Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cyber-radicals of the world UNITE for free speech

Read this excellent article with interviews of the 'cyber radicals' who are changing the world. The article shown here is in The Observer and The Guardian [news of UK}.

It includes interviews with those who have defied censorship to publish political opinion and promote changes in society from the grassroots level--> bottom level of society to top level leadership.

On the yahoo news today 28/nov/2010 approximate time 11:00am

It is of particlar interest to me because I am also a 'cyber-radical' trying to change the U.S. public law to laws that protect the innocents in the womb from premeditated destruction by womb-assassins [abortionists]. In the U. S. the dept of [fake] Homeland Security labels prolifers as 'potential terrorists'. Only the perverse and wicked Obama administration could use that label on those that those who do NOT believe there is any such 'right' as the right to kill,by labeling them for political speech and activism [law-abiding events allowed by First Amendment]as would be terrorists! The usual groupspeak of his wicked regime that uses propaganda and doublespeak to fool some of the people all of the time.

The interview I especially liked was the one by Han Han of China.

* footnote; fake because it is really the dept of espionage and censorship of citizens and restriction of travel and usurpation of citizens' civil liberties via illegal strip searches at airports and invasive to the bone scanning of human flesh and is the 2010 U S version of the former USSR's KGB.

Gloria Poole; in Missouri; 11:30am;28/Nov/2010

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