Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Case of "HealthCare Crime" of citizen is shameful

The effects of the evil plan to takeover healthcare, parental rights, households,incomes,and citizens' liberties by the Obama administration is on display today in several news stories. There is an article in several news sources online about a woman being found 'guilty' of "murder' for not giving her minor child potent chemicals. That is nothing but the Obama administration meddling into State affairs,and citizen's liberties and parental rights; and tampering with Judges and juries. And a scheme by BIG PHARMA to try to make not using drugs a crime so they are guaranteed by BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT of Obama-Sebelius-Holder-Clinton radicals a huge annual income after that administration tries to force all citizens everywhere to bow at their altars and swallow their chemicals, to alter their brains, and bodies, and ovulation, and sperm counts, AND ability to think/protest/disagree with BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT.
The news event is news for certain but for different reasons than they think so. It is the first 'test case' of the healthcare crimes embodied in the 'reform' of healthcare by that evil administration and they 'reformed' it from a life-saving goal to a death-by-state-licensed-people-goal, and a buy-what-we-tell-you-or-go-to-prison-on-trumped-charges-goal, and to a worship-insurance-companies-instead-of-GOD-goal. It is a shameful expansion/usurpation of power and it has to be defeated one way or the other. Obama's 'dead in the water' politically and thank GOD for that. He's on the scale of Hitler,Stalin,Mussolini when it comes to denying liberties of the citizens, lack of Constitutional law, and life-killing government.
It is sad that the little boy died of cancer but he might would have even if he ad taken the cell-killing-chemicals of chemotherapy. The majority of patients with cancer do not live much longer than 5 yrs even with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy makes a person's hair fall out, and makes them vomit, and depresses bone marrow in some cases. It has many side effects. For a mother to be tried for murder for not giving a young child such chemicals shows the direction this country is headed in. Many people in America even adults opt out of chemotherapy because they are potent drugs that while trying to kill the cancer also kill good cells. That woman should get a Constitutional lawyer and sue that prosecutor for violation of civil liberties, violation of parental authority and rights in the law, and using her to to try to force all mothers everywhere to blindly obey whatever any so-called 'healthcare professional' tells her. I am a Registered Nurse since 1971 and in that long history there were some so-called 'healthcare professionals' that I would not have allowed to treat my dog [when I had a dog]. And whom I disagreed with so vehemently that I decided whatever ailment I had was better than their so-called cure.
Obama and his evil regime have to be defeated. They are destroying the nation by trying to make everyone wards of the state [generically used to mean government] , by trying to create whole new class of crimes of 'failure to obey blindly any healthcare recommendation', and 'being too poor to pay lots of money for something you may not need for decades [young people]', and 'failure to do whatever government tells you' and 'failure to take your chemicals' and 'failure to buy what government tells you' and 'failure to submit your body to annual review to see if ok with government if you live another year". etc,etc,etc for thousands of pages in the fake reform of healthcare by Big BROTHER/African King Obama.
If you vote for Obama or any of his appointed agents, you are a fool that deserves his peculiar brand of communism and domination/control of every aspect of your life.
Gloria Poole,RN; @my apt in Missouri; 8:20am;13 April-2011

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