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Writing for LIFE, poem written by me Gloria Poole,RN,artist of/in Missouri

Writing for LIFE

written by Gloria Poole, RN, artist, author, photographer, cartoonist, illustrator of Missouri and Georgia.Copyright.

Writing, drawing and painting

is how I redeem the time.

to overcome the sorrow,

of my life,

that's filled with

emotions scattered,

all around

like trash

that fell from

the trash truck.

Writing to redeem

my life

from the trash bin,

is a worthwhile endeavour,

. though hardly a lucrative one.

A writer I am,

. shaped and molded

. by the events of my life,

that were as

unmalleable as an

anvil and hammer

beating the stark metal.

into polished glitter.

When I can't sort

my thoughts into cohesive

words to put on paper,

I draw to focus

my mind on something.


Anything that distracts me

from the utter sense

of a wasted life.

A wasted life.

. It's very hard to admit,

that all the dreams of

making the world,

a better place,

. evaporated.

like soap bubbles in the wind.

A world where

babies are born alive,

and gardens are plentiful,

and people are happy.

Where laughter

. and good times,

. are the norm,

and a feeling of

safety in the

love of GOD

just naturally rises,

. like the sun,

until it's bright, golden

and shiny;

and illuminating.

A world with peace

and calm,

where the tiniest,

most helpless child,

is considered

as important

as the greatest King.

That world doesn't exist.

Maybe it never will?

People like me

have tried for centuries

to make a difference,

. to reshape the world

into a paradise.

But alas!

The first paradise

. of Adam and Eve is gone forever.

The primeval yearning

for supernatural beauty

. and conquering the world.

have created travel tours,

and cruises,

and flights to the moon.

I can't do those things right now,

. and so I paint,

and I draw,

. and I write.

To somehow,

record my existence

on earth;

to say, "I was here,

and I did my best,

but my best

was not good enough.

in many ways.

Drawing and painting

is not thought-intensive.

In fact, it sort of

empties the mind

of thoughts.

To make room,

for the blank canvas,

. or sketch paper.

. to create something:

to paint a scene,

or an emotion,

or a person,

or a pretend person,

to create beauty,

in some form.

To make art,

or write words

. that touch the souls

of others,

to communicate.

Also, primeval,

the need to touch

the outstretched hand


to feel the charge.

of electricity and power,

. flow from GOD,

and to His created creatures.

Wi-fi is not new.

Prayer to GOD

ascended thru the heavens,

. and back again,

the same way

electricity spurts

from the sky

in thunderstorms.

The supernatural

manifestation of

. The power of GOD,

that what humans

think on earth

is known to GOD

. in heaven.

I paint,

. and draw

. and write,

and therefore I know

. I exist.

My heart has been broken

so many times,

it's like shards of glass,

tiny fragments,

. bits and pieces,

that's impossible

. to put together again.

What's amazing about that?

It's the human condition,

. of being to GOD,

as a one year old is

to an adult; of making wise decisions.

And so we all:

humans, love the wrong person,

. and spend years

picking up the shards But.

There is a GOD,

Only ONE.

JESUS said,

"I and my Father are ONE."


Who put Himself

into the form of

a human baby

. to come to earth, in mind.

And HE grew in favor

with GOD and man,

. and told the humans

. how to live.

What to believe. and that HE has

a heavenly home

waiting for all

. who accept

HIS offer.


The moral of the story

is that

this world is transitory

sort of a temporary


In preparation

for the after-life.

I know my name

. is written

in GOD's Book of LIFE

and that what I do

on this earth

is recorded

in heaven also.

My words

justify me.

And hopefully.

they put

footprints of mine

all over the world,

to cause people to

ask themselves,

"What was I born to do?"

I draw,

and I paint,

to teach the gospel

to promote life,

to share the

gifts of THE SPIRIT

given to me.

And to calm

my raging soul,

and battered brain,

like salve

. to a wound.


painting, are my "medicine". while GOD does HIS plan

for me.


I wrote this in 2014 .


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