Thursday, August 11, 2011

Parents stop ur minor children from iTunes

This is another attempt of mine to force Apple to clean up iTunes since children are allowed to use it. I know I could sue them and try to make difference that way, but what is any judgement against Apple Computers going to do? They have more money than US government or Exxon, and they would pay it and go on with evil. So I decided maybe the best course of action is to educate PARENTS who care about their children. iTunes has pedophile-promoting apps soliticiting boys for -s-e-x, and it has an app describing or showing [ according to title, I didn't open it to avoid getting on some list of FBI] positions for -s-e-x. *
I have been married twice** and all that involves and I believe there's certainly a time and place for adults of opposite s-e-x- who are married to each other to enjoy the privileges of marriage. However, I am a vehement opponent of introducing children into s-e-xu-al behaviors for any reason. They deserve a childhood and innocence. I am writing this entry today because I signed into my iTunes acct recently and the pedophile-promoting app was still there even though I have complained repeatedly to Apple about it.. I realize it could be what the feds call a "honey-pot" to log the ip addresses of those who click on it to prosecute them with facts and track them online easier. I hope it is and that everyone who clicked on it gets logged by Apple Security AND the FBI and US Dept of Justice for prosecution for illegal trafficking in children and pedophilia. Since I reported it already several times to Apple and some of their staff told me that because I thought pedophilia was wrong didn't mean everyone did. Well. perverts don't --obviously; but good people do think pedophilia is VERY WRONG. I am not giving up the cause of making the internet safer or of getting laws prohibiting minor children from using it, IF companies continue to promote illegal, immoral activities.
Also, I have a Microsoft OS computer as well as 2 Apple computers, and Microsoft recently had 89 security updates. I don't know what to make of that--it is overwhelming and I fear updating. Can anything with 89 PATCHES ever be effective? Could you imagine patching an inner tube 89 times? That was the most recent suugested update but before that just as many--it's never ending. Their OS is like a sieve [strainer sort of like for spaghetti]. And my cell phones [all of them it seems] were hacked AGAIN,as photos stolen as I was taking them and after they appeared as photos and then vanished] and txt messages stolen AGAIN. So be warned cell phones are NOT secure.
Also be aware that earthlink HQ'd in Atlanta Georgia is having some sort of meltdown trying to send online payments sent through their supposedly secure site to Russia, among other problems.
*Footnote: hyphenated so as to avoid robots that scan for content thinking I am soliticting that online--I don't.
**Footnote2: and divorced twice also;most recently in Oct 2007 in Arapahoe County Colorado and moved to Missouri in Oct, 2009.
Gloria Poole; [RN] ; @my apt in Missouri; 8:57am;11-Aug-2011;
Update with more information about earthlink I just learned from my own account:
1) their so-called support is being sent to a phi-sh-ing site with email of admin at the;
2) their name earthlink is a decoy since all their email is bouncing and says name is mindspring not earthlink;
3) they have NO clue what is going on;
4) they have an unsafe/insecure 'chat' ;
5) their website redirects itself to a trick site with words in it;
6) they don't have communications with the other earthlink offices around the country;
7) they tried to send my payment back to a man who is not related to me in any way, does not live with me, never worked for or with words that WORK in any capacity ever; and that is a money-laundering scheme of his that he has done OFTEN on the internet.
8) their so-called tech support has no idea how to ping a modem.
I cannot say I would recommend an earthlink or mindspring acct for anyone. Gloria Poole; @11:27am;11-Aug-2011@my apt in Missouri

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