Thursday, April 21, 2011

HBGary.DoD Apple Spying Citizens w/ their own comp,ph

I have long been opposed to the US government routinely spying on citizens as that violates the 4th Amendment totally. I also am not as naive as I once was, and have learned much about this topic while trying to stop the proabort shadow government of Obama-Hillary-Planned-Parenthood-and-their-pervert-network spying on me, as I write as they attempt to censor my speech and religious beliefs. In the process of trying to learn enough to get control of my computers away from the State Dept run by jezebel Hillary, I have looked at much of the source code on my windows machines [but I don't have only windows]. I have found many many secretive computer programing code commands that circumvented the builtin security and firewalls of every browser. I have reported some of that to a hosting company I have done business with for years.
I do not believe that average ordinary 'teenagers' as the news often portrays criminal hackers have the level of skills necessary to break into the Pentagon security on computers or the State Dept's either;nor do I believe the so-called leaks were 'leaks' at all, but deliberate releases of information by the State Dept and or Pentagon to 'show up" certain diplomats in order to remove them by surreptious underhanded ways . I think the company HBGary in cahoots with the Dept of Defense,the Pentagon and the White House are spying on every citizen in the US via their computers, and every diplomatic post, and every person anywhere connected to the internet.
I am not the only person who thinks so. In this morning's news in CNN, in the tech tab and in the Ars Technica section is an article describing HBGary's and the US federal governments roles in spying on citizens. I quote:"The e-mail trail showed that HBGary was pitching its rootkits to defense contractors,
and writing what can only be described as malware; hostile programs that would exploit security flaws and install rootkits."
Quote from Ars Technica at:
8:23 AM 4/21/2011
And explains the rootkit system developed by HBGary for the federal government as two types:
one with no data structure,process,thread or module associated with it called 'Twelve Monkeys" and abbrev 12 with capital M ; and that runs on windows xp, and office 2003; and exfiltrates Windows files with "XRK"; and is client and server distributed. ;and the other named 'magenta' which is 100% assemly code [computer language programming to instruct computer how to behave/what to do] where the rootkit injected itself into a computer via "DriverEntry()" and thus loaded into the computer's memory, then loaded into the APC [ASynchronous Procedure Call], then when the APC does it things, the rootkit is executed, and then it moves itself to a new location in memory so it is not detected easily. I suspect this is what the enemies of free Press use to attack T-Mobile phones with a magenta T to take them over and get control of them to try to force T-Mobile out of business for not bowing before Obama's plan to spy on citizens.
And this quote:
"Rather, they concerns were that the company was developing these undetectable rootkits, selling (or at least, attempting to sell) them to defense contractors, at which point they could be sold to essentially
any agency for any purpose—they could just as well be used to spy on domestic dissidents as they could on foreign powers."
And remember Obama recently met with Apple Exec jobs, Facebook's Zuckerberg, Google's Schmidt, and Microsoft's Gates to get their 'cooperation' in spying on citizens? And that he heavily markets for Facebook as their head of marketing unofficially?. Also read in news sources today about iphones,ipods & Apple laptops tracking every move you make and saving it in plain human readable language in a file on YOUR OWN DEVICE that the US gov't knows how to find, and so does Apple Computers, and every computer programmer in the world.
I think if the U S is to continue we have to vote out of office Obama and every appointee of his, fire Hillary, fire Gates in the Dept of Defense [who after all is not a military person at all but a Dept of Education trained in spying techniques person] and disassemble probably most of the computers in America since the so-called anti-virus is usually only a way of the government reading every file on your computer. That's for starters. And then vote out every socialist Judge that does not abide by/follow the written Constitution and every legislator also who doesn't.
Also, while I'm on the topic of bad government, I think the death of Judge John Rollo in Arizona was a planned hit by a paid ahead of time assassin and that was also planned on Congresswoman Giffords for having read the Constitution with open mic in Congress thus promoting it. Anarchists, illegal aliens crossing southwest border of US, and communists hate the Constitution. There was no effort to save Judge Rollo medically because he would have sided with the citizens of Arizona [and against Obama] and there was that big case of Obama vs Arizona pending that Obama desperately wants to win to flex his communist arm and hammer.
Gloria Poole;9:00am;21/April/2011;@my apt in Missouri
Update @ 11:07 pm same day with thisArticle says in South Korea it is illegal to read someone else's email. It should be that way in the US also. The idea promoted by corporate America that spying on citizens is ok, is not ok. IF corporations issue devices or computers that they allow employees to take home, then they compromise corporate secrets and records; and they should not be surprised when their info is 'leaked' to the cybercriminals who want it desperately, or to ubiquitous marketers, or to the Press, or to competitors.
I read that most of the US's federal agencies give even low ranking employees cell phones [blackberrys in most instances] and laptops or netbooks to use as their own,take home, keep over weekends when not traveling for agency etc. Then when there was a major so-called leak from the US State Dept they acted surprised. Some events are very predictable and not 'accidents" at all. Giving lots of people 24/7 access to confidential info is insane and most bona-fide 'security" I.T. would tell you that.
Unfortunately, in the US so-called 'social media" is supposed to take the place of good in person at retail store service. I think it is one reason US is not competitive, and the economy is tanked and companies outsource.
I love electronic gadgets,computers,cell phones --I really do; they are great when they work correctly and do not give every detail of my life to unknown people. But the risks are escalating exponentially at warp speed.
My plea to gadget makers, handset makers, computer,laptop,netbook makers is remember the 4th Amendment protections against 'illegal search and seizure' of content by government. If the capability to spy exists, all governments will exploit it. And maybe all citizens should buy handsets made in South Korea ??
Gloria Poole;
PS: these are my copy and paste comments I tried to add to Information Week article that asked for comments that they censored with prior restraint while I was writing it and they were spying on me via my Apple iMac computer desktop--no surprise there,huh?; 21-April 2011; at my apt in Missouri; in response to their article entitled: "Iphone tracking only tip of the Iceberg" by Thomas Claburn and their comments page at:
Update on 22 April this with this info, that is my intended response to an "Apple " trick survey sent to me via my email address, but when I replied they blocked it from being sent [since they only want replies that tell them what they want to hear]; so I told them I am posting it here for their corporate office to read also: As to if Apple support resolved my issues with iTunes apps that are corrupt, and some illegal apps which I reported to Apple several times [because they were promoting trafficking in children for s-e-x and then to FBI and the public; and criminals breaking into my iTunes acct, I am quoting myself in my reply to what might have been Apple or a trick survey:
"There were 2 different people that day: first a man who took hours on phone with me but did not resolve it but did finally ask his 'supervisor' to get on phone. I was sent a link of ""/ which I did not open since my issue had nothing to do with my keyboard & I did not want Apple to spy my computer with the "viewlocale en_US" code in url. I really HATE it when fraudsters working for computer companies try to takeover my computer. And usually I document that somewhere. If you're interested I documented some of events on one of my blogs at: As for the issue with unsafe apps, illegal apps that I reported repeatedly to Apple and then to FBI via my twitter acct [], and someone breaking into my computer [iMac & itunes, and ipod touch] --that is an ongoing issue,unresolved. Someone spied on me last evening to censor my first amendment liberties to write on line [as already documented here in previous paragraphs. Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; my landline ph is xxxxxxxxxx. 22-April-2011@7:54am
My response to Apple 'survey" sent to me via email and on 3 times changing/chameleon url of:;jsessionid=152C530D12DBACCA76268750C603705A.JBoss1. By the way, if there was a 'boss' it would be me, but this is not a company nor a company owned computer but my personal computer.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Case of "HealthCare Crime" of citizen is shameful

The effects of the evil plan to takeover healthcare, parental rights, households,incomes,and citizens' liberties by the Obama administration is on display today in several news stories. There is an article in several news sources online about a woman being found 'guilty' of "murder' for not giving her minor child potent chemicals. That is nothing but the Obama administration meddling into State affairs,and citizen's liberties and parental rights; and tampering with Judges and juries. And a scheme by BIG PHARMA to try to make not using drugs a crime so they are guaranteed by BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT of Obama-Sebelius-Holder-Clinton radicals a huge annual income after that administration tries to force all citizens everywhere to bow at their altars and swallow their chemicals, to alter their brains, and bodies, and ovulation, and sperm counts, AND ability to think/protest/disagree with BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT.
The news event is news for certain but for different reasons than they think so. It is the first 'test case' of the healthcare crimes embodied in the 'reform' of healthcare by that evil administration and they 'reformed' it from a life-saving goal to a death-by-state-licensed-people-goal, and a buy-what-we-tell-you-or-go-to-prison-on-trumped-charges-goal, and to a worship-insurance-companies-instead-of-GOD-goal. It is a shameful expansion/usurpation of power and it has to be defeated one way or the other. Obama's 'dead in the water' politically and thank GOD for that. He's on the scale of Hitler,Stalin,Mussolini when it comes to denying liberties of the citizens, lack of Constitutional law, and life-killing government.
It is sad that the little boy died of cancer but he might would have even if he ad taken the cell-killing-chemicals of chemotherapy. The majority of patients with cancer do not live much longer than 5 yrs even with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy makes a person's hair fall out, and makes them vomit, and depresses bone marrow in some cases. It has many side effects. For a mother to be tried for murder for not giving a young child such chemicals shows the direction this country is headed in. Many people in America even adults opt out of chemotherapy because they are potent drugs that while trying to kill the cancer also kill good cells. That woman should get a Constitutional lawyer and sue that prosecutor for violation of civil liberties, violation of parental authority and rights in the law, and using her to to try to force all mothers everywhere to blindly obey whatever any so-called 'healthcare professional' tells her. I am a Registered Nurse since 1971 and in that long history there were some so-called 'healthcare professionals' that I would not have allowed to treat my dog [when I had a dog]. And whom I disagreed with so vehemently that I decided whatever ailment I had was better than their so-called cure.
Obama and his evil regime have to be defeated. They are destroying the nation by trying to make everyone wards of the state [generically used to mean government] , by trying to create whole new class of crimes of 'failure to obey blindly any healthcare recommendation', and 'being too poor to pay lots of money for something you may not need for decades [young people]', and 'failure to do whatever government tells you' and 'failure to take your chemicals' and 'failure to buy what government tells you' and 'failure to submit your body to annual review to see if ok with government if you live another year". etc,etc,etc for thousands of pages in the fake reform of healthcare by Big BROTHER/African King Obama.
If you vote for Obama or any of his appointed agents, you are a fool that deserves his peculiar brand of communism and domination/control of every aspect of your life.
Gloria Poole,RN; @my apt in Missouri; 8:20am;13 April-2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Let the buyer beware" in Internet/retail transactions

Consider this my effort to educate the public on the matters as they are in in the internet realm of existence, thinking you might not read I.T. reports and or Security newsletters [but I do]. In the first three months of 2011, these companies, and governments have had their computer systems broken into by cybercriminals/other governments/bad people:
1) Sony Corp & their Playstation Network
2) LiveJournal blogs [newest report of attempt to destroy that platform in today's news]
And working backwards on the dates hacks were discovered/reported:
3) Epsilon Data Management had 50 of their client accounts broken into and those clients are:
-Best Buy
-Food 4 Less
-Fred Mayer
-Home Shopping Network {HSN}
-Jay C
-McKinsey Quarterly
-New York & Co
-Capitol One Banks
-Barclays Bank
-JPMorganChase Bank
-Walgreen's Drug Stores
-US Bank
-College Board of 5900 Universities & Colleges & students
-Hilton Hotels
_Marriott Hotels
-Disney Destinations
-American Express
-Ameriprise Financial
4) March 29th -EU Parliament's computers
5) March 29th-Australian parliament's computers
6) March 27th- MYSQL -Oracle product used on Windows machines
7) March 25th -RIAA {Recording Industry Association of America]
8) March 24th- New Zealand Dept of Internal Affairs
9) March 24th- Trip Advisor [they know your travel plans & itineraries!]
10) EU Commission, & EU {European Commission] External Action Service
11) European Union in Brussels
12) March 17th- RSA\EMC 'security' firm that issues SecurID authorization token that generate one time passwords for sensitive /confidential accts including governments, banks, Paypal; financial services
13) March 17th- Hollywood
14) March 7th- French Finance Ministry
15) March 4th-South Korea
16) March 3rd-Wordpress blogs
17) Feb 24th- Westboro Baptist Church
18) Feb 22nd-Voice of America
19) Feb 18th-Canada's Treasury,Finance Dept & Defense Research & Development
20) Feb 11- Iran's government
21) Feb 6th-HBGary Federal in Washington DC supposedly a security company for US gov't but a scam;
22) Feb 5th- NASDAQ ;
23) Utah,Michigan,Albania, Italy, US Army's Communications & Electronic Command Center;Singhania Univ in India
24) Egypt's cabinet;Ministry of interior,Ministry of Communications, & Information Technology
25) Jan 2nd- Tunisia's government.
26) iTunes
27) Apple app store
28) Paypal.
The lessons to be learned are:
1)do not give your home address, email address, telephone number to retail stores or add them to any site not secure with encryption [which means most sites on web--few are encrypted].
2) Delete your Facebook acct since it gives your info to the US gov't,the many marketing companies and virtually every Facebook customer,and the Democratic Party.
3) Remember Paypal's security questions are not asked generally and the allow criminals to access your acct with your email address & telephone number. The security questions are to fool you into thinking they are secure.
4) Remember iTunes captures your card info WHETHER OR NOT you are signed into your iTunes acct and applies the info where they want too--> NOT secure.
5) Remember that unless a site is encrypting your info if it is intercepted by any of the 2 billion people who have internet, it is in plain text--human readable and therfore usuable by criminals.
6) Remember that every university & college in the US and most abroad have what is required mandatory 'computer labs' that have no faculty in attendance, no rules, no ethics training in not stealing or breaking into computers, and no punishments for the students who do those things or for the so-called supervising faculty either.
7) Remember that there are at least two annual events whe big computer companies PAY people to break into computers to supposedly learn from them and then publish their names as the 'winner' of the contest,thus providing rewards,pay & public recognition for breaking into other's computers.
This info is intended to help you citizens,subjects in other nations wise up to the realities of using computers.
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; owner words that WORK missions;10:51am;6th April-2011
Update 7 -April-2011@8:08 am after reading today's news in the technology section. Add these companies to the list of those whose databases were hacked into recently:
- Ann Taylor
-Victoria's Secret
-Eddie Bauer
-TD Waterhouse
-AT & T
-Universal Citi Card
Please remember that criminals would not risk federal prison [cybercrime is a FEDERAL crime] to get worthless information. Though banks, financial companies, and marketing companies for retailers have tried to downplay the risk to consumers, don't be deceived by that. Think how you sign into online bank or financial accts--what login info? Think about how the US government and any government could find out your name , address and location of your email if they want too which means that criminal hackers could also do that. Think about how the US gov't allows telephone companies to allow 'third-party billing' and watch your phone bills for scams added to your bill. There are many ways that criminals could use email addresses long with your name and address and or telephone number e.g. they could apply for credit accounts with that info, or steal your name and accounts or hijacked your postal mail. I know from first-hand experience those events are possible because they have happened to me personally.
Don't be fooled by criminals just because they are on the web. Use common sense in answering phone calls, or responding to anything online. If you have any doubts about an email, delete it. If you find it to be an attempt to steal your info, report it to your isp and maybe the local law enforcement or FBI depending upon location of the sender of it. Do not open links in your email as a general rule--write down the info and type it into the browser to view it. Remember there is malicious code that when opened in your email could reveal your email login and password info to the criminals. Remember that some computers' operating systems store your password and all a criminal has to do to find it, is get past the firewall and know where to look. Look at your settings and set your computers to never save passwords and to delete the cache when browser closes; and to use https where possible. When logging into secure sites [https] make sure a golden padlock is showing as locked before logging in. If it seems someone is fighting with you for control of the mouse log out! Quick! And shut down your computer. Delete the downloads to make sure no script [hidden download] is waiting there; delete your browsing history so criminals won't know you logged into your online bank acct when they break through firewall. And block javascript,popups,cookies and plug-ins as a general rule,only enabling them specifically when needed for known trusted sites. Remember that what you add as 'trusted' gets past the built in firewall and may have bad stuff piggy-backing onto it into your computer. Criminals on the internet are rampant--the sheer numbers of them overwhelm Police and cybercrime units so you sort of have to police your own computer. Pay attention to the tech sections of the news who tend to report cyber-attacks and during those times, don't log in to online accts except in emergency.
This advice is from my personal experience gained in 20 yrs of using computers to write, create websites, and personal study of computers' OS, and security {I.T. news etc] and some official study with Microsoft seminars and at University of Georgia years ago, I am not an I T expert but I have learned much the hard way from the school of hard knocks as it is sometimes called. It is intended to help you but I am not certified as computer expert or security guru, so keep that in mind.
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; 7th April-2011@8:30am
Update2 on 8-April-2011@10:12am:
I read last evening in the BBC news that the database for the well-known retailer Marks & Spencer was also broken into recently along with those companies already included.
Also, please read this blog for today's entry--it matters .
And though this is off topic, I think all Press writers who attempt to modify societal standards by writing op-ed pieces disguised as news about how it immorality is becoming acceptable in the UK or anywhere, do a huge disservice to the world and to human relationships. Because it's a lie. Women have not changed that much over time. Most women when married [and I think men too, though I am a woman writer] do not want their spouses sleeping around. And most women do not want to sleep with [and all that involves] with men who are sleeping with every woman in town. The medical implications and risks of that are tremendous. Most people in monogamous relationships want fidelity,trust,and mutually exclusive relationships. Sleeping around is not acceptable whether married or unmarried.