Friday, December 11, 2009

Missouri Senator Jane Cunningham:good for you!

I read in the Columbia Tribune news today but it had a date of article of the 10th, that State Senator Jane Cunningham of Missouri has prefiled an Amendment to allow Missourians to opt out of any plan the government puts forth for 'health care reform". I quote from that article:
"It’s really simple,” Cunningham said. “The health care freedom act is a constitutional amendment that will shield Missourians from the unconstitutional federal health care mandates and protects the right of individuals to make their own medical and insurance choices, including the right of patients to pay directly for medical service.”

I applaud her and the sixteen others who have co-signed that amendment to allow citizens of Missouri to opt out of mandated insurance without penalty.

People in this country who are citizens have to 'fight' against those who would usurp their right to control their own destiny, and to decide what to buy and when and how. The idea that the U S Government or any government should be a surrogate parent to anyone is the basic premise of the -ism governments that has the core belief that adults are not smart enough or competent enough to make wise decisions for themselves. I know as a Registered Nurse that there are some situations that some citizens/humans need intervention and I myself have had some of those situations when I crashed down a flight of stairs in a set of circumstances forced on me by someone who was breaking the law; and suffered injuries and could not help myself much at the time. I have made much progress but my health is not as it was before those events, by any means. So I understand there are times when intervention is necessary. I understand that both as a Registered Nurse and as a patient then. However, any system that is so structured as to forever take away the right of the nation collectively to decide the public laws, and to decide what is best for them and their family budget, is not an improvement.

The so-called reform as it is discussed is more than 2000 pages long.That tells you it is about defining every aspect of health care--who gets any services at what age, for what reason, for how long, how much money to be spent, what diseases covered, which providers are 'preferred' by government, what procedures are labeled ss health care, on and on for 2000 pages! It is not good. The entire nation was created with a document of less than 10 pages!

Also, and this is one of my most important sticking points: that plan as approved by the Senate but has to be voted on by both houses, labels abortion as a paid for procedure. As a Registered Nurse, I am absolutely, adamantly forever opposed to labeling /defining a premeditated act of murder of an innocent human being, as being 'health care." I oppose any public law that has that intent. I am opposed to it because of the commandment of GOD as written, 'thou shalt not kill." [Exodus 20:13]. It is medical fact that human beings produce human beings when they reproduce. When a human man and a human woman come together in the sex act and the woman conceives,she conceives a HUMAN. To purposely destroy an innocent human being violates the commandment of GOD and it is forbidden by GOD, and there are many warnings about the consequences to the nation that ignores or disobeys willfully the commandments of GOD.

I oppose the plan in Congress to redefine health care for many reasons, and they are;
1) it is an evil plan to depopulate the nation and force taxpayers to pay for the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb, which violates the conscience of good people.
2) It is a plan that has as its source of funding the money that is now allocated to the elderly, infirm, sick, handicapped, injured and would take money from those groups to give the money to abortionists. It is evil.
3) It totally rewrites the U S Consitution in some ways creating a crime of being poor for the first time in the history of the nation. What happens when a family that is barely making ends meet now, is told they have to pay an insurance company for illusionary promises a monthly premium of several hundred dollars? And then are they hauled into Court, fined a huge fine of nearly $2000 dollars for NOT BUYING a promise from a company, and then what? Do they go to jail for being poor? Who goes to jail, in that case--the father, the mother, the children, the one who got sick and had to go to a doctor only to be discovered that were insurance-negative, and then reported to the cops or the feds? Or what happens then? It is a bad public policy in every way.
Missouri Senator Jane Cunningham and the other 16 who are in agreement with her, have the right idea. If Congress wants to tell private insurance companies how to do business and if the insurers allow that, then they are stupid. But to go further with that travesty and try to force citizens to buy any product or service is not Constitutional. There is no Constitutional basis whatsoever for Congress to mandate any product or service that any citizen must buy, and there is no Constitutional authority for Congress to lay a plan to depopulate the nation.

Congrees, just vote NO to the plan to reform insurance and to force citizens to buy anything. Stand on the written authority of the U S Constitution, and the first amendment including the right to associate with whom we please and not associate with whom we do not please, and the right to be secure in our persons and effects, without government snooping into our lives in every way.
(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri, The time is 10:04 AM,11th-Dec-2009

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