Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Real AfterShocks of 11-Sept-2011--what 2 mourn

I read an article in on tech section today about the way to defeat terrorism by refusing to be terrified forever. And it was a considerable, thought provoking article. And I thought on it for few minutes and want to add my thoughts on that event. I remember it vividly because I lived in Falls Church, Virginia at the time, walking distance from the metro to downtown D.C. I walked to the metro train intermittently, and rode it into the Capitol to attempt to lobby as Registered Nurse with license in Virginia [at that time, not now] with medical facts to dispense to any legislator who would listen or allow it [not many interested in medical facts, sadly]. And I researched at the library in Falls Church and read the nations and world's news there also to follow the prolife debates and candidates, legislators etc. On that particular day as I had walked back to my apt I was greeted in lobby of the apt building by several people unknown ,unrelated to me from other apts in the same bldg, who were nearly hysterical, shouting rapidly, excitedly to me as I walked in the door : "did you see THE BOMB?" My immediate thought was a prayer, "OH DEAR GOD, what bomb?" but I said aloud "no, there was no bomb". I had no idea what they were talking about. They quickly informed me there was "indeed a bomb" and I should have been able to see it in the sky. I said I walked from the library on the sidewalk. I did not see any bomb.
And at first I honestly wondered if they had all been drinking or what?? Then saw it on the news/tv.
Now then, I wrote all of that to get to this:
there was a decided event, no question about it; and the ramifications of that have turned the US into a nation bordering on communist-control of EVERY move, thought, word, deed of EVERY citizen. The real after-effect on America is the loss of civil liberties as citizens are subjected to what amounts to an intimate search of their actual physical body including private parts for no other reason than wanting to take a vacation and fly to destination, or wanting to visit family 1400 miles away and fly to there.And their cell phones, landline phones, internet service, emails, US mail, whereabouts tracked endlessly without probable cause. In fact, I am confident that Obama would not be in office if he had not turned the Patriot Act into his political cow-catcher for information on voters, and had not hired a MASSIVE cyber-fake-security-but-political-spying-machinery to spy , censor, report on, suppress those who opposed him or didn't vote for him.
And another aftershock of that event is the fact reported by that wired article today, that the US spent 6.6 TRILLION $$$ chasing "possible threats". That article pointed out that an American has a greater chance/risk of dying in a car accident that being killed by a terrorist. And I would add to that, writing as a Registered Nurse, now licensed in Missouri, that homosexuals have a much greater risk of dying of AIDS than terrorism. And heterosexuals have a much greater risk of being killed by a violent jealous psychopath spouse/ex-spouse than being killed by a terrorist. And members of Congress have a much greater chance of being killed by a disgruntled constituent than a terrorist. And planes are much more likely to just fall out of sky and crash because of interference into their computer-operated auto-pilot that "pilots' them into the ground.
A third aftershock to that event of Sept 11,2011 was that Americans are afraid to even knock on their neighbor's door to say "hello" or receive a geniune gift from a person anywhere. Congress has stopped receiving U S mail from their constituents from fear of Anthrax, or "bomb" in a box, etc. So citizens have no real method of communicating with Congress, and Congress knows it since switchboard only takes messages that are probably never delivered to anyone. The result of that is a Congress that does not answer to the people and does it's own thing, without regard for what the people want.
And the biggest aftershock of the 9.9 on Richter scale earthquake-tsunami-effect of that WTC attack was that the Patriot Act was renewed that should have been named the spy-on-US-citizens-control-communication-&-transportation Act since there is NOTHING Patriotic about it. It gave to a single man [or whoever is President] enormous powers on the scale of an absolute tyrannical dictator, and it is not constitutional* . It totally changes the very form of government in the US to one that resembles the Nazi regime of propaganda [Obama"s relentless speeches pumping up his stupid ideas; ha! If they were only stupid I would breathe a sigh of relief--they are evil]; killing of innocents [in wombs by the millions] ; suppression of civil liberties of citizens; war, occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya --all events of an imperial government expanding.
Yea, that event at WTC was catastrophic that day for 3000 families, and I am not belittling that. It was also more so since then as the US has morphed into the sort of country nobody wants to live in. People can get jobs in India, China, Phillippines,Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, but not the U S. And they can afford to live in those places as the cost of living is not sky high. And their 'fat-cat' officials don't take a vacation at taxpayers' expense every 3 months as Obama does. Nor do they drag along their 'beast' [see reference to that in Revelations in Bible that says devil rides on a beast] to every country [as Obama does].
Also, I would like to add that I am a US citizen; and having to write this gives me no pleasure; but on the other hand, it does the US no good for everyone to hide their heads in the sand and pretend the situation is different. Facing the inconvenient truth is the first step to reclaiming this nation.
Also, please see the copyright notices I put on yesterday; and also the FBI warning not to steal copyrighted content of mine.
*Footnote: the Patriot Act violates the meaning,purpose,intent, words of the US Constitution and its ratified-by-the-people Amendments.
Gloria Poole,RN ; @my apt in Missouri; 11:17am;11-Sept-2011. I logged back in to add something that has weighed on my mind much since I read about days ago. In the today on their news tab is article about Obama's U S Attorney General Holder being implicated in the ATF providing 2000 semi-automatic type weapons to the enemies of the US and d-r-u-g- dealers; with this quote:"The Obama administration has been under scrutiny after revelations that as many as 2,000 guns were sold to suspected gun traffickers, not properly tracked and ended up at crime scenes in the United States and Mexico." {Obama's administration arming drug dealers and enemies of the US???}
Remember that simply because they cross the border at Mexico does not necessarily mean they are Mexican, They could be any nationality.
Footnote: I hyphenate high risk words so automated robots scanning content don't jump to wrong conclusions about me.

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