Wednesday, August 17, 2011 is down because of earthlink's evil

This is a notice to the public, that I Gloria Poole , of Missouri now but for most of my life from state of Georgia, own the entity of words that WORK and the domain of, and other domains also. The website at is down for past week maybe longer { I discovered it was down a week ago], and it was down few minutes ago. It is paid up, and I am the ONLY owner of the account. I am in contact with earthlink [my acct since 2002 but that moved with me to several places] and with the registrar,and with the people who regulate the internet, or publish info about domains [who is?]. The possible explanations for why it is down are:
1) earthlink employers stole the payment sent on August 3rd, that was 88.xx dollars for 2 months but was supposed to be 9.95 x 2 ] ;they have hiked the bill higher and higher in their attempts to defraud me, and switched certain aspects of billing, and probably did money-laundering to refund the excessive amt to either felon second exhusband or to the catholic church [ I am NOT catholic but that does not stop them];
2) earthlink was hacked;
3) earthlink routinely for past 7 years allowed a man NOT authorized on my webhosting [my second exhusband in Colorado; and other cybercriminals from Colorado to access/log into my acct with my passwords that earthlink provided to them;
4) the US mail altogether quit running to St Louis or delivering certified guaranteed mail there.
So I am posting this because I am thinking the entire world should know to be VERY cautious in signing up with earthlink. It was a good company in the beginning [around 2001 when I first became aware of it] but it morphed apparently.
Also, to let not that totally distract me from the mission of words that WORK, which has always meant 'words that WORK, achieve results for the glory of GOD", I want to add these comments:
there is a good article in but I think I read it on google news written by a J Miron, from Harvard. I seldom, almost never praise Harvard because they are radical leftists, but that article makes common sense. Here are bits of it and where it's located:

online @ 17-Aug-2011;7:42am; with these quotes:"The way to promote a hard-working, entrepreneurial and innovative society is to celebrate great wealth so long as it has been earned by legitimate means. When this is not the case, policy should target the wrongdoing directly, not demonize everyone who hits it big."

"Crony capitalism -- the special treatment of favored industries like autos -- runs counter to economic efficiency because it protects businesses that would otherwise fail, and it maintains high incomes for executives and shareholders."
And to answer the question raised by Joe Nocera in NYTimes today about what business is waiting for in not hiring. My answer to that question is that they are waiting to see what the real costs of each new hire would be to them, after all the mandatory add-ins by Obama, and the bunny-in-hat tricks of the accounting dept of Obama to pay for abortionist [which MOST people in America are opposed too] and the increased taxes his stupidity is surely going to bring about, because otherwise, they might would hire people they could not afford to pay. Does that help either the business or the employee? NO.
Also, about being a "walking radio station" if RFID chip on your bank card or phone see today's entry.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; 9:06am;17-Aug-2011

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