Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I know a PR campaign when I see one & re:Chasen poli assassination

I scanned the headlines of an article that falsely said that most admired in the US were H Clinton and B Obama. That is a political Public relations campaign if ever there was one. I would say they are about the least admired in the world right now. Hillary is a terrible administrator of the State Dept spying on the entire world illegally, including bank account informations of foreign governments, and of US citizens. And Obama that champion of perverts and abortionists and the devil, is worst than useless as a president--he's a disaster, ruinous to the nation. The paid political campaign that conducted that who do you admire fake poll was probably paid by the Defense Dept budget through the money they give to the so-called 'gay and lesbian' ngo PAC of the DoD. And I label it a fake poll since I am reasonably sure that they only asked registered democrats and/ or the socialist organization known as move-on who could be counted on to parrot the Party-Politik language groupspeak. H Clinton's failure to secure/run her dept was published to the WORLD by wikileaks' Assange and thank GOD for bold men who believe in the First Amendment. And Obama will go down in history as the President that divided the nation into sex-ual categories by making/ providing 'protected status' to those GOD labels as abominable [homosexuals]; and who was racist big time in making claims that bigot Gates of Harvard was arrested by Police Officer because he was black not because he refused to obey Police order under investigation.And who indebted the nation to China, Saudi Arabia in unprecedented numbers, and who corrupted every agency; and who created more tactics only formerly known to communist regimes [pat-downs of citizens never charged with a crime, illegal wire-tapping of citizens if they traveled abroad for any reason, criminally breaking into privately owned computers, breaking into private citizens' bank accounts, forcing computer manufacturers and some cell phone providers to create a 'backdoor' entrance for surveillance without permission by about 75 so-called law-enforcement agencies in the US, and trying to regulate/control/suppress the speech of citizens and the press. And most of all for attempting to annihilate the future of America by relabeling all humans in the womb as 'research material' instead of human so they could be chopped/diced/sliced/crushed/smeared on agar plate to 'study' but the real reason is the grant money from the fed govt {NIH] for that abominable research of killing and dismembering tiny humans.
And I am convinced that publicist Ronni Chasen's death was a political assassination and so was that man in Arkansas who was in the Democratic Party office when gunned down soon after Hillary's loss of the nomination in 2008. Who was she the publicist for? Hillary or Bill, or Obama? What did she know that they did not want told? And who took over the political clients she had? And who did the PR of the latest poll that is mentioned in paragraph one this entry? The latest publicist for Hillary for President campaign-in-secret-2012? And yea. I know Hillary made nice with Obama saying she was not running but remember when she also told NY that she would not run for Pres so they would reelect her to the Senate so she could use her Senator label to raise money and the franking privilege to mail to campaign for President on the taxpayer's dime ? She is so NOT trustworthy. She is like a viper--a silent deadly poisonous killer.
Do not believe one word of that PR campaign called a poll to trick you. Obama and Hillary are both two of the most hated people in America and Nancy Pelosi is the 3rd most hated as evidenced by most recent election when republicans gained 600 + seats across the nation in races everywhere.
Gloria Poole; at home in Missouri; 10:03am;28/Dec/2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ngrams of google reveals the future culture

I read an article about ngrams of google that shows information gleaned from the 500 billion database of google digitized books and so I did my own experiment. If you want eye-popping information about what culture/language is in decline and what culture is rising then do the same experiment. Go to http://ngrams.google.com/graph?content..
and type in first the word english and the years of 1600 to 2010 from the corpus English with smoothing of 3 and study the results. Then clear that and type in the word scots with same time frame and smoothing and English corpus,and study results. Then clear that and type in germans with same time frame,same corpus and smoothing and study results. then clear that and type in the word muslims with same time frame and same corpus and same smoothing. You will be astonished.

It graphs the references/books to those languages/cultures on the timeline given from 1600-2010. And I am sure you will conclude as I did,that the reason the US,the UK,and the EU are in 'wars' in Afghanistan and Middle East is trying to hold onto/preserve the western way of life that is in decline.
Gloria Poole; @ home in Missouri;3:34pm;16/Dec/2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Publishers' 1st Amendment to wikileaks; Update

Update Wednesday 8-Dec-2010 with this new developments in the wikileaks news vs H Clinton/B Obama spying/manipulating world governments :

Obama foreign Policy summed up: if you can't bribe them then threaten them.
How Sec of State Clinton manipulated the global warming mess @
6:23 PM 12/7/2010

Article in BBC 8-Dec-2010 that says Australia realizes that Assange did not release diplomatic cables to begin with--he merely published them after he had been given them by someone who had access to them.
Article @
8:47 AM 12/8/2010
Any my question is and has been along how did an Army PRIVATE [an entry level position into the US Army] have access to so-called confidential information from the US Secretary of State's office? That would not normally happen as a PFC would have no need to know the internal mechanisms of top brass. So if since H Clinton is trying to lay the blame on PFC Manning who is currently in prison, is the US public to believe that the entire prison population of the world also has access to top level "confidential secrets" of the US? And my other question is, is being catty and mean about other leaders' potentials, and spying to collect DNA [surely an invasion of anyone's privacy] and credit card,bank card,loyalty program cards truly the intended purpose of the US Secretary of States's office? IF so,the nation should immediately do away with that position. Downsize it out of existence for the sake of the nation and peace on earth.
8:52 AM 12/8/2010; Gloria Poole of words that WORK as since 1993 in state of GA;
and leaving original entry as relevant to the issues:

I am posting excerpts here of/about three articles in the news today about the US government's attack against wikileaks a publisher. Those attacks are also against the First Amendment liberties of a free unregulated,uncontrolled by government Press.
I think the facts speak for themselves. The Obama administration is absolutely destroying the concept of a free Press. When they attack to take down content that is not illegal but embarrassing to them and shows the lack of caliber of the Secretary of State in running her department [how could she? she is out seeing the world on the taxpayers' dime too miuch of the time]; they by deed show they have no committment to
an honest or open government and show that they are trying to suppress/usurp civil
liberties .
And these articles show that U S financial institutions are in US government control
and give a person their money at the whim of the government. That is one reason
when this country was founded,the founders voted against a centralized bank as the
Federal Reserve has become because it put the earnings of the citizens' into the hands of government. The excerpt about MasterCard and Paypal prove that as they withheld the money intended for wikileaks when Julian Assange has not been charged with any crime in the US,nor had a chance to face his accusers in a court of law,nor
founf guilty of any crime,but merely because H Clinton/B Obama said to stop his money in yet another attempt to bring him down offline.

US government getting real time info on citizens using credit cards,loyalty
programs,cell phones of transactions as they occur without any court order
to collect such info and without 'probable cause':
Read article written by Ryan Singel for Wired,and title article
is "Feds Warrantlessly tracking Americans' Credit Cards in real time' @
5:30 AM 12/7/2010

More on how they use that info,with quote from article in Wired again,
as written 'In the past week, after publishing secret U.S. diplomatic cables,
secret-spilling site WikiLeaks has been hit with denial-of-service attacks
on its servers by unknown parties; its backup hosting provider, Amazon,
booted WikiLeaks off its hosting service; and PayPal has suspended its
donation-collecting account, damaging WikiLeaks’ ability to raise funds.
MasterCard announced Monday it was blocking credit card payments to
WikiLeaks, saying the site was engaged in
illegal activities, despite the fact it has never been charged with a crime."
Read the article entitled 'Why Wikileaks is good for America" written by
Eva Hansen Editor-in-Chief of Wired @http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2010/12/wikileaks-editorial/
5:35 AM 12/7/2010

And I know Twitter is censoring anyone who writes about wikileaks because I
did on my twitter account [twitter.com/gloriapoole], and they blocked me from writing anything after that
[ I could log in and tweet-box appeared but words when typed did not appear
there] until I wrote about it in another place that they were censoring me
for writing about wikileaks * And now I know others are also
aware that twitter censors with prior restraint. Read article @
Begin with these quotes from the article that asserts that twitter is
indeed censoring any tweets about wikileaks:
"This is not the first time Twitter has been accused of keeping certain hashtags out of Trending Topics.
Last week, student protestors at University College London (UCL) complained that the microblogging
service was keeping the hashtag #demo2010 off the list,
and that Twitter even went so far as to make their accounts unavailable.
Twitter likewise denied the allegations.

As a side note, Twitter’s communications team has repeatedly dodged questions about whether
it will continue to allow the @WikiLeaks account to run on the service after EveryDNS.net,
Amazon.com and PayPal terminated their service contracts with the organization,
citing illegal activity."[end quote]
*footnote:read my blog in former married name but no
Pappas in my name now since 2nd divorce in Oct 2007, at gloriapoolepappas.blogspot.com
for entry about twitter censoring me].

Gloria Poole; of and for words that WORK; in Missouri;5:55am;7/Dec/2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cyber-radicals of the world UNITE for free speech

Read this excellent article with interviews of the 'cyber radicals' who are changing the world. The article shown here is in The Observer and The Guardian [news of UK}.

It includes interviews with those who have defied censorship to publish political opinion and promote changes in society from the grassroots level--> bottom level of society to top level leadership.


On the yahoo news today 28/nov/2010 approximate time 11:00am

It is of particlar interest to me because I am also a 'cyber-radical' trying to change the U.S. public law to laws that protect the innocents in the womb from premeditated destruction by womb-assassins [abortionists]. In the U. S. the dept of [fake] Homeland Security labels prolifers as 'potential terrorists'. Only the perverse and wicked Obama administration could use that label on those that those who do NOT believe there is any such 'right' as the right to kill,by labeling them for political speech and activism [law-abiding events allowed by First Amendment]as would be terrorists! The usual groupspeak of his wicked regime that uses propaganda and doublespeak to fool some of the people all of the time.

The interview I especially liked was the one by Han Han of China.

* footnote; fake because it is really the dept of espionage and censorship of citizens and restriction of travel and usurpation of citizens' civil liberties via illegal strip searches at airports and invasive to the bone scanning of human flesh and blood.it is the 2010 U S version of the former USSR's KGB.

Gloria Poole; in Missouri; 11:30am;28/Nov/2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

Thou shalt not kill; or appoint those who kill to power

It is written, 'before I [GOD speaking} formed you in the womb I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb, I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee ..." Jeremiah 1: 5 [King James Holy Bible}.

"Thou shalt not kill. " Exodus 20:13

"Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. Open thy mouth and plead the cause..." Proverbs 31: 8a [the word 'dumb' has traditionally meant those unable to speak in any way.]

"JESUS saith unto him, " I AM the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh unto THE FATHER [GOD in heaven] but by Me." John 14: 6 with my words put in quotes so as to make it perfectly WHO THE FATHER is.

JESUS said, "and whoso shall receive one such little child in My Name, receiveth Me.But whoso shall offend [harm, teach false doctrine, destroy] one of these little ones, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck,and he were drowned in the depth of the sea [than face GOD on HIS Judgement Day]. " Matthew 18: 5-6 with my words put in quotes to clarify the meaning for those not familiar with the King James English.

JESUS said,"even so it is not the will of your FATHER which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish."

These are some of the scriptures about human life and the attitude that governments should have toward human life. I am posting these here today for my usual reasons of trying to prevent the widescale slaughter of innocents in the womb everywhere, and to prevent hopefully that ungodly Kagan woman being placed on the US Supreme Court, and to influence the Phillippines to prevent the invasion of abortionists there. Also see another blog of mine at:
http://tapestry-of-life-llp.blogspot.com/ for more info about the situation in the Phillippines.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 8:55AM,2-Aug-2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scripture is against sodomy but for marriage of opp sex

It is written,'for the wrath of GOD is revealed from heaven against
all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men,who hold the truth in
unrighteousness.Because that which may be known of GOD is manifest
in them; for GOD hath shewed it to them. For the invisible things of
Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood
by the things that are made, even HIS eternal power and GODHEAD;s o
they are without excuse. Because that, when they knew GOD, they
glorified HIM not as GOD, neither were thankful but became vain in
their imaginations and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing
themselves to be wise, they became fools. And changed the glory of
THE uncorruptible GOD into an image made like to corruptible man and
to birds and fourfooted beasts; and creeping things. Wherefore GOD
also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts,
to dishonour their own bodies between themselves.Who changed the truth
of GOD into a lie and worshipped and served the creature [humans, animals]
more than THE CREATOR, who is blessed forever.Amen. For this cause GOD gave
them up to vile affections for even their women did change the natural use
into that which is against nature. And likewise, also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their
lust one toward another;men with men working that which is unseemly
and recieving in themselves that recompense of their error [sin] that
which was meet [due them,the consequences of sin and unnatural affections
such as HIV and AIDS, and torn body parts].
And even as they did not like to retain GOD in their knowledge, GOD
gave them over to a reprobate [footnote says debased, degenerate, incapble of
being redeemed from hell] mind, to do those things which are
not convenient; being filled with all unrighteousness; fornication;
wickedness; covetousness; maliciousness; full of envy; murder; debate;
deceit; malignity; whisperers; backbiters; haters of GOD; boasters;
inventors of evil things; disobedient to parents; without understanding;
covenant-breakers; without natural affection; implacable; unmerciful;
who knowing the Judgment of GOD that they which commit such things
are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them
that do them." Romans 1: 18-32,King James Holy Bible
"Nevertheless to avoid fornication,let every man have his own wife,
and every woman have her own husband. Let the husband render unto the
wife due benevolence; and likewise also the wife unto the husband.
The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband, and likewise
the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife. Defraud ye
not [do not withhold sex from each other] except it be with consent
for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer, and
come together again that satan tempt you not for your incontinency [
abstainence of marital sex].
' I Corinthians 7:2-5;KJV
Gloria Poole, at my home in Missouri; 8:54 PM, 16_June-2010;
corrected to add in verse 26 that was overlooked in other places where I
added this, not intentionally, just moved the Bible and then lost my place.
Correction to make it as it reads in Bible but with my explanations in the

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Finding the Lost for JESUS is mission for followers of JESUS

The mission of JESUS in the flesh was to introduce THE FATHER GOD in heaven, to humans.
The words of JESUS were concise and POW to the heart usually.
I am adding some of them here to help all people around the world understand who JESUS is, and what HIS mission on the earth was then,and is on until HE returns again to gather HIS believers to heaven with Him.

"And HE [JESUS] saith unto them, 'follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men."
Matthew 4: 19

JESUS said, 'ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid...let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your FATHER which is in heaven." Matthew 5: 14,16

JESUS said, 'let not your heart be troubled. Ye believe in GOD, believe also in Me." John 14: 1

JESUS said, 'and whatsoever ye shall ask in MY Name, that will I do, that THE FATHER may be glorified in The Son. IF ye ask anything in MY NAME, I will do it. IF ye love Me, keep my commandments." John 14: 13-15

JESUS said, 'peace I leave with you. My peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled." John 14: 27

JESUS said, 'ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you, and ordaineid you that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain; that whatsoever ye shall ask of THE FATHER [GOD in heaven] HE may give it you. These things I command you, that ye love one another." John 15: 16-17

All Scripture from King James Holy Bible.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 12: 39 PM, 13-June-2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

JESUS said repent.

It is written, 'from that time [after JESUS prevailed in the wilderness] HE began to preach and to say, 'repent; for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." Matthew 4: 17, King James Holy Bible with my words in the bracket as explanation of previous verses.

JESUS said, 'the time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of GOD is at hand; repent ye, and believe the gospel. " Mark 1:15, KJV

"Whosoever believeth that JESUS is the Christ [anointed One] is born of GOD; and every one that loveth Him that begat, loveth Him that is begotten of Him. By this we know that we love the children of GOD, when we love GOD and keep His Commandments. For this is the love of GOD, that we keep His commndments; and His commandments are not grievous. For whatsoever is born of GOD overcometh the world; and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.
Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that JESUS is The Son of GOD [born of the Holy Spirit hovering over Mary, according to scripture, not born in the usual method of fertilization with human sperm, but the usual method of human birth].
This is He that came by water and blood, even JESUS Christ; not by water only, but by water and the blood [referring to water baptism and His blood shed, and also to the water and blood shed at a human birth]. And it is The Spirit that beareth witness because The Spirit is truth. He that hath The Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of GOD, hath not life." I John 5: 1-6, 12, KJV

These scriptures are intended to help you understand who JESUS is, and what HIS purpose on the earth was and is. And that is to lead all to heaven, if possible, but HE does not force that. It is an act of free will to go to heaven or to hell.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 9:12 AM, 6-June-2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Was BP & US Sabotaged by BIG OIL from Middle East?

I have followed some of the news about the BP oil spill in the gulf off the continental shelf of the US. And I also read that the crew of the BP rig was NOT on the rig when the "spill" occurred from a damaged pipe. How hard it is to imagine that if the well is a gusher as apparently it is, and if it endangered the Aramco and oil-dependent-for-wealth-nations of Arab oil producers that they would sabotage any effort by US to get independent of oil from Arabic nations? It is easy for me to imagine that they would do that. And it is also easy for me to imagine that it also could bave been sabotaged and blown with explosives from that crazy and violent group that wants to save the planet for the animals while at same time destroying the humans. Remember that an explosion under water would be suppressed in sound but create waves and energy and that it would probably blow right out of the water and shoot into the sky. And isn't that what happened? Was there fire and heat as from either a burning oil well ignited by an explosion OR an explosion with explosives? And where were the crew? Were they lured ashore by some trick? And why is BP being blamed for harming the US when the well is offshore --off the continent of the US or they would not have been able to drill it in the first place. It seems to me that BP has taken a huge hit from somewhere and I think it was sabotage to ruin the US [by the oil gushing into the waters, and to ruin the allies of the US= Great Britain at the same time, and to defeat the political idea that the US could get free of the oil producers of the middle east and their OPEC.
Why has no one asked these questions? Could it be that Obama is in his heart of heart Muslim and more sympathetic to them than to the US?
I am asking the question: why has there been no investigation into if the pipe was blown with explosives by enemies of the US?
And to change the topic:
There is a missionary organization named Serving in Missions of SIM for short. They are looking for consultant MD's, nursing educators, physical therapists, occupational therapists, x-ray technologists, and maintenance staff, in the Evangel Hospital in Jos Nigeria. And also looking for family practice MD's, Surgeons, HIV /AIDS program coordinators, Nurses, midwives, lab techs, and physician assistants in the Primary Health Care Center in South Sudan. And also looking for family practice MD's, Surgeons, Nurse Practitioners, Physician's Assistants, Nurse Anesthetists, Dentists, lab techs, and x-ray techs for the ELWA Hospital in Liberia.
You could also contribute money to their missions of providing health care to the indigent around the world by visiting their website at http://sim.org or calling them in Charlotte NC.
Also please see the blogs where I added the photos I took yesterday of the Airshow named Salute to Veterans in Missouri. They are interesting photos and include fighter jets, a robot, aerial acrobatics, and planes from WWII, and bagpipers. I added them to several blogs and listed where the photos are at http://gloriapoole-uk.livejournal.com.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 11:10 AM, 30_May-2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

YES to Arizona's new law to prevent illegal immigration.

I am absolutely in favor of the new law on the books for Arizona that makes it a state crime for people to be in the US and in Arizona illegally, and gives the state police and local law enforcement the authority to detect that and prosecute it.
All those phony civil libertarians who would destroy this nation in a heartbeat and nearly have with their loosy-goosy no rules for anybody nincompoop nonsense, are on the wrong side of the issue as usual. Those who think that civil liberties for citizens born, in the womb of American's, or naturalized in the US also apply to those who were not, effectively destroy this nation as a sovereign entity. And those who think that breaking the laws should make one acceptable to those who don't break the laws, are idiots or fools or both. Also, those phony civil libertarians who are howling at the Arizona law are the same elite bunch that hires illegals to cut their grass, and tend their children and prepare their meals at CHEAP pay with not benefits. And they are the same ones who exploit them shamelessly. And they are the same ones who completely try to deny to prolifers who are citizens, the true civil liberties of the First Amendment, while trying to make a point that those in the US are somehow 'entitled' to the same privileges as citizens.

I am glad Arizona's Legislature passed that law and that their Gov Jan signed it. And I am glad that it is having a ripple effect already. When I called one of the companies I do business with, this week and actually got an English speaking person on the other end of the line, I was thrilled. I don't live in Mexico. I don't want to live in Mexico. I never wanted to live in Mexico. And if the feds plan to make the states south and southwest and west into a haven of illegal immigrants from Mexico, I predict that there will be another Mexican war because I don't think most of America wants to live in Mexico either. Whether it is nice there or not, I do not know. I do know I have NO desire to live there or even to visit there ever since I was a student nurse decades ago [graduated 4 decades ago and got licensed as RN also decades ago, after starting that at age 18;] and the girl who was my suite-mate [four students to 2 rooms and a bath] went to Mexico and said she was stopped at the border and told she had to pay off the Mexican police so they would protect her, her being American and unwanted there. That convinced me that I had no business or desire to ever go there. I have not changed my mind after having endured Colorado-second home to thousands or tens of thousands or millions illegals from Mexico that rip you for EVERYTHING!

And those phony civil libertarians that want those who are not citizens to have the protections of the government the taxpayers support, but who do not want the citizens to have it, are communist. And as for having to carry your credentials on you, ask yourself this question. Did you ever travel abroad and did they not tell you to have your passport on you at all times? If you as a US citizen are stopped abroad and questioned and don't have your identifying documents on you, you are subject to arrest. Don't fool yourself that Arizona is out on a limb doing this. It is done everywhere in the world except the US. And believe me, foreign nations recognize American citizens in the blink of an eye. Is that racial profiling? I say it is probably common sense at play. We Americans are distinct somewhat, and so is every ethnic group. I recognized a Muslim man when I met one in a park once and though he had no ethnic clothing I knew immediately by his speech and customs and respect that he was not American. American men tend to treat women like chattel; whereas other nations' men do not. And in another scenario, when I was in London I participated in what would be called I guess a subjects' [UK people are subjects not citizens] rally because I was there and it was happening and it seemed to be a cause I could participate in and I thought why not? But the UK Bobbies pushed some of the subjects back behind a tangible line, and they stopped when they saw me, heard me. They said 'aren't you a U S citizen?" Was that racial profiling? I had my documents on me and I was not breaking any laws but the crowd was getting rowdy and the police officers made a barricade around me to protect me, cordon me off from the crowd. Was that racial profiling? Or was it common sense? Was it the police protecting their subjects in the obvious light of the situation where someone was amongst them that was not a UK subject subject to their laws. The Police made no threats to me and were totally respectful to me and I felt no threats from them whatsoever. So my point is, all nations do what the phony civil libertarians call 'racial profiling' as a matter of necessity.And let me tell you something else, so does health care. Because certain races/ethnic groups have tendencies to some diseases that the general population does not have, and those factors help good doctors decide what tests are indicated and what risks ?

Arizona, stand firm. Don't back down. Don't blink. Keep on keeping on. The US as a people applaud you and I personally pray that you set a precedent for the nation.
Gloria Poole of and for words that WORK,LLP that has moved to Missouri as of Oct 31,2009. Time is 6:51 AM, 1-May-2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who owns your DNA--you or government sponsored labs?

Sometimes events happen that change the course of history. I think the U S is in the whirlwind of those sort of events --a percolator sort of for immense change to the way our government works, the way science is perceived and the outcomes/results of scientific 'research". I put research in quotes because I studied statistics a bit--enough to know that statisticians have a plethora of tricks to manipulate the information that they collect.
The purpose of this entry is to tell of one victory in which those manipulated overcame the manipulators. Read this:

Article in NY Times about how an Indian Tribe won a legal battle to
control their DNA:
7:06 AM 4/23/2010

The Indian tribe in the article was told that if they gave blood to be studied for the purpose of helping them medically as a tribe to prevent diabetes that hopefully in future less of that. But in reality the 'researchers' used their blood for other reasons and mostly to gain post-graduate degrees with "research".
It is no secret that I am opposed to trick research. It is no secret that I am opposed to DNA testing being used to label and sort humans into those considered 'worthy' of life or the perqs of life for instance income, and housing, and a sense of safety and well-being in their communities. It is also no secret that I am absolutely radically opposed to the sort of research on human embryoes/fetuses that kills them , shreds them, decapitates them to study their brains, stem cells, tissues, cells, blood any or all components of their human bodies. That sort of 'research' is abomination to me and also to GOD I am sure, since GOD wrote in stone the commanmdent 'thou shalt not kill' and that is recorded in Exodus chapter 20 verse 13, and also in Deuteronomy. And JESUS reiterated those words in a different wording when HE said, 'even so it is not the will of your FATHER [GOD} which is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish." Matthew 18:14

The article in the NY Times yesterday about how an Indian tribe won the right to control how their DNA is used is big news. It was not made much of a fuss over in the news but it is a big deal.It will help end the fake research and also the medical research for the purposes of deciding what humans qualify as 'humans'.And it removes the blanket waiver of 'rights' to research via tricks and deceit.
If you do not know the Nuremberg Code of International laws concerning human research that began after Hitler and his cronies were tried and that included definitions of how human research is to be conducted [fully informed consent absolutely essential, no research that kills or maims, researcher bears burden to stop research if risk of injury or death to humans in the research, and several other principles of human research] I ask you to research those and read them and memorize them. The future of the human race might depend on a handful of committed people standing in the gap for the human race.
Gloria Poole; of and for words that WORK,LLP of Missouri; 7:48AM,24-April-2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

NY Times violated my First Amendment liberties AGAIN !

These are my comments that I added to the NY Times fake public forum this morning in my effort to 'add' my comments to a public discussion on the health care bill. I say it was a fake forum since they censored prolife basically. The NY Times has censored any comment I add to their fake forums for at least 7 years. They really hate prolife educated Registered Nurses since their agenda is to drive the killing industry of abortion like an engine. I am adding my comments as I wrote them while logged in and registered [they require registration so they could censor prolifers and Christians routinely] .Remember that prior restraint of first amendment is unconstitutional on the face of it and has a triple penalty of monetary awards to the person who was illegally censored from a labeled "public forum" or when public told to 'add your comments". These are my comments as they were word for word added to the NY Times for moderator to decide whether to post them today at time noted:
Several comments and responses:
1) The US is a republic not a democracy. A democracy would be similar to all citizens voting by internet on each bill. We as nation have elected representatives to decide public law.
2) The US Congress is not a single party. The push-pull of our system is supposed to be a checks and balances against corruption or against the tyranny of the mass hysteria, or of any particular despotic leader.
3) The US Constittution defines the real laws and any new 'right' that attaches to all citizens must be written as an amendment to the Constitution and voted on by the people in every state and if 2/3 of the states' populations vote yea, then it is ratified, otherwise it dies. There is no such right as the right to health care nor is there any such right as the right to abortion since neither of those were ever voted on by the voting poplution of this country. The U S Supreme Court has no authority to create new public laws.
4) What is best for this nation is best for any nation and the number one thing a nation has to do to survive is reproduce humans. Any public law has to be viewed in worst case scenario that if every individual in the nation believed it and adhered to it, if the end result would be death of the nation. that is a bad law. The health care bill being debated in limited controlled deceptive ways is a very BAD policy because if every woman in America believed that was legal was also moral and followed the law then the US would cease to exist in a couple of generations. There would be no future generations, no future taxpayers, no need for government because the majority of the population in US is already in their 60's.
5) Abortion is not health care but premeditated merciiless slaughter of the innocents in the womb. As such it should never be codified as a right any more than say there would be a 'right' to kill those in Congress whom the nation did not "want". The wantedness of an human cannot determine whether or not the person has the right to life. Each human is wanted by GOD who created each human being and developed in the womb to HIS specfications. See :
for some photos of how humans look in the womb, and amniotic sac.
6) A nation that cannot or will not protect its tiniest most defenseless citizens cannot and will not protect any other citizen either. If the US cannot protect innocent human babies, who could it protect? What cause would be worthwhile if not human life?
7) The health care bill is bad for many other reasons:
a) it is an unconstitutional attempt to control the income of the citizens and mandate what they must buy. There is no authority for Congress to mandate any expenditures for any citizen of any product or service. If the nation allows the usurpation of the Constitution then anarchy reigns. If the nation accepts rule by mass mob of hysteria pumped up by Obama and democrats' spin machines and p.r. campaigns then as a nation we have by definition become not a nation of order and law, but a nation where whoever has the biggest fund for pumping propaganda into the nation, has the power . Remember how Hitler accomplished what Obama is doing by going town to town? Hitler did the same went from town to town but because mass media was in its infancy he used megaphones while standing on the back of trucks to spread his p.r. that the Jews were the problem with the nation. Obama's scapegoat is a primarily private system where one has the health care one could afford. That is also true of cars, or houses, or jewelry or any thing or service. Why should health care be different?
b) The U S Congress could write a bill without including abortion as a newly defined 'right' or as a 'health care' since it is not, and it could make it voluntary for people to join the government exchanges or for those disabled or too old to work as Medicare was intended to begin with and not raid those monies paid into by working citizens and expect it to pay the catastrophic events in health care that enable a person to live and not encourage death with dignity as the current phrase that is used to promote death as health care, says.
c) The enormous amount of paperwork of that bill is a GIANT clue that is a major redefinition of every aspect of health care,and the paperwork would be continued into every doctor's office, every hospital, every health care provider. Many doctors have for years complained that they had to hire another staffer with special skills in writing to do the paperwork involved for Medicare/caid and most do not like it. It extends their work load, controls their patients, decides who gets what procedure or medical service and when, and how much the doctor gets paid or if he gets paid.
d) Insurance does not heal anybody. It only pays for services. Services could be acquired and are acquired in a variety of ways already.
e) It creates a monopoly of health care at govt control of if,who, how,when.
[Gloria Poole, Missouri, time is 7:51 AM 20-March-2010 but were posted on NY Times while logged in about 20 minutes ago. Also published on another blog of mine entitled Tapestry of My Life by Gloria Poole. ]

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Journalist's Myths and communist lobbyists

Ths is the same commentary I posted on another blog of mine but reposting it because it is very important to the fake debate in Congress:
I read the NY Times article this morning that was written by Paul Krugman and this is my reply. I am titling it Journalists' Myths because I want to state plainly what I perceive those to be and reply to them in an effort to defeat them.
Journalist Myth #1: that a man who smokes cigarettes and has for decades knows anything about health care. Well, that is a lie not a myth.
Journalist Myth # 2 : That a woman {Kathleen Sebelius] who never worked so much as an hour in health care hands-on delivery of it knows anything about health care. That is also a lie.
Journalist Myth # 3 is that insurance from any company including the government provides good health. I have Medicare early because I had massive injuries when married to my then-second husband-now-divorced-from-man who had been arrested twice before for violence against me. But because he gave intimate massages to some men in high places they didn't want to make him responsible for his crimes and his punishment consisted of going to a weekly class where he sat around a
table and talked about himself. So then what to do about me? They decided I qualified for disability [and I do] because of those injuries and if they shifted that expense to the fed government Coloradoans' Gov Ritter and the House of Representatives man could continue their intimate massages. I wrote all of that to make this point. When I had several fractures and was taken by ambulance to the Univ of Colorado ER they xrayed me, told me of the fractures and that I needed surgery to repair them. But political intervention from high up because I am prolife, republican and opposed to sin and sodomy, prevented me from getting state mandated insurance through Univ of Colorado funded by state taxpayers. So I absolutely know for certain that health care via insurance is a government dispensed perq to some people and not to others and it has more to do with how you vote and what or who you oppose than
your situation does. I found a private good Medical doctor and not a student or resident doctor as I would have had at univ of Colorado so GOD turned that in my favor because I prayed for 8 days before needed surgery.I am divorced from that evil man now and thank GOD for that,and I moved from that hell of Colorado last October. Colorado believes killing of innocents is a 'right' and has no qualm about killing Registered Nurses either if they oppose evil there.
I logged back in because I realized I forgot to tell you some essential info on this topic.
My then-husband said in court when the injuries were discussed that he had a million dollars of liability insurance [which is supposed to cover injuries to the person he harms] and yet though there was proof,and though people in my apartment building heard me screaming that day he injured me ,and though I had xrays and medical records,and though he never denied he injured me, his mandatory insurance never paid
me a cent and as far as I know they never paid the Medical Doctor who surgically repaired my fractures. The corrupt Colorado state allowed him to file bankruptcy to bankrupt out of a plea bargain he made to stay out of prison in exchange for paying to me a paltry sum of money. The courts knows he does not pay it and they know the state does not pay me the victim's comp mandatory fund that is funded by felons who injure people and they know his insurance did not pay me, and they know the dept of ed is withholding from my meager funds my student loans from
25 yrs ago to make sure they have impoverished me and rendered me destitute because then they think I won't have the means to protest their killing plan. But they are wrong.I plan better than the government. I eat peanut butter and saltines many meals to continue the missions work of my life. But I want you to
fully understand that insurance is a scam, a legal scam but a scam nevertheless. After I was 'awarded' Medicare after a two year wait I had to wait another year before I could get effective treatment of pneumonia because I was classified as not important to the state and a political enemy of the democrats because I am prolife so four medical doctors would not write a RX for effective antibiotic to treat the pneumonia I had that dragged on for nearly a year until my entire left lung had atelectasis on xray. That is the so-called health care that I got while
on Medicare, me being NOT a murderous democrat and all. And being the victim of domestic violence because the state of Colorado refused to lock up a man on cocaine who is violent when he needs his next 'fix' of it.
Journalist Myth 4: that socialism called health care reform is good for nation. A lie is all that is. Socialiam is bad and it has failed in every nation that tried it.
Journalist Myth 5: that health care is 'broken'. It is expensive but so are cars, and houses, and food and anything you buy in the US unless imported from China. If the US allows its citizens to get health care abroad where the US government is not inflating the bills, prices
would be reasonable. It is telling that a man or woman who would spend nearly a million on an average house in NYC or LA considers spending nearly a million to be healthy, as too expensive.
Journalists' Myth # 6: that a 2000+ page redefinition of who how and where a person gets health care and what qualifies as 'health care' won't harm the nation or the people. It will.
It redefines killing as a 'medical procedure' but so did Hitler's team of medical doctors who triaged to death some of the Jews considered not worthy of life. It's a lie too.
Journalists Myth # 7 that journalists paid handsomely to write op-ed pieces for expensive
newspapers that provide everything [a microcosm of socialism as are most corporate jobs]
knows anything at all about hardship or endurance except and unless they report from a war
This is my reply to the op-ed piece by Krugman today and my intention is to defeat the
Obama killing plan at every step of the way.
Gloria Poole, Missouri; time is 8:53 AM, 12-March-2010
And I am readding this post from last evening that I wrote to keep it on top also:
I read an article this afternoon about the push-pull propaganda that Congress will overturn
the will of the people and force every grown adult over age 18 to buy mandatory insurance
to enrich insurance companies.And when you crunch the numbers of their 'estimated' cost of
$950 BILLION to enroll an additional 30 MILLION into some government mandatory plan, you get
the cost to taxpayers for each newly "insured" person [not necessarily a citizen of this
country either] of $ 31666666.66. Do you think that will be a HUGE pot of gold for insurance
companies or what?
The people in Congress especially that heathen Pelosi and that more heathen President should
be tarred and feathered and sent into exile!
Gloria Poole, Missouri. Time is 5:25 PM, 11-march 2010
PS I trust you know that is a figure of speech, and I don't suggest you do that literally,
but figuratively, vote them out of office by a landslide.
I logged back in again at 10:00 am because I forgot this : since I have moved to Missouri,
my cell phone has been illegally wiretapped, my payment to my telephone company was
redirected to Louisiana instead of Missouri, and though it cleared the bank 15 days early
and I have proof of that from bank the stamp on bank as to who deposited the money was
stamped over twice to make it difficult to read who actually deposited the payment i sent to my telephone company that is not in Louisiana,into their bank in Louisiana, and the January payment supposedly to the US Dept of Education
for student loan was stolen, since I received no notice from it being applied to my student loan for that month but it was deducted from money; and before I moved to Colorado for the months of Dec 2007 until Jan 2009 someone stole my US mail in order to steal state benefits
intended for me. The stolen payments amounted to more than 9,000 over 13 months' time; and the Housing authority of Denver was the agency that informed me of that. I tell you I am impoverished because
of mandatory taxes paid into a system for 25 years to pay for social security and then was told social security disability automatically reduces the payments to injured person by $400 then they withheld Medicare premium to pay for that insurance I paid for for 25 yrs
with taxes as their punishment I suppose for having the audacity to survive injuries intended to kill me; and that premium is $96 every month on top of the tens of thousands I already paid for it, and then they withhold student loan money, so in all the federal governement takes back from me $400 every month plus $150 for student loan every month, plus $98 every month for Medicare premium for insurance that could not find a medical doctor that cared enough whether me a woman who was in her fifties when those injuries happened to me, lived or died.
But GOD found me a good doctor because I prayed without ceasing for eight days before I could
have the necessary surgery. But if I had been a murderous democrat I would have had surgery same day at taxpayer expense at the Univ of Colorado . With nurses around the clock to help me.
Instead I had it at ambulatory surgery with surgeon who knew he was not going to get paid, and went home to empty aprt with not food or help, or telephone, and then-husband filled my pain prescription for himself but when I gave it back to my doctor because harmful to me, and I did not want it there since then husband is a drug addict, he filled it a second time and left with it. And I suffered so much I nearly went out of my mind. So the federal government, because I need the "benefits' I paid mandatory taxes into an 'insurance' to get for more than 25 years as a Registered Nurse, immediately reduced my payments by $650 every month.
That is the plan you journalists are wanting. I want to make sure you understand how it works.
Updated this Sunday morning 14th-March to add this info about a news article today:
in an article in the Yahoo news online from the Associated Press is an article that the US
government owes the Social Security fund 2.5 TRILLION dollars because they raided the money
citizens paid into Soc Security for years, to pay for giveaway programs, and Obama's trips
to other countries and vacations, and 'delorean' health care plans for Congress etc. I put
delorean because that is the most expensive car i could think of, but Congress puts 'cadillac'
in their expensive description. A cadillac health plan is what school teachers get not what
the public gets. The general public gets more like Ford truck health care and the disabled
get more like a yugo health care plan. Read the article because it also says the US congress
and spend-crazy democrats have caused debts for government programs equal to $42000 for every
man, woman and child in America. The US is 12.5 TRILLION dollars in debt to countries like
China, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and that is precisely why the President of the US has
to go calling on them because they are the powers of the world. The US President and his
so-called secretary of state are like used car saleman and sales-woman, peddling America's
debts to foreign countries. It is shameful and it is unconstitutional to beggar the US as a
nation. The new but old plan of the devil to destroy the world is the root cause of these
problems. Obama and his ilk are trying to lay a plan to depopulate the world, and because of
that it is my sincerest prayer that GOD HIMSELF defeats them totally, absolutely, every time.
Gloria Poole, Reg Nurse still, yes officially still; Missouri; time is 10:21 AM 14-March-2010
for this addendum.
Update at 8:41 PM after reading CNN news. According to CNN 's political Editor Robert Preston,
moveon.org is behind the push toward socialized medicine that is being packaged as
'health care reform' that also includes killing by medical doctors. Well, if you know anything
at all about moveon.org you know it is a very left organization backed by George Soros to
accomplish his agenda for America. Well why does he or his communist organization get
to lobby at the US Capitol?

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Protecting the Innocent is the only duty of gov't.

I read an article in the Columbia {Missouri} Tribune this am and I am glad it was written. Thank you for covering/writing the prolife point of view in that travesty of justice for the innocents that was shamefully called a trial by Kansas. I say shamefully since the Judge apparently suppressed all the evidence of abortion that Scott Roeder was against and also apparently denied him his Constitutional right to a defense by labeling his religious beliefs as 'unreasonable'. If a police officer had gunned down an assassin for instance the school boys who killed at Columbine, the Judge would [hopefully] have allowed the evidence of the mass murders to be preented as the justification for stopping the murders of innocents. But the Judge disallowed the evidence of abortion saying as he was told by Planned Parenthood no doubt that the issue was not about abortion. The ---- it isn't! It is exactly, precisely about abortion and the fact that people in this nation are mad that the premeditated murders of innocents in the womb is legal since it is worst than the gassing of the Jews in the Nazi era. The innocents in the womb, cannot fight back or run, or even speak to defend themselves, or escape the assassin in any way--they are in utero.
This is my reaction to the statement by so-called defense attorneys for Scott Roeder: being prolife,
and believing that humans are made in the very image of GOD, with the intellect and emotions and physical appearance
like unto GOD [see Genesis 1:27 for exact words or read it in footnote*] and also believing the commandments of GOD
and the scripture verse in Genesis 9:6 **[footnote] are not unreasonable beliefs. And for you to apply that word 'unreasonable'
to the people who believe in GOD and the words of GOD is religious discrimination on the face of it. What is unreasonable is the lack of the US Justice Dept seeking any justice for the innocent. What is unreasonable is the refusal by the
US Justice Dept to file RICO charges against 1) Center for Reproductive Rights as they call it, but GOD would call it evil, and 2) Nancy Northup individually, and 3) Vicki Saporta individually,and 4) National Abortion Federation as they call it, but GOD would call it abomination, and 5) Kathy Spillar individually,
and 6) Feminist Majority Foundation a political arm of killing machinery, and 7) Planned Parenthood which is the killing machinery, and 8) SIECUS a political arm of killing machinery, and the 8) the democratic party whose
'platform' is to depopulate and ruin the US and rig elections.Those groups have a organized crime in kiliing and rigging elections.They buy judges and courts and lobbyists, and Congressmen and women, and Senators by the
dozens;and the US President is in their pocket. That is unreasonable. The refusal by the US Justice Dept to protect the innocents from premeditated deliberate destruction is a failure to represent the good people of the US while they offer SS Nazi-era protection to those who kill. It is abomination.
That assassin-abortionist-mass-murderer of innocents-Tiller was NOT innocent but evil abomination;and I am glad Scott Roeder killed him. And I pray that GOD also raises up some group or nation thatkills all the abortionists and all the evil killing machinery of murderers of innocents-in-womb and
shuts down every killing center That is Biblical to protect the innocent. Scott Roeder may the only man in America after GOD's own heart to be a champion for the unborn/preborn.
I am furious. There is a GOD and HE does not approve of nor condone the premeditated killing of the innocents. If you doubt that
then it shows /proves that you are heathen and totally unfamiliar with the word of GOD = Bible.
I tell you this, the good people of this nation are rising up in rebellion, because GOD is not mocked,and this
nation has sowed death and destruction to the innocents created by GOD and mocking GOD called such evil a 'right'
but it is always a wrong. Always ! The US will go down as a nation, and will become like all the places that
legalized sodomy, abortion and abomination against GOD--> that would leave a remnant of a nation. GOD has all but
destroyed California because of what that evil Nancy Pelosi tried to ramrod through Congress. And GOD has sent
invasion to America from the Saudi Kingdom, from the Mexican nation, and they come like ants to sugar. The US is
already experiencing the consequences of their rebellion against GOD.
Scott Roeder's beliefs are very reasonable,that unborn innocent children should not be slaughtered like sheep,
with not the compassion of the way the US government requires animals to be slaughtered but in cold blood
with no anesthesia as they are torn apart, and no mercy for the true innocent human babies. The ungodly in this
nation will NOT make the rules because there is a GOD. GOD will thwart every attempt by Congress to legalize the
premeditated killing of innocents in the womb, and if that means destroying the nation that will happen too.
GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7.For too many years [nearly 40 since that evil Roe v Wade decision]
that tried to label premeditated killing of innocents as a 'right" GOD has waited patiently until the gospel truth
was told . But now the evidence of the reality of America's situation on the brink of national collapse,
bankruptcy and takeover by communist China, shows that GOD is ruining America.

Scott Roeder fire your lawyers and get some that know Constitutional law as it is written and not the trumped up version of the wicked Planned Parenthood, and get some who believe that being prolife-- FOR LIFE--is a reasonable belief
and get some that believe that men are required by GOD to have the courage of their convictions. And appeal your sentence and state plainly what you believe and why in the witness stand, and insist on your rights in the true
laws to defend your beliefs and not be silenced by a Judge bought by Planned Parenthood. The true laws are that if a civil law is unconstitutional it is not enforcealbe.Any law intended to depopulate the nation would not be in the best interest of the state of Kansas or the nation,and would not meet muster for the right to life clause, and therefore would be unconstitutional and should not be upheld. Fight for your constitutional rights and the right to life for all US Citizens in the womb. Fight for the First Amendnment to believe in GOD and act on those beliefs.
* Genesis 1:27:"So GOD created man in HIS OWN IMAGE, in the image of GOD created HE him; male and female created
HE them."
** Genesis (;6 "whoso sheddeth man's blood by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of GOD made HE man."
Gloria Poole, Missouri; The time is 12:52PM AM,central time 31-Jan-2010.