Wednesday, December 5, 2012

words that WORK is not on Pinterest or Facebook!

This is a public notice, that words that WORK is NOT on Facebook or Pinterest, and never was. I created words that WORK in the state of Georgia in 1992 and registered it there as an LLC. I continued it in Colorado for the years I lived in Colorado. When I moved from Colorado, I continued the mission of it in Missouri. I have never commercialized it or sold it. It always meant words that WORK for the glory of GOD.

Also, occasionally I add my own photos of my own created works of art to this blog and to other blogs of mine also. But I Gloria Poole [now living in Missouri] own the copyrights to all art I paint,sketch,draw, and or photograph, and of my genre photography I photograph as I walkabout or of my family and for any photographs I am asked by others to take [I photograph regularly for my two daughters who are grown of special events, etc including on occasion ballet recitals; but not for pay.] My oldest daughter Jennifer Borelli, photographs for pay,and has a degree in it, fyi.

This painting's photo that I photographed [with one of several methods I have] is of a painting I painted years ago, and named The Old Savannah Trolley, from a scene I photographed in Savannah GA but which I painted in my version instead of as the actual old rusted out trolley stored on a vacant lot in Savannah. I am adding it here because it is recognizable as my created painting [one of about 500 paintings, drawings, sketches I created], was on many websites & blogs of mine, and was even converted by a hosting company to an icon at one point in time. It is to establish that this blog is the blog of the original words that WORK that began in the state of Georgia in 1992 by me Gloria Poole, and was registered with the Secretary of State in GA soon afterwards.

. Copyright. I own all rights to the photos, art I create, poems and words I write ;and have never yet sold them or assigned them to anyone. Gloria Poole; gloriapoole; words-that-work; words that WORK; @ my apt in Missouri; 5-Dec -2012; 8:15pm