Sunday, June 1, 2014

words that WORK for the glory of GOD sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri

I, Gloria Poole, residing in Missouri but born in the state of Georgia, am the daughter of a farmer. As such, I watched my daddy often "work" on the repairs of the farm equipment, including welding. My daddy died in Dec 2004, and I miss him very much still. He was like the rock of Gibraltar to me: steady, unmoved by day to day events, unwavering in his convictions. A few weeks ago, I saw in a tweet sent to me a poster with a worker in it, and I was reminded of people who work manually , such as on farms, in shops, in art studios, on production lines. So, I saw a photo of a welder and I thought that was the image I wanted to put on this post today. Because this blog and words that WORK as a mission statement of one of the major goals of my life since about 1991 always meant words that WORK , meaning words that accomplish a specific task, bring results, change hearts and minds, achieve results. The power of words to make or break a project of any sort is well documented, as is the power of words to break hearts or mend them, lead to "happy ever after" or divorce court; paying jobs or not; friends or not.

This sketch is a welder in his shop and it is acrylics on paper 9 x 12 inches in size. I thought it was appropriate image for a mission of any sort because it shows:

-that sometimes to accomplish the goal, you have to get "dirty";

-that sometimes to accomplish a goal you have to get uncomfortably close to the heat [fire, crucible];

-that sometimes to tolerate the "heat" you have to build your own vent system;

-that accomplishing the goal may not require fancy offices or high tech equipment;

-that sometimes a mission worker is all alone in the task;

-that the basics for accomplishing the mission / goal can be enough [as in the leather apron protecting clothes] in sketch. Yesterday I read quote that said something like when people think you can't do something because you don't have money, power or equipment to remind them that Noah built the ark with no ship building experience whatsoever. GOD told him every detail and he did it by GOD's specs.

-that if you want to accomplish the goal, you might have to hold in your hand a fire-hot blowtorch;

-that it takes extreme "heat" [pressure, fire; furnace] to re-shape metal and that is also true of some societal-wide goals.

It's not a perfect sketch--just a quick one that I drew, painted, signed photographed a few times and uploaded today 1-June-2014. It is fastened with metal clamp to my portable drawing board.

words that WORK as a mission statement has always meant words that WORK for the glory of GOD. The goal of course, is pointing as many humans on the earth now toward GOD and ending abortion as a so-called "right" since GOD wrote in stone, "thou shalt not kill." Exodus 20:13

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