Monday, January 5, 2015

words that WORK to expose corruption of Obama administration

I am a firm believer that those in "high places" to use a Bible term , should be morally upright, honest, have integrity and be law-abiding. Of course, that also means abiding by the written laws of the U.S. A few days ago, I viewed a cartoon created by "Michael Ramirez" who is a political cartoonist. I knew about some of the events he included as bubbles of corruption but I learned of many more from that "cartoon." I know the Bible says to warn the wicked when GOD tells you too, in Ezekiel especially chapter 33 KJV, so this is my effort to warn the wicked to repent of these deeds of corruption, and violating of the laws of the land:

1) politicizing the Justice Dept;

2) not enforcing the written federal laws about emigration thus encouraging anarchy and lawlessness;

3) Investigating reporters for doing their job , in particular the Fox news reporter;

4) making "recess appointments" to get-around having to have Congress' approval of appointments;

5) "ObamaCare" bait and switch

6) union favors given by Obama to buy votes;

7) "crony capital" which means donations given by cronies of Obama in exchange for political favors;

8) Stimulus to political supporters with no explanation or justification to Congress and no accountability of funds;

9) use of IRS to harass and persecute political opponents of Obama

10) death of Ambassador Stevens & 4 Americans at Benghazi, because of dereliction of duty by Obama and Clinton to protect U S Ambassadors;

11) the cover-up of the Benghazi scandal by Obama and Clinton

12) Solyndra scandal of money that was supposedly invested but appears to have been a massive scam

13) the targeting of political enemies of Obama's

14) the "Ukraine auto dealership"

15) "Fast and furious" dispensing of semi-automatic weapons to the enemies of the U S by the Obama administration [ defined as treason per Constitution]

16) 16.4 billion in "green stimulus" loans at taxpayers' expense--making "winners" of any business is not the duty of Congress nor the President

17) ObamaCare trick to slaughter human babies in the womb and label it "health care"

18) Sebelius' solitications

19) Hatch Act violations of ObamaCare that directly pay abortionists to kill tiny defenseless HUMAN U S citizens in the womb.

20) Associated Press phone records confiscated without due process by Obama administration.

21) "organizing for action" $500,000 access

22) Illegal, unconstitutional use of Executive powers to "create laws" by President in attempt to by-pass Congress, with no authority ever for that.

23) Obama and Holder promoting anarchy and lawlessness from national TV, encouraging blacks to break the law by telling them that the Justice Dept will not enforce laws against them.

24) Sestak trick to fool him into agreeing to ObamaCare by lying about intention of ObamaCare to pay abortionists.

25) Obstruction of investigation into Benghazi, "fast and furious", "ObamaCare", etc, etc, etc.

26) Telling the people of the nation they could keep their health insurance plan when he knew the purpose of ObamaCare was to create a one party payor method of socialism and to change health care from private to public {lying repeatedly in other words to the U S citizens].

27) promising illegal emigrants that he could legalize them all by himself in time for them to vote democrat;

28) Using the "auto-pen" of the administration to order cyber-attacks on opponents of Obama

29) Collecting the personal information from personal cell phones of the leaders of the allies of the U .S for Obama's personal reasons.

I don't think this is the comprehensive lists of the corruption of the Obama administration but it is as complete as I can make it at the moment. I have added my comments to clarify these.

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