying attention, thus attempting to discredit you before your readers. My 5 WEEK old computer changed one word three times yesterday. I changed it twice to correct word and it changed it to wrong word.
9) Mobile devices [cell phones, tablets, laptops, netbooks] have a built in controller device that the government [or cell phone carrier when the government strong arms them into it] uses to drain the battery on your device almost instantly. It is called battery composite file. It sucks the battery dry of power so instead of hours of use, you get minutes .
10) If you have wired dsl, they get your connection number from your telephone company . The telephone companies are totally "regulated' --read controlled-- by the federal government, also through War Powers Act that's main purpose is controlling, spying on the citizens in order to rig elections. They add on excessive taxes [my $59 month plan has about $20 tax added] to try to price it out of the affordability of the so-called poor and to make it only available to the elite with real, private service.
My recommendations are and I admit they are not fool-proof nor as a computer expert would write them but as a citizen who has endured repeated attacks against my computers since 1991 because I write that killing of innocents in the womb is a sin and has to be a crime also. For starters,
1) have more than one method and more than one device to connect if internet connectivity is crucial to your life.
2) Have different carriers on your cell devices and different operating systems, and different computer companies.
3) Have internet companies and cell phones with HQ located outside the US if possible [or with branches outside the US] .
4) Learn enough about computer code to recognize what is going on.
5) Realize that most of the financial 'meltdown' occurred because online banking is NOT safe and money was sucked out of accounts by criminals and one of them is in the White House.
*Footnote; it is fake because it searches, suppresses, attacks the US citizens who are political enemies of Obama regime and does nothing to protect the innocent in America from harm or death-in-the-womb.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 9:39am;10-March-2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The wrath of GOD on Obama & his staff promoting sin

It is written, "for the wrath of GOD is revealed from heaven against all unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; because that which may be known of GOD is manifest in them; for GOD hath revealed it unto them. For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even HIS eternal power and GODHEAD; so that they are without excuse. Because that, when they knew GOD; they glorified HIM not as GOD, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became as fools; and changed the the glory of the incorruptible GOD into an image made like to corruptible man; and to birds and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. Wherefore GOD also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves; who changed the truth of GOD into a lie [ an aside:for themselves only--they cannot make GOD a liar], and worshipped and served the creature [another aside: the devil] more than THE CREATOR, who is blessed forever. Amen. For this cause GOD gave them up unto vile affections; for even their women did change the natural use into that which i against nature; and likewise, also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman burned in their lust one toward another, men with men working that which is unseemly [dictionary defines as indecent or improper] and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was due them [their punishment]. And even as they did not like to retain GOD in their knowledge, GOD gave them over to a reprobate mind [aside: defined by dictionary as depraved & foreordained to eternal damnation by GOD] to do those things which are not convenient; being filled with all unrighteousness,fornication,wickedness,covetousness,maliciousness, full of envy,murder, debate,deceit,malignity,whisperers, backbiters,haters of GOD, despiteful, proud,boasters,inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, without understanding, covenant-breakers, without natural affection, implacable,unmerciful; who KNOWING the Judgement of GOD, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same but have pleasure in them that do them."
Romans 1:18-32, King James Holy Bible
Posted in bold letters as reminder of GOD's words condemning homosexuality and idolatry and as warning that they cannot defy GOD. Read last sentence in passage of scripture again which refers to physical death & spiritual death of those guilty of sodomy abomination & lesbian sin.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri, 1:10pm;23-Feb-2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Maybe the method Assange Used to reveal State Secrets

gives info on "interceptor "used by US gov't..which 'has been deployed since 2003 within the Intelligence community and in support of numerous facilities and installations across the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security and all branches of the United States military." Shockingly, it says it is not encrypted and does not require ComSec authorization! Called Siprnet

Could this be the reason Julian Assange was able to get info from State Dept--no encryption or authorization required?
Asking--anyone verify??
Gloria Poole; 1:23pm;20/Feb/2011'at my apt in Missouri

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Google,Facebook,Apple Gurus summoned to White House????

ABC news article today says Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt and Mark Zuckerberg who are the heads of Apple Computers, Google and Facebook respectively, have been summoned to the White House. What gives? That sort of sounds like Obama trying to capture control of those entities for his use in his reelection campaign, or for gaining control of those software /computers for control/domination of internet. As you might know when the US Dept of Justice anti-trust dept sued Microsoft for violation of anti-trust laws years ago, the deal they made to let Microsoft continue was that Microsoft creates a 'backdoor' in every operating system they make for law enforcement to snoop,spy on citizens without having to get a warrant. Is that the plan now for Facebook,Google and Apple too? 1984 [book] warnings are here America, when private individuals are summoned to the White House to give an account to the President directly.
That is a very suspicious event! It does not bode well for civil liberties in the US.
Remember that Obama was raised in the Muslim Indonesia where Muslims are majority. Muslim leaders are despots it seems according to the people in Iran,Bahrain,Libya, and Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Ye men. Is Obama about to try to shut down the internet? He could say he is Christian but his actions are not Christ-like since he tried to legalize abominable sins of sodomy and abortion; and he has caused the murders of millions of innocents in the womb since his fake reform of health care started paying for abortion through subsidies and freeing up other money and his political support of killing. He is Muslim not Christian. JESUS does not condone killing of innocents [read Matthew chapter 18 KJV] nor sodomy nor any sin.
Also there was an article about an event that is planned to disrupt satellites and radio today and tomorrow possibly. Does anyone think that is a coincidence? I think they blew up a satellite to disrupt radio [wifi] in some countries including US.
Gloria Poole;10:28am;17/Feb/2011;at my apt in Missouri

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Republicans trying to save America from financial bondage
with this quote:
"The total spending cuts add up to $60 billion when compared to spending levels now funding the government. But it meets the GOP pledge to cut $100 billion in federal spending compared to what President Obama proposed for government programs for this fiscal year, which was never enacted." And this one:"The Republican legislation calls for over 100 federal programs to be outright eliminated, including scholarships, family planning, school counseling, Teach for America, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, AmeriCorps, and the COPS hiring program."

And here's a quote I agree with also:
'"The femocrats will not like this statement, but I believe it to be true: anyone who chooses a life without children,…, cannot have much love in them." It's from former Australian Labor leader Mark Latham, that was discussed in article /blog entitled "Julia's tears" written by Nick Bryant in BBC news on Feb 8th,2011*.

The reasons these quotes appeal to me is that as most citizens recognize, I also do that no family OR nation can long endure that habitually lives beyond it's means and lives on borrowed money totally. So the Republicans recognizing that preserving the nation means dispensing with the fluff agencies; and also the evil agencies [like family planning to destroy America through depopulation.

And the second quote is a prolife quote for certain,and I am absolutely 100% prolife--FOR human life to continue. That means I do not care if the animals die out --they are on earth for the cause of humans according to scripture. And I do not care if the trees are cut down since they are also on the earth for the purpose of providing wood [and homes,shelters some sort, paper to write on, paper sacks etc] for humans. I do not ascribe to the devil's theory that humans on earth must be eradicated so the animals can take over. And trees are replanted and animals reproduce themselves when left to their own inborn instincts and humans are not micro-managing them as some lunatics are wont to do. The earth is for humans! Read the Bible 's beginning chapters and read what GOD said on these topics.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri;12:50pm;12/Feb/2011
*footnote: Nick Bryant disapproved of the quote by Mark Latham but I agree with it. Any woman who decides not to have children is not trust-worthy in my opinion because having children is her primary purpose on the earth according to scripture--to replenish the earth's population of HUMANS. Genesis 1:27-28,KJV.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Egyptians some practical help & thanks Egyptian Telecom Sawiris

This quote:
"Some of us might like to believe that the genie is out of the bottle and that we all have access to an unstoppable
decentralized network. In reality, the internet is entirely controlled by central authorities."And this statement:
"We might better use the lessons of the internet to build a communications infrastructure that cannot be controlled from the top. "
This quote from article in CNN news located at:
written by author of book :Program or be Programmed
TEN COMMANDS FOR A DIGITAL AGE who is Douglas Rushkoff.
10:26 AM 2/7/2011
And thanks to Egyptian Telecommunications " Sawiris for intervening
on behalf of Google Executive Wael Ghonim according to this news in CNN:
"His brother, Hazzem Ghonim, told CNN that he received
word from Egyptian telecommunications billionaire Naguib Sawiris that
authorities would release Ghonim by 4 p.m. (9 a.m. ET)."

Also Egypt please remember that you have to begin the process of writing a Constitution that defines the liberties you are seeking, and I am praying you do that very well; and that you include the freedom of an unregulated,uncontrolled-by-government Press; and the liberty to worship GOD in your places of worship individually without threat to your lives,bodies or livelihoods INLUDING Chrisians, Muslims, Jews,and any other religion; and freedom to peacefully assemble ;and freedom to protest your government without penalty;and freedom to vote for your elected representatives including the office of President and Judges.For starters, also, define how old a representative must be, how long a resident of Egypt, if requirement of naturally-born in Egypt for President; and wh elected and how.
And also including the other civil liberties of:
1) no unreasonable searches and seizures of your personal belongings, your households, your physical bodies; and
2) no arrests without a probable cause warrant signed by a Judge who has heard the facts, and
3) no holding in prison indefinitely [must be charged with a crime within say 48 hrs or released]; and
4) a quick trial by a jury of your peers [those in your socio-economic group--not hand-picked jurists who decide based upon where they get their bribe money] when charged with a crime; and
5) the right to legal representation of your choosing; and
6) the right to face your accusers in a Court of law and question them and see any evidence they have against you and
7) the right to prepare a defense, and the time to do it;
8) the right to appeal any decision right up to the highest Court.
9) And the rights for your family that your family and children are not punished for what you did or didn't do [but accused of];
10) the right to no cruel or unusual punishments ;
11) the right not to be put to death unless you have been found guilty of a capitol offense [usually murder,kidnapping,treason,heinous things like dismemberment of a human ] in a Court of law and after having had time to appeal any sentence,question your accusers, defend yourself, and present
your evidence and testimony in your defense.
These principles are in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights for Americans. To read those visit the Cornell University 's Law School website that has the entire Constitution and Amendments online.
I am praying for you!
Gloria Poole; @home in my apt in Missouri;7/Feb/2011 @10:58am
Update 8/Feb/2011 @6:56am central time:
the US government admits it does 'jamming' of computers at will. Read this quote and read the entire article.
"In the absence of those options, there's always the
old-school methods of jamming a government's
communication frequencies and broadcasting favorable messages. That's the Commando Solo's specialty. "Jamming is something we think about in the context of shooting wars," says Arquilla, but "it may have its place in social revolutions as well."
.Article @:
6:51 AM 2/8/2011
The US government has jammed my computers so many times and it is immoral and illegal because I am a US citizen and they have no legal standing to monitor my words or censor me; but I know when they do that because everything on my computer freezes like a block of ice--the mouse and keyboard quit working, the screen is frozen--captured probably by a secret camera hidden in the file or page I was looking at. I am decent and moral and a prolifer. The so-called Homeland Security-- the US version of the KGB-- spies on US citizens incessantly and without any Judge's order and in many ways --via internet spies,at airports, at schools,universities,libraries, in their homes [via internet connection's 'backdoor"]. Reading that they admit it, is a start in the direction of curtailing it in the US at least. Gloria Poole,RN licensed in Missouri

Saturday, February 5, 2011

US: allow Al Jazeera News in the US: where's freedom of Press?

In Newsweek today via Google news is article at location:
It is an excellent article written by "Khanfar [ who is] is director-general of the Al Jazeera network, which is based in Doha, Qatar."
I quote from the article written about Al-Jazeera news. :
"We are unique because our reporters understand the social,
political, and historical fabric of the societies they cover.
They speak the language. They know the terrain. This makes
our news distinctive. It is journalism with depth. So it’s
mind-boggling that Al Jazeera cannot share that
valuable work in a land [the US] that prides itself on a free press."
7:40 AM 2/5/2011

I have read some of the Al Jazeera News reports [in English version they provide] and seen some of their photos. After I did that I read somewhere that they began with journalists who had
job experience working for the BBC [the BBC News has news sections from every continent and country of the world]. I know that they sent reporters to cover the National Democratic Party convention when it was held in Denver because I lived in Denver at that time* and there was a concerted effort by the Colorado news to prevent Al Jazeera from covering the convention. Qatar [HQ of Al Jazeera], is a stable economy somewhat--more so than the US presently is.
How could US seriously 'condemn' Egypt for not permitting Al Jazeera reports when the US does not permit them either? Is it in the best interests of Americans to only hear/read/know the Americanized version of world news? Or are we as a nation collectively tough enough to see ourselves as other's see us? And through the camera lenses of those not born in America?
I also know from first-hand having endured some of it when trying to present news from the Christian perspective, that there is much political 'string-pulling' covertly in the US to prevent negative press of either Obama or H Clinton or any of the Democratic Party. [ An aside: Remember that Obama's press releases of his prayers are propanganda as he has done more to annihilate America than Osama bin Laden ever could when he created a massive killing-of-innocents-in-the-womb-at-government-expense-plan-and-labeled-it-reform] .
Remember that the US is not a 'democracy' but a republic. A republic is very different having a Constitution agreed upon by the people themselves in honest elections and voting. A democracy has whatever rules the 'majority' wants and if the majority are godless people then that results in corruption, evil,killing,sodomy. Read the differences before spouting off you want a democracy and look at some of the so-called 'democratic' civilizations that put the words socialist before the word democracy often.
Also I am readding the link from previous entry to this entry to the website I created to teach ways to create methods of communicating if the internet is blocked in following paragraph.
I have written out many of the known ways to create other channels of communication that do not depend upon the internet, and I quoted from reliable sources. I added a ton of how- too's s to this website of mine:

* footnote: I moved from Denver in Oct 2009.
Gloria Poole; @home in Missouri; 8:09 am;5/Feb/2011;
Update @10:36am,5-Feb-2011 with these quotes from Al Jazeera about situation in Egypt located at : and Google news.
There is an article written in support of liberty for Egyptians by
with this quote:
"To watch hundreds of thousands of Egyptians able to throw off the chains of oppression and the legacy of a totalitarian regime that consistently jailed, tortured or murdered its opponents so overtly that most people were cowed into silence, is to remember that the spark of God continues to flourish no matter how long oppressive regimes manage to keep themselves in power, and that ultimately the yearning for freedom and democracy cannot be totally stamped out no matter how cruel and sophisticated the elites of wealth, power and military might appear to be."
This article was in the Al Jazeera news [English version] courtesy of Google news @10:25am on 5-Feb-2011.
And this message from the people of Egypt to the American president: also in Al Jazeera news courtesy of Google news. This quote sums up article:
"As one protester, Mohammad Mansour, put it: "Obama needs to be clear ... either he stands with Mubarak, or he stands with the Egyptian people." And this sum-up by a student in Egypt:

"From now until September, for all intents and purposes, there is going to be anarchy because there is no legitimate leader in Egypt," he said."
And here's another compelling eye-opening truth:
"But Obama administration officials remain cautious in their choice of words. They do not want to jeopardise the "close partnership" between the two governments that is so highly valued in Washington.
That alliance dates back to the 1978 Camp David Accords and the subsequent peace treaty signed by Mubarak's predecessor Anwar al-Sadat and Menachem Begin, the then Israeli prime minister. Shortly thereafter the US began supplying Egypt with over $1.3bn in military aid every year - making it second only to Israel in terms of the amount of US military aid received."
I have previously and do right now advocate for the liberty to publish for Al Jazeera [and almost any bona-fide news effort] and I pray they are forces for good everywhere by publishing what is happening in Egypt and everywhere.
Gloria Poole
Another update after reading Reuters news:from Reuters News @11:07am this quote:"On Jan. 30, the Egyptian government said it had suspended Al Jazeera's operations, accusing it of false and exaggerated reporting of unrest sweeping the country. The government cancelled its licences and the accreditation of all staff.
But Al Jazeera continues to operate in Egypt and can be seen by ordinary Egyptians via satellite feeds." Read entire article at:
Update @ 11:42 am with these quotes :"There is no force that can get the youth out of the square. Every means was used. Flexibility, violence, live ammunition, and even thugs, and the protesters are still steadfast," he said, referring to an assault by regime supporters on Wednesday that sparked 48 hours of heavy street fighting until protesters succeeded in driving off the attackers." This quote of Israa Abdel-Fattah, a member of the April 6 group, another of the youth movements driving the demonstrations.And this quote from same article:
"Protesters, however, distrust a process conducted by the current government, given the regime's overwhelming domination of the playing field, including a grip on security services and the media, a vast patronage system, a constitution that effectively enshrines its monopoly and a history of rigging elections." These quotes from article written by AP writer in Yahoo News at:
I want to remind you if you have followed the events in Egypt that tear gas, hosing down with massive water cannons, tanks as a show of force, military as a show of force, machetes, swords,armed assailants on horseback and camelback ,swarms of Police in riot gear in their faces, clubs andrazors as weapons against them, imprisonment,loss of income,and credentials, beatings,injuries,deaths have not deterred the Egyptian people from their revolution for the liberty to determine their country and their fate. I pray that THE FORCE of ALMIGHTY GOD sustains them for the sake of liberty in Egypt.
Gloria Poole;
Update at 12:21pm :
From the UK's Guardian News report written by "Ayman Nour, leader of the El Ghad party, was imprisoned in 2005 by President Mubarak and released on health grounds in 2009.
Wael Nawara is a leading Egyptian writer" at: are these quotes:
"25 January is a date that will be forever remembered in Egypt. That was the day when the Egyptian people decided to end the country's last pharaonic dynasty with a people's revolution." And this one:
"This is a revolution of the people."
And other quotes from an article reminding everyone that the US has long supported nations with money who are also suspect as to whether or not their people had liberty or freedom of press, or speech,or religion in exchange for loyalty to Washington DC. Article in the Guardian news of UK with this quote:
"The general threat has always been independence. The US and its allies have regularly supported radical Islamists, sometimes to prevent the threat of secular nationalism." And this quote:"…Washington provided $12m in military aid to Tunisia. As it happens, Tunisia was one of only five foreign beneficiaries: Israel (routinely); the two Middle East dictatorships Egypt and Jordan; and Colombia, which has long had the worst human-rights record and the most US military aid in the hemisphere." And this quote that seems to sum up Washington's attitude toward giving billions to nations that do not allow liberty to their own citizens:
"The dictators support us. Their subjects can be ignored – unless they break their chains, and then policy must be adjusted." Read entire article at:
Gloria Poole