Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"This Time" music video is inspired

I am writing about the music PROLIFE video created and sung by John Elefant, the Grammy winner of the band "Kansas". I watched it and it made me cry. It is absolutely one of the most compelling videos or real life stories put to music that I have ever seen. The entire world should watch it. You should read John Elefante's testimony about his reason for writing and singing "This Time" and see the video at this site: You will be affected by it.

Also, there is a "Life is Good" festival this week-end in Canton. It sounds like much fun as much music is planned. You should read the article and see photos about it and visit the website of it at this site:

Also, this morning I wrote a list of the PROLIFE activities that are fun, very helpful. and are 27ways you can get involved as John Elefant did, and as Justin Bieber, and Tim Tebow did for the cause of human life in the wombs of women or girls and posted them to my blog at:

Also, I have been busy painting up a bunch of blank canvases that were given to me as a birthday present by my oldest daughter Jennifer [ who is also a UGA alum, and a pre-K school owner/director/teacher in Nebraska]. I added two of the most recent oil paintings I painted in the ethnic series I began in year 2007 to two of my blogs last evening. I am very grateful for those blank canvases, so a thank you to my daughter Jennifer for knowing that I needed some and making it easy for me by providing them. If you have followed my writings, and the art I created you will like them I think. You may see them at:

Also, I have added much art I created to these blogs of mine also:

and other blogs that include art I created, including this one. I own all rights to the art I create, regardless of whether or not I photograph them and regardless of whether I display them publicly anywhere, and regardless of what form that art takes. This is a copyright notice of art images of physical art I created/create.

Also, I have created/sketched/drawn some cartoons. I have cartooned intermittently for years but recently created some specific blogs for those. You can see those at: [Note: I am not sure if this is correct url but it is one of mine. Sometimes, if I can't find quickly where I wrote the url I try to remember which url goes with which site. See links to on cartooning site, if need be.]

Please remember that what you do in this life matters. GOD says in book of Revelations that all humans will stand before GOD on His Judgement Day and give an account of their lives, and GOD will decide your final place to spend eternity.

A very public thank you to musician John Elefant for writing and singing and producing that "This Time" video, and to Justin Bieber for his prolife testimony with his mother Patti, and for Tim Tebow's prolife testimony also. Please remember that those tiny, precious humans in womb, cannot defend themselves. They need you! GOD needs you on HIS team. Choose life in accordance with scripture in Deuteronomy 30:19-20, KJV.

Also, I am the white, Christian, single, woman who was born in the state of Georgia and who began words that WORK there, and who has written on the prolife cause as both a Registered Nurse and artist since about 1991. I was never an employee of it but the founder, managing partner, writer, blogger, producer of it; and my only two business partners ever were my two daughters Jennifer and Leigh.

Gloria Poole at my apt in Missouri, 18-Sept-2013 at 10:45am. I am also known on web as gloriapoole; gloria0817; gpoole817; gloria.poole;gloriapoole1749, gloria_poole; and for many years as gloria-poole [until a web-hosting acct of mine was hijacked in yr 20111, after writing my name that was since yr 2003]; and other variations of my real born with name. I am divorced twice and my daughters are from my first marriage. I am trying to clarify my identity. There are many people using my name or impersonating me using info they stole. Also, I have recently gotten control of an email of mine that was hijacked from me in early 2012. Gloria Poole at my apt in Missouri, 18-Sept-2013 at 10:45am.