Saturday, November 23, 2013

Amazing! CNN did a prolife thing

I have to tell the world this. CNN did a PROLIFE thing. They have on their news online today 24 photos documenting the experience of a one pound 13 ounce baby boy [born 15 weeks early] in the NICU, which means Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and then at his home when he survived all of that. If you view those in sequence, it will bring tears to your eyes as you see the tiny baby surviving the development stage he needed outside the womb in the NICU. I ask all to view those photos of CNN at:

I wrote about preemies as they are often called on another blog of mine at: a few weeks ago, trying to drum up political and media support for those tiny babies. I wrote my words for those mothers who had premature babies who would not be admitted to an NICU [for financial or political reasons], and then the BBC, GOD bless them did another article to show to world a simple test to tell if a baby born at home might be premature. It was to compare the size of the baby's feet to the "test" paper that showed a newborn's feet, and then a premature baby's feet. A premature baby needs much tender, loving care, prayer, perseverance to survive but they do many times. Read about that and see the test for prematurity that any person could do at:; about inexpensive, easily taught, easily transportable method for mothers in remote areas to determine if their newborn was premature, in order to implement life saving methods for a preemie.

I am a Registered Nurse who had a long career including as hospital Administrative Supervisor which included over-seeing the NICU, the trauma dept, the ER and all departments. I learned much about premature babies in that job, and I learned that not all premature babies are admitted to NICU. So mothers of premature babies have to learn to care for them at home. They have to do extra-ordinary things for a tiny baby to survive and those may and probably should include feeding baby with an eyedropper [because if they are very premature, they do not have strength or the fat pads in their cheeks necessary to get milk from a nipple] and putting the baby skin to skin , meaning putting the baby next to the mother's [or father's bare skin and with baby in diaper] so baby is heated by the continuous warmth of the parent. That is necessary because those premature babies have undeveloped "thermostat' in brain [because brain is not fully developed when born early] and their body temperature fluctuates wildly. If they get too cold, they die. If they get too hot, they can develop seizures and die. They need to be maintained at body temperature [98.6 degrees farenheit] at all times. So cocoon them next to skin to accomplish that, wrap clothing and blankets around mother-child or father-child, until baby gets past danger zone.

I have published on another blog of mine many medical resources. My prolife blogs I own /write / create are:

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and possibly others. It is an on-going battle to keep prolife blogs on the web because the Obama administration is against babies being born alive; and plan to use taxpayer dollars to kill them in abortuary killing centers and by not admitting them to NICU when necessary. I write prolife blogs, paint paintings and sketches to reinforce the ideas, change my hardware and methods from time to time, use all methods to secure my isp accounts, but it takes PRAYER to keep on keeping on. I am a single,[divorced twice], white, woman, Christian, Registered Nurse and artist in all artist's mediums and I pour my own resources into keeping up the blogs. I am very grateful to the blogging platforms and the news agencies and the prolife celebrities who are turning the tide in favor of life continuing. Each blog I create is unique and each has much info to help any person become a bona-fide prolife activist. One of those blogs listed above has a list of prolife celebrities [scroll the archives] who are becoming voal for the unborn/preborn humans.

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