Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I know a PR campaign when I see one & re:Chasen poli assassination

I scanned the headlines of an article that falsely said that most admired in the US were H Clinton and B Obama. That is a political Public relations campaign if ever there was one. I would say they are about the least admired in the world right now. Hillary is a terrible administrator of the State Dept spying on the entire world illegally, including bank account informations of foreign governments, and of US citizens. And Obama that champion of perverts and abortionists and the devil, is worst than useless as a president--he's a disaster, ruinous to the nation. The paid political campaign that conducted that who do you admire fake poll was probably paid by the Defense Dept budget through the money they give to the so-called 'gay and lesbian' ngo PAC of the DoD. And I label it a fake poll since I am reasonably sure that they only asked registered democrats and/ or the socialist organization known as move-on who could be counted on to parrot the Party-Politik language groupspeak. H Clinton's failure to secure/run her dept was published to the WORLD by wikileaks' Assange and thank GOD for bold men who believe in the First Amendment. And Obama will go down in history as the President that divided the nation into sex-ual categories by making/ providing 'protected status' to those GOD labels as abominable [homosexuals]; and who was racist big time in making claims that bigot Gates of Harvard was arrested by Police Officer because he was black not because he refused to obey Police order under investigation.And who indebted the nation to China, Saudi Arabia in unprecedented numbers, and who corrupted every agency; and who created more tactics only formerly known to communist regimes [pat-downs of citizens never charged with a crime, illegal wire-tapping of citizens if they traveled abroad for any reason, criminally breaking into privately owned computers, breaking into private citizens' bank accounts, forcing computer manufacturers and some cell phone providers to create a 'backdoor' entrance for surveillance without permission by about 75 so-called law-enforcement agencies in the US, and trying to regulate/control/suppress the speech of citizens and the press. And most of all for attempting to annihilate the future of America by relabeling all humans in the womb as 'research material' instead of human so they could be chopped/diced/sliced/crushed/smeared on agar plate to 'study' but the real reason is the grant money from the fed govt {NIH] for that abominable research of killing and dismembering tiny humans.
And I am convinced that publicist Ronni Chasen's death was a political assassination and so was that man in Arkansas who was in the Democratic Party office when gunned down soon after Hillary's loss of the nomination in 2008. Who was she the publicist for? Hillary or Bill, or Obama? What did she know that they did not want told? And who took over the political clients she had? And who did the PR of the latest poll that is mentioned in paragraph one this entry? The latest publicist for Hillary for President campaign-in-secret-2012? And yea. I know Hillary made nice with Obama saying she was not running but remember when she also told NY that she would not run for Pres so they would reelect her to the Senate so she could use her Senator label to raise money and the franking privilege to mail to campaign for President on the taxpayer's dime ? She is so NOT trustworthy. She is like a viper--a silent deadly poisonous killer.
Do not believe one word of that PR campaign called a poll to trick you. Obama and Hillary are both two of the most hated people in America and Nancy Pelosi is the 3rd most hated as evidenced by most recent election when republicans gained 600 + seats across the nation in races everywhere.
Gloria Poole; at home in Missouri; 10:03am;28/Dec/2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ngrams of google reveals the future culture

I read an article about ngrams of google that shows information gleaned from the 500 billion database of google digitized books and so I did my own experiment. If you want eye-popping information about what culture/language is in decline and what culture is rising then do the same experiment. Go to http://ngrams.google.com/graph?content..
and type in first the word english and the years of 1600 to 2010 from the corpus English with smoothing of 3 and study the results. Then clear that and type in the word scots with same time frame and smoothing and English corpus,and study results. Then clear that and type in germans with same time frame,same corpus and smoothing and study results. then clear that and type in the word muslims with same time frame and same corpus and same smoothing. You will be astonished.

It graphs the references/books to those languages/cultures on the timeline given from 1600-2010. And I am sure you will conclude as I did,that the reason the US,the UK,and the EU are in 'wars' in Afghanistan and Middle East is trying to hold onto/preserve the western way of life that is in decline.
Gloria Poole; @ home in Missouri;3:34pm;16/Dec/2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Publishers' 1st Amendment to wikileaks; Update

Update Wednesday 8-Dec-2010 with this new developments in the wikileaks news vs H Clinton/B Obama spying/manipulating world governments :

Obama foreign Policy summed up: if you can't bribe them then threaten them.
How Sec of State Clinton manipulated the global warming mess @
6:23 PM 12/7/2010

Article in BBC 8-Dec-2010 that says Australia realizes that Assange did not release diplomatic cables to begin with--he merely published them after he had been given them by someone who had access to them.
Article @
8:47 AM 12/8/2010
Any my question is and has been along how did an Army PRIVATE [an entry level position into the US Army] have access to so-called confidential information from the US Secretary of State's office? That would not normally happen as a PFC would have no need to know the internal mechanisms of top brass. So if since H Clinton is trying to lay the blame on PFC Manning who is currently in prison, is the US public to believe that the entire prison population of the world also has access to top level "confidential secrets" of the US? And my other question is, is being catty and mean about other leaders' potentials, and spying to collect DNA [surely an invasion of anyone's privacy] and credit card,bank card,loyalty program cards truly the intended purpose of the US Secretary of States's office? IF so,the nation should immediately do away with that position. Downsize it out of existence for the sake of the nation and peace on earth.
8:52 AM 12/8/2010; Gloria Poole of words that WORK as since 1993 in state of GA;
and leaving original entry as relevant to the issues:

I am posting excerpts here of/about three articles in the news today about the US government's attack against wikileaks a publisher. Those attacks are also against the First Amendment liberties of a free unregulated,uncontrolled by government Press.
I think the facts speak for themselves. The Obama administration is absolutely destroying the concept of a free Press. When they attack to take down content that is not illegal but embarrassing to them and shows the lack of caliber of the Secretary of State in running her department [how could she? she is out seeing the world on the taxpayers' dime too miuch of the time]; they by deed show they have no committment to
an honest or open government and show that they are trying to suppress/usurp civil
liberties .
And these articles show that U S financial institutions are in US government control
and give a person their money at the whim of the government. That is one reason
when this country was founded,the founders voted against a centralized bank as the
Federal Reserve has become because it put the earnings of the citizens' into the hands of government. The excerpt about MasterCard and Paypal prove that as they withheld the money intended for wikileaks when Julian Assange has not been charged with any crime in the US,nor had a chance to face his accusers in a court of law,nor
founf guilty of any crime,but merely because H Clinton/B Obama said to stop his money in yet another attempt to bring him down offline.

US government getting real time info on citizens using credit cards,loyalty
programs,cell phones of transactions as they occur without any court order
to collect such info and without 'probable cause':
Read article written by Ryan Singel for Wired,and title article
is "Feds Warrantlessly tracking Americans' Credit Cards in real time' @
5:30 AM 12/7/2010

More on how they use that info,with quote from article in Wired again,
as written 'In the past week, after publishing secret U.S. diplomatic cables,
secret-spilling site WikiLeaks has been hit with denial-of-service attacks
on its servers by unknown parties; its backup hosting provider, Amazon,
booted WikiLeaks off its hosting service; and PayPal has suspended its
donation-collecting account, damaging WikiLeaks’ ability to raise funds.
MasterCard announced Monday it was blocking credit card payments to
WikiLeaks, saying the site was engaged in
illegal activities, despite the fact it has never been charged with a crime."
Read the article entitled 'Why Wikileaks is good for America" written by
Eva Hansen Editor-in-Chief of Wired @http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2010/12/wikileaks-editorial/
5:35 AM 12/7/2010

And I know Twitter is censoring anyone who writes about wikileaks because I
did on my twitter account [twitter.com/gloriapoole], and they blocked me from writing anything after that
[ I could log in and tweet-box appeared but words when typed did not appear
there] until I wrote about it in another place that they were censoring me
for writing about wikileaks * And now I know others are also
aware that twitter censors with prior restraint. Read article @
Begin with these quotes from the article that asserts that twitter is
indeed censoring any tweets about wikileaks:
"This is not the first time Twitter has been accused of keeping certain hashtags out of Trending Topics.
Last week, student protestors at University College London (UCL) complained that the microblogging
service was keeping the hashtag #demo2010 off the list,
and that Twitter even went so far as to make their accounts unavailable.
Twitter likewise denied the allegations.

As a side note, Twitter’s communications team has repeatedly dodged questions about whether
it will continue to allow the @WikiLeaks account to run on the service after EveryDNS.net,
Amazon.com and PayPal terminated their service contracts with the organization,
citing illegal activity."[end quote]
*footnote:read my blog in former married name but no
Pappas in my name now since 2nd divorce in Oct 2007, at gloriapoolepappas.blogspot.com
for entry about twitter censoring me].

Gloria Poole; of and for words that WORK; in Missouri;5:55am;7/Dec/2010