Thursday, September 4, 2014

words that WORK to teach the Commandments

It is written: "And GOD spake all these words, saying, ' I AM THE LORD thy GOD which have brought thee out of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before Me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in water under the earth; thou shalt not bow down thyself to them; nor serve them; for I, THE LORD thy GOD am a jealous GOD, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate Me. And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love Me, and keep My commandments, . Thou shalt not take The Name of The LORD thy GOD in vain; for THE LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh His Name in vain.

Remember the sabbath to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour and do all thy work; but the seventh day is the sabbath of THE LORD. In it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger within thy gates. For in six days, THE LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day; wherefore THE LORD blessed the sabbath day and hallowed it.

Honour thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long upon the land which THE LORD thy GOD giveth thee.

Thou shalt not kill.

Thou shalt not commit adultery.

Thou shalt not steal.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house; thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, nor his manservant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor any thing that is thy neighbors."

...And THE LORD said unto Moses, 'thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, "ye have seen that I have talked with you from heaven. Ye shall not make with Me gods of silver, neither shall ye make unto you gods of gold. " Exodus 20: 1-17,22,23, King James Holy Bible.

And though many Christians think that JESUS undid the commandments, He did not. It is written; JESUS said, "thou knowest the commandments. Do not commit adultery. Do not kill. Do not steal. Do not bear false witness. Defraud not. Honor thy father and thy mother. " Mark 10: 19, KJV

And those exact words were repeated by the apostle Luke as being a witness to the words of JESUS in Luke 18: 20, KJ.

Also, it is very important to remember that JESUS said HE defines love as obedience [and don't all parents?] . JESUS said, "If ye love Me, keep My commandments. " John 14:15, KJV.

Also, remember that the King James Holy Bible is not copyrighted and may be copied by anyone. It is in the public domain because it is hundreds of years old and contains the words written first in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek translated into English.

4 Sept 2014: Copyright notice: this blog and all content on it is created by me Gloria Poole residing in Missouri but born in the state of Georgia, and it is covered by U S copyright law. This blog and or its individual posts may not be transferred to anyone anywhere,nor have domains forwarded to it that do not belong to me, nor be saved to disk, nor downloaded, nor printed at remote, nor copied, nor photo-copied [screen-captured] , nor in any way with any method be reproduced. I, Gloria Poole, own all rights to all words, art and photos I create with any method of technique or medium on any surface anywhere any location any reason or no reason, whether or not I photograph it on any camera, phone, etc, and whether or not I publicly display it anywhere. I have never signed a blanket waiver of my copyrights to art I have created and do not have an artist's rep [agent], nor a literary agent to represent me, and never did to this date in time]. I drew, painted, signed, photographed and uploaded all art on this blog and on any blog of mine and I write all words on this blog and on any blog of mine.

For the record and to establish provenance of art I have already created also: I have posted art to this blog that I, Gloria Poole, created including ethnic series that are collectively part of an on-going series of art I created since year 2006 beginning in Aurora, Colorado when I lived there for one year,[from May 2006-May-2007] that is named "ethnic series by Gloria" [me] . I moved from Aurora to zip code 80203 for 2 1/2 years and then moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009 with the art I had in my possession at that time. I paint some of the sketches I created in do-overs into oils on canvas and those are very visible on the web. I put many of them on my mini exhibit of art at, and also on my Picasa albums at However, I also created art in the state of Georgia since I lived there most of my life and some of that is in Museums in Georgia. I, Gloria Poole, am a white, Southern Baptist Christian, woman, single-again, twice-divorced, republican, personhood promoter, prolife activist-blogger, photographer, artist in all mediums, poet, author, illustrator, cartoonist, writer, University of Georgia alumna, U S citizen born in the state of Georgia [but I lived in several places including New York, UK briefly, Nebraska, South Carolina, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina], former TV producer,tweeter, Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri [but before that in Georgia, UK, other states],natural mother of only two children who are grown daughters named Jennifer and Leigh who were born to me during my first marriage in Georgia; and republican and citizen journo . Gloria Poole is my real, born with legal name and I resumed my full maiden name legally by Court order at the time of divorce from male DBP of/in Colorado in Oct, 2007 in Centennial, Colorado; and I also removed the Pappas name from my name forevermore at the time of final decree . I was glad to end that four year horrible marriage of multiple trauma and injuries to me caused by male DBP, [which I testified about in Court on several occasions ]. That second divorce is public record in the state of Colorado, and my first divorce is public record in the state of Georgia. Also, for the record male DBP [my 2nd exhusband] was never a business partner of mine in any capacity and never contributed materially to any LLP of mine in any capacity. I have created art regularly since 1991, and I had formal training in drawing and in mixing colors /paint and painting in oils. Also see the official Tapestry of LIFE blog of mine at and my name blog at and the about me page on it for more info.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

words that WORK to describe power of GOD by Gloria Poole of Missouri

I, Gloria Poole, drew, painted, signed; and photographed several times and uploaded this sketch of an eagle swooping down to scoop up a fish from the sea, today 16 August, 2014 to illustrate a verse in the Bible. It is acrylics over watercolor and yes, the paper was probably not intended for watercolor [but dry media only] and so I almost ruined it] and is 8 x 11 inches in size.

It is written: "Doth the hawk fly by thy wisdom and stretch her wings toward the south? Doth the eagle mount up at thy command, and make her nest on high? She dwelleth and abideth on the rock, upon the crag of the rock, and the strong place. From thence she seeketh the prey, and her eyes behold afar off. Her young ones also suck up blood and where the slain are, there she is. " Job 39: 26-30, KJV

This scripture verse is one of the many in Job chapters 38 to chapter 41 all verses in which THE ALMIGHTY GOD calls on human Job to repent of his attitude and accusations about GOD; and in which GOD describes all the things only HE can do. I love those scriptures! When you read them you will feel teeny-tiny small HUMAN, finite, very aware of just how-not-powerful you or any other human is, compared to GOD. When you are tempted to accuse GOD or rail against HIM with rantings about how you think GOD owes you something, I urge you to read those chapters in Job.

Copyright Notice: this blog and all content on it belongs exclusively to me Gloria Poole, residing in Missouri but born in the state of Georgia; and is covered by U S Copyright law as words and art created by me Gloria Poole. This blog and its individual posts may not be transferred to anyone anywhere, nor have domains forwarded to it that do not belong to me; nor be re-published, nor saved to disk, nor printed at remote, nor copied, nor downloaded.

For the record [because there are many imposters of words that WORK and of me personally]: I am the Gloria Poole who began words that WORK and coined the term and registered it as an LLC in the state of Georgia in early 1990s; and wrote for it always, and who registered it as an LLP in the state of Colorado and then changed the status to a sole proprietor when I moved to Missouri Oct 2009. words that WORK has never had IRS designation of not-for-profit and never applied for that status because after I got the paperwork [as owner. managing partner for always] to apply for that status and read the terms and conditions, I realized that not-for-profit status had too many conditions and too much government control of it to be of much use to me. So, I never applied for not-for-profit status at any time in any capacity for my name or any LLC or LLP and decided that writing under the auspices of the First Amendment as U S citizen is more powerful. I am also the Gloria Poole who is a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri [and before that in state of Georgia for about 26 years] and an artist in all mediums, a poet, writer, blogger, photographer, natural mother of two grown daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh, republican, citizen journo, prolife activist, personhood amendment promoter, University of Georgia alumnus; and U S citizen born in the state of Georgia. I, Gloria Poole, am also a Southern Baptist Christian WOMAN, single again , twice-divorced. Gloria Poole is my real, born with, legal name. I divorced a second time in Arapahoe County Colorado from male DBP and removed the Pappas surname of his from my name forevermore and resumed my full maiden name including my surname of Poole in Oct 2007 by order of Arapahoe County Colorado District Court Judge at Centennial, CO. You can read some of the events that led up to that in the blog that is mine still that I began when I was married that four years at and also on my blog in my born with, legal name at have brown hair and you can see my this year's selfie on my about me page on and maybe on the about me page on this blog. I wrote maybe because my accounts are hacked often by criminals at remote so I document that and continue. Also, I moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009 with all the art I had created in Colorado with exception of about ten items of art I created that were stolen by exhusband DBP.

Gloria Poole; Gloria ; G-L-O-R-I-A; gloria-poole; gloria.poole; @gloriapoole; Ms Gloria Poole; PooleGloria; artist-gloriapoole; Gloria Poole, RN, artist; gloriapooleRN at yahoo in which the RN is standard abbreviation for Registered Nurse; gloriapoole.RN; and other variations of my real, born with, legal name of Gloria Poole,and words-that-work; words that WORK; at my own private apt in Missouri which is not shared with anyone [meaning no one is authorized to login to any account of mine but me]; on 16 August, 2014 at 11:55am.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

words that WORK to overcome

I, Gloria Poole, drew, painted, signed, photographed and uploaded this sketch [as I did for all art on this blog] of the Platte River cranes that I drew, painted in watercolors, partially repainted in acrylics on paper to illustrate a passage of scripture. From having lived life, I know that when the forces that oppose GOD and the believers in GOD are trying to suppress the word of GOD, they are ruthless and they are persistent and it becomes discouraging. However, there are some very powerful scriptures that always remind me that GOD has all power, that GOD sees all, knows all,and that HE provides for His own, and controls all life on earth. I am writing some of those here:

The words of JESUS , Messiah, Saviour, Redeemer that HE provides: "therefore I say unto you, take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body more than raiment? Behold, the fowls of the air; for they sow not [do not plant crops] neither do they gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they? " Matthew 6:25-26,KJV. And more verses to remind you that JESUS overcomes is:

[also the words of JESUS]:" "fear not! I AM the first and the last; I AM He that liveth and was dead; and behold I AM alive forevermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death." And "he that hath an ear, let him hear what The Spirit saith unto the churches; to him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life which is in the midst of the paradise of GOD." Revelations 1:17c,18, and 2:7, KJV.

There are very many scriptures about how GOD provides for those who obey Him and some of those are in Deuteronomy chapter 28, the verses about the blessings of GOD for obedience unto HIM; and also throughout the Bible. But these two passages cover the topic of GOD providing basic needs, and of the promises that JESUS will overcome all HIS enemies [which also overcomes the enemies of HIS believers].

This is a very basic sketch, not intended to be elaborate or precise but only to create a visual image of the "fowls of the air" . I saw the Platte River cranes when I visited Nebraska a few years ago, and I was impressed by their numbers--thousands of them--and by those long spindly legs of theirs that stream behind them when they take flight. I thought of the verses in Matthew about the fowls of the air as I watched them. There are other verses about the fowls of the air and some of those are: Genesis 6:7; 7:8 ; 15:11; Leviticus 11:20; 20:25; Deuteronomy 14:20; I Kings 14:11; Nehemiah 5:18; Psalms 78:27' Jeremiah 15:13; Ezekiel 31:13; 32:4; Daniel 2:38 ; Hosea 4:3; @:18 ; Luke 12:24; 13:19, from King James Holy Bible.

Copyright notice: this blog and all content, all words, all photos and all art on it belongs to me Gloria Poole of Missouri exclusively; and it may not be transferred to anyone anywhere, nor have domains forwarded to it that do not belong to me, nor be printed at remote, nor republished, nor copied, nor photocopied, nor downloaded, nor saved to disk. I, Gloria Poole, currently residing in Missouri but born in the state of Georgia, own all rights to this blog and to all content of it. This blog and its individual posts are covered by U S Copyright law as intellectual property since the art on this blog is original art that I created and I wrote the words on this blog and photographed the pictures on it and uploaded them to this blog of mine. This is only one of my blogs and it has a specific purpose of providing a platform to glorify GOD, to write and or illustrate the scriptures to help people understand, and to point all people to the Saviour Redeemer Messiah Friend JESUS as foretold in Old Testament and testified of by the New Testament of the Holy Bible. I prefer the King James Holy Bible because the NIV and some of the so-called "modern" versions of the Bible are intended to be politically correct and often change the entire meaning of the scriptures to be what they label as "less offensive" by not calling what GOD labeled sin as sin but by attaching euphemisms to it. However, fooling people into thinking that JESUS does not condemn sin is a lie that will lead people to hell.

Other blogs that are registered to me as mine and that I write/ create one at a time are: ;[It's about ending abortion]

And I also have another set of blogs that I use primarily to display art I create and those are listed on my blog at I categorize my blogs by content into prolife; mission for sharing the gospel, good citizenship, public health teaching as R.N., and art that I create; and each blog is different.

For the record: I, Gloria Poole, am a white, single again twice-divorced Southern Baptist Christian woman and the biological natural mother of two grown daughters but no sons. My daughters are Jennifer of Nebraska and Leigh of Missouri. I, Gloria Poole, am also a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, an artist in all mediums, a poet, author, photographer, citizen journo, illustrator, cartoonist, prolife activist, personhood amendment promoter, republican as defined by U S Constitution, and U S citizen by birth. I moved to Missouri Oct 31, 2009 but I own some land in the state of Georgia. I am also the grand-mother of seven minor children born to my 2 daughters and their husbands Aaron [Jennifer's] and Matt {Leigh's]. I adore my grandchildren and consider them to be the greatest blessings of all.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

words that WORK to expose rigged election by democrats

Today I put a paragraph on my that is specifically for republicans and in that paragraph, I said I would write the questions of the survey on paper the Democrats mailed to me at my address here in Missouri, that stated that I have a "DNC Membership " Number and that I am in the Democratic party. HOWEVER,I AM REPUBLICAN REGISTERED VOTER AND ONLY VOTED REPUBLICAN. I AM NOT IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, NEVER REGISTERED ANYWHERE AT ANY POINT IN TIME AS A DEMOCRAT, NEVER VOTED DEMOCRAT, NEVER CONTRIBUTED TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY WILLINGLY [THOUGH THEY DID STEAL ABOUT ONE HUNDRED dollars FROM ME VIA MY CELL PHONES IN CAMPAIGN YEAR 2012]; and I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE DEMOCRATS AND EVERY POINT OF THEIR BABY-KILLING-REGIME. So, this post is is about that proof I have in my hand of the real attempts by the Democratic Party to rig the coming election by switching votes from republican to democrat and by hijacking republicans voters into the database of democrats and by hijacking the confidential information or republicans for the purpose of "crowd-funding" from them without their consent, to swell the coffers of the democrats. I thought about photographing the papers sent to me but they have my real name, my real physical address and a number and "registration" number assigned to MY name and ADDRESS no doubt to siphon money with. So, it is too big a risk to photocopy it to post it on line. But I am keeping the documents as proof and republicans may see them if they make appointment with me by telephone.

Here is the information that i received yesterday in the U S mail at my apt in Missouri:

I. outside of envelope is written in big bold letters: "official party Business Open immediately" and the envelope was mailed to me from zip code 19614 or 19014 because 3rd number ink smeared a bit and it has a non-profit stamp on it. I put the exact words of it in quotes.

II. Inside envelope is letter with big bold white letters on black heading of "official 2014 Democratic party Survey" across top filling page. Then it gives my so-called info as :

DNC membership # ____________________[not posting for my own protection]

Registration #: _____________________[not posting for my own protection]

Survey Tracking Scanline _________________________ [not posting for my own protection]

then it has printed on it my full name as on my birth certificate in Georgia and my full and correct physical address [not posting for my own protection]

And it tells me to "please complete and return by August 4, 2014"

Then in "Section I" of survey it restates my "personal information" but asks me if I am male or female.

Then in "Section II" labeled "Presidential Priorities" it asks these questions:

1. "Do you support President Obama;s goal of comprehensive immigration reform this year?" Answers possible: yes/ no/ undecided

2. "Do you support President Obama's plan to increase the minimum wage for America's workers?" Answers : yes/ no/ undecided

3. "Do you support the President's goal of ending tax loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas and providing incentives for companies that create American jobs?" Answers: yes/ no /undecided.

4. "Do you support President Obama's plans to close the wage gap and make it possible for women to receive equal pay for equal work?" Answers: yes/ no/ undecided

5. "President Obama presented a plan that will allow American workers to gain the modern job skills necessary to compete in the global economy. Do you support these efforts?" Answers: yes/ no / undecided.

6. "Do you support President Obama's plan to reduce carbon pollution, accelerate the development of clean energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and invest in sustainable and resilient infrastructure projects to prepare for the effects of climate change? " Answers : yes / no /undecided

7. "Do you support the President's proposal to help those who have faced long-term unemployment?" Answers: yes / no / undecided

"Section III". Labeled : "Republicans/ Tea Party" with these questions:

1. "When it comes to the Republicans/ Tea party and the 2014 elections, which are you most concerned with?"; and in brackets it says "choose up to two":

-"Republicans keeping the House of Representatives"

-"Republicans taking back the U S Senate?"

-"Republicans winning more gubernatorial seats?"

-" Other ____________________________"

2. "Which do you believe was the most egregious action of the Republican House in 2013?" and in bracket it says "choose up to three":

-"Forcing the government shutdown that cost the nation $24 billion? "

-"Blocking commonsense gun safety legislation?"

-"Blocking the Paycheck Fairness Act?"

-"Voting more than 50 times to gut ObamaCare?"

-"Voting to cut food stamps by $40 billion?"


3. "Do you believe the Republican/ Tea Party majority in The House of Representatives will heed President Obama's call for cooperation or continue their attempts to obstruct his agenda?" answers are;

-"The Republicans will demonstrate greater cooperation. "

-"The Republicans will continue to obstruct."


4. "Is it important to you to put a Democratic majority back into The House of Representatives and increase Democratic leadership at all levels in 2014?" Answers: yes / no. Then " if yes, complete Section IV. If no, your survey is complete. Thank you. "

"Section IV". Labeled "Democratic Party Priorities":

1. "Please rank the following 6 political goals for the Democratic Party by their level of priority. Mark the appropriate number by each goal with the number 1 signifying most important and the number 6 signifying least important. ":

-"Combating Republican obstructionism in The House of Representatives"

- "protecting progress achieved by President Obama"

-"Winning Democratic victories at the state level"

-"Retaking the House of Representatives in 2014"

-"protecting our majority in the Senate"

-"electing a new Democratic president in 2016"


2. "As we look to our 2014 election work, we have identified four key priority areas. Please rank them by their level of priority with the number 1 signifying the most important and the number 4 signifying the least important":

-"Strengthening state parties"

-"maintaining and building our digital edge over the Republicans? Tea party"

-"Expanding access to the ballot box so people aren't turned away at the polls"

-"holding Republicans accountable for their reprehensible agenda while promoting our Democratic priorities and plans"

-"Other _____________________________"

3. "How do uu plan to help Democrats win in 2014 [check all that apply]?"



-"Phone bank"

-"Register voters"

-"monitor polls"

-"Put up a yard sign or bumper sticker"

-"hold a fundraiser"

-"make contributions"

-"other____________________________" Section V. Comments:

"Please tell us what is on yoru mind about current Republican /Tea party actions, President Obama's actions and the upcoming 2014 elections. " And it includes eight lines about 3 inches across. "Section VI. Contribution":

"Please make your leadership role within our Party official by becoming a member of The Democratic National Committee. Your membership contribution will provide Democrats the resources necessary to win this years's critical mid-term congressional and regional elections, so that we can put an end to Republican /Tea party efforts to roadblock President Obama.:

Answers : "$25" / "$35* / $50 / $100 / "other$____________"

And in smaller lighter color font is written : "* A contribution of this amount or more will be especially helpful to our efforts. " And also, :go to www [dot] democrats [dot ] org / join to put your gift to work immediately. " Then "PAYMENT METHOD" [all caps]

-"Check payable to Democratic National Committee enclosed" -"I prefer to charge my gift to : "Visa" / "masterCard" / "American Express" / "Discover" and it puts blocks for fill in of card info and a line for signature. Then in much smaller font approximately size 8 are these words: "Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name,mailing address, occupation,and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year. The DNC can accept contributions from an individual of up to $32,400 in a calendar year. Corporate and labor union contributions are prohibited. The DNC does not accept contributions from currently registerd federal lobbyists, registered foreign agents, political action committees or minors under the age of 16. " Then it asks for Name: and provides blank to fill in

"Current address" and blank to fill in

"Telephone no: home: and blank to fill in; "office: and blank to fill in

"Current occupation: and blank to fill in

"Self employed" and no blank to fill in

"employer" and blank to fill in:

"Email address:" and blank to fill in

Then in small print and not bolded it says : "Federal law prohibits foreign nationals, except lawfully admitted permanent residents of the U S from contributing to the DNC. Contributions must be made from the donor's personal funds. Please certify the following information by checking one of the following and signing below:

:If an individual, I am a ciizen of the United States"____ {or}

"I am lawfully admitted permanent resident of the United States" ___

"The funds I am donating are not being provided to me by another person or entity for the purpose of making this contribution. "


And across bottom of "survey" is written :

"Democratic National Committee-430 South Capitol Street SE- Washington DC 20003-1877-336-7200-www.democrats [dot]org"

Cyber-criminals tried to call into my computer to try to stop me from publishing this so I have to do this in two steps.But they failed!

I, Gloria Poole, am REPUBLICAN and I am posting this to help the REPUBLICAN Party and Tea party know the sneaky low down tricks of the DNC. And the envelope to mail the survey back to the DNC is addressed to the same address as above but the zip code is changed to 20077-7242. And the accompanying letter says it is from "Democratic national Committee Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz" and it addresses me by my first name of Gloria; and it is a two page letter that I am too tired to keyboard into this at the moment. But I might add it later. But here is the summation of the letter which is her words of " the best opportunity we have to end the Republican /Tea party roadblocks is to remove them from office. " And this is her quote on the back of that letter: " our victories in 2008 and 2012 wouldn't have been possible without our technological advantage over the Republicans and the Tea party . And to win in 2014, we must build upon this success. That's why we have launched Project Ivy to better engage state parties , campaigns, organizers and voters in this election through innovation and technology that encourages geater participation at all levels so that more voices can be heard. ". And it is signed by Wasserman.

Gloria Poole / words that WORK / gloriapoole / gloria-poole; at my own private apt in Missouri 19 july 2014 at 12:21pm.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Consider the lilies by Gloria Poole of Missouri

This photo of pink lilies I photographed at the top image and the second image of the sketch of stylized "lilies" on simple background are added by me Gloria Poole, RN, artist of Missouri and Georgia. I drew, painted in watercolors, signed, photographed and uploaded the sketch putting a photograph and I sketch I created on same post to make a point. The point is it very hard to compete with GOD's grandeur of the natural world HE GOD created.

I was taught these scriptures as a child of about seven:

The words of JESUS: "And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow, they toil not, neither do they spin [at a spinning wheel] , and yet I say unto you, that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. Wherefore, if GOD so clothe the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven, shall HE not much more clothe ye, o ye of little faith? Therefore, take no thought saying, 'what shall we eat? or what shall we drink? or wherewithal shall we be clothed? [For after all these things do the Gentiles seek]; for your heavenly FATHER knoweth that ye have need of all these things. But seek ye first the kingdom of GOD, and HIS righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. " Matthew 6:28-33

I try to stay focused on the mission of words that WORK, with every post, to teach the gospel, to teach the difference between the holy and the profane, to teach discernment of good and evil [to avoid evil] , and to glorify the NAME of GOD in all ways. The name words that WORK was begun by me years ago in the state of Georgia and first registered there as an LLC, and I continued it as an LLP for those years I lived in Colorado, and when I moved to Missouri in Oct 31, 2009, I continued it as a sole proprietorship. But I have retained the name I created of words that WORK, and this account of it. The words that WORK domains were all stolen from me by cyber-criminals/ criminals in other states that forged my name after trying to kill me, broke into my hosting accounts, stole my emails on those domains and stole the domains. But I have kept this account and I intend to keep it. See the two most recent posts on my long-time blog of; and also; and and also the about me page for more info.

Copyright Notice: this blog and all content of it belongs exclusively to me Gloria Poole, currently residing in Missouri but born in the state of Georgia. This blog and its content was created by me. I, Gloria Poole, wrote all words, all poems , all memorial day tributes, all poems, all medical lessons, and I photographed all photos, drew, painted, signed, photographed uploaded al art on it. This blog and its content may not be transferred to anyone anywhere, nor have domains forwarded to it that do not belong to me, nor be printed at remote, nor copied, nor photo-copied, nor saved to disk by anyone [except me of course as creator of original content. This blog and all content on it is covered by U S copyright laws as intellectual property of me Gloria Poole.

Also, for the record: I am a white, single again [divorced twice] woman and a Southern Baptist Christian and the mother of two grown daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh; and an artist in all mediums, and a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, and a prolife blogger, and a photographer, and a republican.

Gloria Poole / Gloria / gloriapoole / words that WORK / Tapestry of LIFE / publishing LIFE / gloria-poole / gloria.poole / artist-gloriapoole / Gloria Poole, RN, artist/ gloriapooleRN at yahoo / gloriapoole.RN / @gloriapoole / and other variations of my real, born with, legal name of Gloria Poole, since I removed the Pappas name from my name forever at final decree of divorce from [male] DBP and resumed my maiden name including my maiden surname of Poole, at my own private apt in Missouri that is not shared with anyone, 28 June 2014 at 6:36am.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

words that WORK to identify evil to avoid it

I, Gloria Poole, RN, artist , currently residing in Missouri but born in the state of Georgia, have given this topic much thought ever since I lived in Colorado those horrible years. I divorced there a second time in Oct 2007 and removed the Pappas name from my name forevermore by order of District Court Judge at final decree; and moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009. That's the preface for this:

I got a real life education in what evil is, and how those people think during that second horrible marriage that caused much physical injury to me, much pain and suffering and much permanent damage to my body in several areas. I tried to honor the marriage vows but finally the Southern Baptist Church Pastor said if I wouldn't leave that murderous man [ because it is forbidden by scripture] he would pray for that murderous man to leave me. So he did and I did too. Then, I posted the Ten Commandments of GOD on the doorpost according to Bible scripture and that second then-husband DBP walked in, saw them, said he wasn't going to live by "those rules' , gathered his shirts [no pants] and left all, within about five minutes. If I had known how effective posting the commandments were I'd have done years before I had all those injuries caused by him. He filed for divorce he said for two reasons: because I would not ask Judge to remove restraining order against him; and because I went to the library without asking him or going with him. When Judge asked me if I wanted to contest divorce, I said no, and I told of the attempt by DBP to kill me.

Now, this post is about trying to teach other people how to recognize evil so as to avoid it. Maybe by telling others it will help other people avoid marrying the wrong sort of person, and prevent injury, suffering and pain to others?

These are the characteristics of evil as I observed my then-husband DBP [divorced from him thank GOD since Oct 2007 after 4 horrible years of marriage to him.:

1) They hate GOD and the people who love GOD. DBP called me "JESUS-freak" and spit on me; and said to me: "you have no idea how much you are hated"; [and when I asked by whom? he was silent.

2) They have no conscience and no remorse at any thing they do no matter how evil. They do not repent or feel grief.

3) They laugh even while they are trying to physically hurt other people.

4) They take pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering.

5) They have no respect for any higher authority [Judges or GOD HIMSELF] than themselves. They consider themselves to be god. My then-husband said "no Judge is going to tell him what to do". And they didn't. Because he ignored virtually every order they said to him in the times he was arrested for violence against me.

6)They do not obey laws. They consider laws to be for people beneath them because they think they themselves are god, and think they are above the law. My then-husband would speed, use illegal substances, break and enter, break into computers with help of people who knew how [not me but two men he told me about] ; steal identities, buy fake I D cards at "mexican mill" ; hit and run; make threats to "blow up buildings" and "cut off heads" and "cut throats" and "blow off the heads of law enforcement or anyone who tried to send him to prison with a bazooka"; and twist arms and feet trying to inflict pain and suffering; tried to strangle me, poison me, and put obstacle on stairs as I was walking down behind him and my foot caught in it [his jacket] and I fell down flight of stairs [twice--2 different times]; loosened the handlebars and brakes on my bicycle pretending to "fix it" causing ti to collapse in the middle of street when I got back on it; and threaten me that he would harm my grown daughters [two named Jennifer and leigh]; and hurt me seriously three times then take all food, all money, the car, the phone and tell me if I told anyone he'd kill me.

7) They are ruthless, cut-throat, dishonor everyone, think nothing an nobody is sacred or holy.

8) They say the "world "owes" them. DBP said that often and would add details such as "Denver public schools "owes" him because he had to go there and not go to private school." That the U S "owes" him because ..." ; that I "owed" him "because he married me and I should be thankful"; that the woman he called his mother :owed" him everything because she was poor; that the man he called his 'father" [but who denied it several times] "owed" him his house because he lived with him; etc, etc, etc.

8) They lie, cheat, swindle, steal, murder. I leaned 2 years after divorce from DBP from another Court hearing I was summoned to as a creditor, that DBP told some people I was his 'sister" by claiming my mother {MJBP] as his mother saying he was her 7th child'; and some that I was his "mother [ when I am his second exwife and had to prove that to fed Judge with certified documents 9nd State ID]; and the Post Office that I was his "employee" and the IRS that I was his "volunteer" and the TV station that I was his property as he dragged me from the TV with physical force. I know he said he would kill his probation officers. I know the Denver Post article perfectly described his physical appearance and routine clothing when they were asking public to help identify the murderer of District Attorney Sean May. I know he has or had at that time 2 shotguns because I asked the old man he lives with and he said he had them stored at his house. I didn't know that in year 2006 however--not until about Feb 2007 when DBP was defying Court order to stay away and spending some nights each week in the apartment there in Aurora Colorado [May 2007-May2007]. I know that DBP came back with objects that did not belong to him saying the person who gave massage too, gave them to him, but one of those men told me he did not give DBP money or objects [other than fee for massage] but that he stole it, and stole things like razors, and decorative items and towels from his house.

10) The evil call stealing "being an opportunist". They do not call anything as it is. They use weasel words, deceit, fake identities. For example , I did not know that DBP told people deliberate lie that he was a medical doctor until he forced me into his vehicle to go buy a TENS unit that only medical doctors could buy and he signed their form saying he was a medical doctor but he is only a masseuse, who had a license [whether fake or not it was on paper and I saw it] as a massage therapist [in Colorado]. I protested and he stomped on my foot.

11) They are promiscuous with anybody everybody. DBP told me the kiss he gave me at wedding [civil ceremony] was only for show [after about a year] saying he has to pretend in public so if I try to haul him into court for violence against me or divorce as his first wife did, there would be witnesses saying they saw him kiss me, or be nice to me in public. He said he kisses many people, men and women [which horrified me and repulsed me that he also kissed men. I am disgusted by sodomy and that perversion of homosexuality. And do not want AIDS!

12.) They have no boundaries in any relationship. DBP would go "over to his "mother's" at 2 am. He took his adulterous girl friend while still married to me into his and mine marriage bed when I was at my daddy's funeral. He also twisted the arm of the woman he identified as his mother to me when he took me to meet her. He used physical force against her and when I tried to stop him he shoved me out the door and locked it. And when he came back he said he "had too" to take away from her what she said was her "last two dollars".

13) They have no respect for real names or other people's names or identities. DBP said "it doesn't matter what name you use as long as you get what you want". Stealing or buying identities was a frequent occurrence for him. He said he "bought" new I D [name, address] every time he got arrested to avoid prosecution for previous arrests.

My motive in writing this has been stated. The Bible is also clear on how to identify evil and it is written in Romans 1: 18-32, King James Holy Bible. What makes it difficult is that psychopaths are generally smart enough to escape detection. DBP lied about so many things that I still do not know what his real name is, what his relationship to the old man was [but I suspect it was sodomy] and he kept me in such an emotional state of terror, fear, anxiety , pin and suffering that it has taken me to today [7 years later] to sort this in my head to put it on paper this way. I had said I would write this for law enforcement and this is it.

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

words that WORK for the glory of GOD sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri

I, Gloria Poole, residing in Missouri but born in the state of Georgia, am the daughter of a farmer. As such, I watched my daddy often "work" on the repairs of the farm equipment, including welding. My daddy died in Dec 2004, and I miss him very much still. He was like the rock of Gibraltar to me: steady, unmoved by day to day events, unwavering in his convictions. A few weeks ago, I saw in a tweet sent to me a poster with a worker in it, and I was reminded of people who work manually , such as on farms, in shops, in art studios, on production lines. So, I saw a photo of a welder and I thought that was the image I wanted to put on this post today. Because this blog and words that WORK as a mission statement of one of the major goals of my life since about 1991 always meant words that WORK , meaning words that accomplish a specific task, bring results, change hearts and minds, achieve results. The power of words to make or break a project of any sort is well documented, as is the power of words to break hearts or mend them, lead to "happy ever after" or divorce court; paying jobs or not; friends or not.

This sketch is a welder in his shop and it is acrylics on paper 9 x 12 inches in size. I thought it was appropriate image for a mission of any sort because it shows:

-that sometimes to accomplish the goal, you have to get "dirty";

-that sometimes to accomplish a goal you have to get uncomfortably close to the heat [fire, crucible];

-that sometimes to tolerate the "heat" you have to build your own vent system;

-that accomplishing the goal may not require fancy offices or high tech equipment;

-that sometimes a mission worker is all alone in the task;

-that the basics for accomplishing the mission / goal can be enough [as in the leather apron protecting clothes] in sketch. Yesterday I read quote that said something like when people think you can't do something because you don't have money, power or equipment to remind them that Noah built the ark with no ship building experience whatsoever. GOD told him every detail and he did it by GOD's specs.

-that if you want to accomplish the goal, you might have to hold in your hand a fire-hot blowtorch;

-that it takes extreme "heat" [pressure, fire; furnace] to re-shape metal and that is also true of some societal-wide goals.

It's not a perfect sketch--just a quick one that I drew, painted, signed photographed a few times and uploaded today 1-June-2014. It is fastened with metal clamp to my portable drawing board.

words that WORK as a mission statement has always meant words that WORK for the glory of GOD. The goal of course, is pointing as many humans on the earth now toward GOD and ending abortion as a so-called "right" since GOD wrote in stone, "thou shalt not kill." Exodus 20:13

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