Saturday, October 10, 2009

My newest sketch of Prince Charles painted today

This is my sketch I drew in inks then painted with powdered pastels today after seeing a BBC photo of him. I adding this sketch here though I own words that WORK,LLP and though I Gloria Poole personally own the copyrights to my paintings, sketches, and photos, because criminals tried to steal one of my main name sites at in the past few days.

I also own words that WORK, LLP though criminals have tried to steal if for about five years. Colorado is the Nigeria of America--corruption is in every place no matter where you live in this ungodly State. I also own Life Media & Publishing LLP too, and that is necessary to write because criminals tried to steal 153 domains I paid for, and created the writings, websites, photos,and paintings of. I am intent on getting them back, so I am adding this sketch just done about an 2 hours ago to this site as 'proof ' that my paintings on my website and also my sketches are mine, mine that I draw, and paint, and or sketch. I paint in oils, but I sketch in watercolors, inks, powdered pastels, acrylics, mixed media. I draw with pencils and pen/inks. I am an artist longer than I am a Registered Nurse because I began drawing in high school and that was decades ago. If you want to see my photo of me, visit some of my websites and profile sites including http:/ and and
and also
It is an on-going battle to protect my name and websites from criminals. The internet is the worst place in the world to do any sort of business because criminals are in the hosting companies. It is sort of like giving money to those wearing felon jump suits in prison for cybercrime and fraud and theft, to buy anything on the internet!

This is intended to document that I Gloria Poole, white woman, Registered Nurse and Christian am the same woman who owns words that WORK, LLP and that always owned it since about 1991 when it began in the State of Georgia. I am also the same woman who owns Life Media & Publishing LLP that began in 2003 as the TV show in Denver Colorado as Tapestry of LIFE TV, LLP that was about the prolife cause. Certain criminals in high places like H Clinton and B Obama really really hate prolifers and abuse their powers to hack into private paid accounts to steal plunder and destroy what they don't like written about their evil agenda for the world.
I have also added this same sketch of mine to my name site in UK at and it is much larger size here:

I personally do not believe the internet will endure over time because crimes are so rampant and so unpunished and most people cannot afford to just waste money every month [waste as in paying for services that criminals steal!] . It is sad, but I have had four years of criminals hacking into my accounts, stealing, plundering looting my bank accounts, my internet accounts, my photos of my original paintings, sketches, drawings,photographs and poems, writings as a Registered Nurse. Because I am Christian and poor, the law enforcement generally seems to think their duty is to protect murderous assassins and those who kill innocents in the womb, who either pay big bribes and or fees, or pull political strings. The SS troops of America guard murderers of innocents in the womb the way they stood guard while Jews were gassed to death in the Nazi era; and all the while trying to harm Christians who are trying to obey GOD.

I have not quit and I will not quit. I am moving everything of mine to Missouri however including my paintings, accounts, equipment, belongings, [of dwelling] and my internet accounts also in a couple of weeks. The correct mailing address for words that WORK,LLP since June 2007 and the only mailing address for it since June 2007 [and yes I know criminals said otherwise but they are liars, thieves and reprobates and if you listen to them, they will destroy you.] is : c/o Gloria Poole, PO Box 61513, Denver Colorado 80206.

I suffered serious injuries when my then-husband was trying to kill me in 2006 to get control of what I own and create, including my paintings. He hires his criminal lawyers and they lie, cheat, steal, hide evidence, steal, and perjure themselves for money. They are the devils' own. JESUS said to avoid that sort of low-life element and there is a reason for that. Remember how evil is Obama who has given 100 MILLION Of taxpayers money to the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb around the world. And that jezebel H Clinton from hell, --the sooner she goes back there, the better the world will be and let us all pray that she takes that Hitler-Bill with her.
/s/ Gloria Poole, RN, and artist in oils, photographer, writer, and missionary for life.
The websites the devil is trying to destroy is at: of preborn humans in utero and or amniotic sacs.Those who sell human flesh and blood really hate to see photos of tiny humans--it disturbs their reprobate mind when they see those tiny dismembered human parts everywhere of the humans they killed for money.
@ Denver Colorado 80203 , 10-Oct-2009 @ 2:01 PM mountain time.

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