Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Knowing the will of GOD

I Gloria Poole am posting something here to make you think. Well, hopefully, I often post content to make you think. But this is about finding the will of GOD for your life.

Also, I have given much thought to finding the will of GOD for my life since I was a little girl. I studied the Bible scriptures when I was very young,meeting with other girls and a teacher once a week after school beginning about age seven, at the Baptist Church. Then when I was a single parent of two young girls [the first time divorced] and was watching my brother's boys,in Georgia, one of them said to me, "aunt Gloria, I was born to do it" when I asked him to do something for me. I was rocked back by that reply, and have never forgotten it. What were you born to do? It is a serious question. Think on it.

Also, because there has been major confusion about my life and name for years, I am adding info here to associate myself in the mind of the reader as the same woman who paints as an artist. That is prompted by recent event of some jerk posting to web what I think was a fake obituary that had my name on it [could be the black woman who was using my name who died, or it could be totally fabricated obit--don't know. I do know I never lived in Jacksonville, Florida]. I think the person who posted that obit was trying to fool government agents/ law enforcement to not enforce the law [because he owes me a ton of money]. I am alive, and getting stronger from much trauma that happened to me over 5 years' of time.

Today, I posted some of my photos of the ethnic series of paintings that I began in year 2007, and add to it intermittently to some of my blogs, You might enjoy seeing those paintings I painted at these blogs of mine:

Each of those sites are unique, and contain much of the original art [paintings, sketches, drawings, words] that I have created for years. If you want to see a lot of my art I created, visit each site and scroll through the archives. Those are not my only blogs. I own this blog and also these prolife blogs and also write/ create them:

Also, fyi, I am the white, Christian, single , woman who was born in the state of Georgia,and lived there most of my life and was educated there twice and who currently lives in Missouri. But I have lived in Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado [the worst state of all],United Kingdom briefly while I had RGN license there; and now Missouri, where my only residence is. I also have a Registered Nurse license in Missouri, and had RN licenses in other states also. I created the name and content of words that WORK in yr 1993 and registered it first in the state of Georgia. I , Gloria Poole, own all rights to the art I create whether I post it or not, with any medium, tool, brush or pen, pencil, and whether or not I ever publicly display it. Gloria Poole, at my apt in Missouri ; 2-Oct-2013 at 3:50pm.