Thursday, May 2, 2013

Indiana Gov targets killing chemical "drug"

"Indiana Governor Mike Pence, this morning, signed a bill that targets the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug.

The legislature approved Senate Bill 371, a pro-life bill which introduces oversight into the chemical abortion industry by including chemical abortions in the definition of abortion in Indiana law. Currently, an abortion facility that performs only chemical-type abortions does not have be licensed or inspected. SB 371 will require chemical abortion facilities to meet the same requirements as surgical abortion facilities in such areas as reporting standards, physician oversight, cleanliness standards and building accessibility." Also: " The law requires that chemical abortion facilities undergo inspection and licensing, in the same fashion as surgical abortion facilities. This crucial oversight mechanism will help ensure chemical abortion facilities are ready to adequately care for any woman who experiences complications following her procedure.”

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"When students protest abortion, can schools draw the line?

The entry [quoted here] in the Washington Post blog is written by Charles C. Haynes on May 1, 2013 at 10:15 am

Students with deep religious convictions are fast turning public schools into the newest battleground over abortion – much to the dismay of beleaguered school officials." With these quotes {this was sent to my inbox to help publicize} : "Now pro-life kids are taking their turn defining student rights by challenging school officials in court." And: "The censorship of Annie in Minnesota, however, is a very different case.

The pro-life fliers she distributed – “Save the baby humans. Stop abortion.” – caused some students to complain that they were offended. But the school failed to show that the fliers caused any significant disruption.

Under the First Amendment, students are free to share their religious or political views, even if those views offend others..." Tinker still rules: School officials may not censor student religious or political speech..." These quotes are from :

This photo below is a medical accurate photo of how a tiny human in the amniotic sac looks. It is a heinous crime against humanity to kill the tiniest humans and it is a grievous sin against GOD, who wrote in stone, "thou shalt not kill". {Exodus 20:13, KJV].
Study the photo and make a committment to the prolife cause. Fight for the lives of those who cannot fight off their assassins or shout for help or scream when ripped apart. Do what is right. Join the prolife "battle" while it is a battle of words and legal jockeying, and before it becomes the next civil war in the U S.

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