Monday, July 25, 2011

On Being a Patriot in 2011

There is much discussion in the news and in high places about the 'cure' for the national debt. Well. it is obvious to anyone who as ever run a household or a business that cannot exist only on debt. The US as a nation is in $14.n TRILLION of debt. That figure is unfathomable to most people. It is written as 14000000000000 . I think it is a thousand billions. It is the massive expansion of government programs that caused it and B Clinton and B Obama and T Kennedy in his career politician stranglehold were/ are the worst spenders that this nation ever endured. it cannot continue. The horrible Obama plan to make the poor criminals if they don't pay for services they cannot afford [the fake reform of health care of the stupid Obama brainwashed by Harvard] is a giant leap into communism of the sort of Marx. The redistribution of wealth is one of the biggest planks of the communist manifesto. And the other and worst for any nation is the secular humanism of communism, that has the goal of being all things to all people in their efforts to buy/hold onto power.
Here is a quote that all should learn, from Canada Free Press, sent to me via email today:
"Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”—George Washington (1732-1799)".
When the government, any government tells you it owns your money, and your career, and your children [mandatory vaccination programs] and your vehicles, and houses, it is by definition not a nation at liberty. IF a government tells you have to buy anything, the assumption is that they own your money. IF the government tells you, you have to pay tribute money to any false god, then the assumption is that they are attempting to replace The TRUE and Living GOD with fake/false gods. IF the government tells you you cannot talk about/write about GOD outside the four walls of your govt registered 'place of worship" then you have no "right" to worship GOD, and or speak of HIM and you are not at liberty. IF the government has to approve every article written by the Press by running it the White House Press corps then there is no free press.
I am law-abiding. I was taught that as a way of life by my daddy, who believed absolutely in law and order and who loved the US military and considered it a privilege to serve the nation in that way. But to say I am law abiding does not mean I would go along with anything that directly contradicted the law of GOD. I wouldn't. I would choose civil disobedience before I would kill innocents in the womb, or before I would accept/tolerate the false teaching of sodomy as a "right" when it is always a wrong according to scripture. I would choose civil disobedience even if that meant I had to emigrate to another nation because I am not forsaking GOD for any reason, I am not quitting the evangelization effort that began words that WORK in 1993 in the state of Georgia. And I am not breaking any laws by writing scripture or writing that I am Christian. Those who attempt to censor me for being prolife, and or Christian and or opposed to homosexual behaviors, are on shaky ground with the US Constitution as I have the same liberty to hate perverts as they have to hate Christians.
For more on the subject of evangelizing and my "right' in first Amendment to worship GOD, read today's entry at about the cnn article mentioned there.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 11:31am;25-July-2011
Update @ 11:53 am after reading article in about George Brunk who was sentenced to 4 yrs in prison for stalking on line via Facebook. I have these comments. To the prosecutor who tried to get him an easy sentence by claiming that at THE AGE of 24 he is "immature, unemployed,bored" and " drunk" as his excuse for his crimes, please remember the REAL laws. None of those are a defense individually or collectively for any crime. And if at age 24 he is all of those things, he is not going to change very much. He's going to be worst drunk as time goes on; a worst unemployed since apparently at age 24 he still lived with his parents letting them support him. Be ashamed Prosecutor. The fact that you offered those statements as a defense to crimes reveals you : 1) don't know the real law, or 2) don't care what the real law is. Either way, how does the state of California allow such nonsense in a court of law?

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