Saturday, May 1, 2010

YES to Arizona's new law to prevent illegal immigration.

I am absolutely in favor of the new law on the books for Arizona that makes it a state crime for people to be in the US and in Arizona illegally, and gives the state police and local law enforcement the authority to detect that and prosecute it.
All those phony civil libertarians who would destroy this nation in a heartbeat and nearly have with their loosy-goosy no rules for anybody nincompoop nonsense, are on the wrong side of the issue as usual. Those who think that civil liberties for citizens born, in the womb of American's, or naturalized in the US also apply to those who were not, effectively destroy this nation as a sovereign entity. And those who think that breaking the laws should make one acceptable to those who don't break the laws, are idiots or fools or both. Also, those phony civil libertarians who are howling at the Arizona law are the same elite bunch that hires illegals to cut their grass, and tend their children and prepare their meals at CHEAP pay with not benefits. And they are the same ones who exploit them shamelessly. And they are the same ones who completely try to deny to prolifers who are citizens, the true civil liberties of the First Amendment, while trying to make a point that those in the US are somehow 'entitled' to the same privileges as citizens.

I am glad Arizona's Legislature passed that law and that their Gov Jan signed it. And I am glad that it is having a ripple effect already. When I called one of the companies I do business with, this week and actually got an English speaking person on the other end of the line, I was thrilled. I don't live in Mexico. I don't want to live in Mexico. I never wanted to live in Mexico. And if the feds plan to make the states south and southwest and west into a haven of illegal immigrants from Mexico, I predict that there will be another Mexican war because I don't think most of America wants to live in Mexico either. Whether it is nice there or not, I do not know. I do know I have NO desire to live there or even to visit there ever since I was a student nurse decades ago [graduated 4 decades ago and got licensed as RN also decades ago, after starting that at age 18;] and the girl who was my suite-mate [four students to 2 rooms and a bath] went to Mexico and said she was stopped at the border and told she had to pay off the Mexican police so they would protect her, her being American and unwanted there. That convinced me that I had no business or desire to ever go there. I have not changed my mind after having endured Colorado-second home to thousands or tens of thousands or millions illegals from Mexico that rip you for EVERYTHING!

And those phony civil libertarians that want those who are not citizens to have the protections of the government the taxpayers support, but who do not want the citizens to have it, are communist. And as for having to carry your credentials on you, ask yourself this question. Did you ever travel abroad and did they not tell you to have your passport on you at all times? If you as a US citizen are stopped abroad and questioned and don't have your identifying documents on you, you are subject to arrest. Don't fool yourself that Arizona is out on a limb doing this. It is done everywhere in the world except the US. And believe me, foreign nations recognize American citizens in the blink of an eye. Is that racial profiling? I say it is probably common sense at play. We Americans are distinct somewhat, and so is every ethnic group. I recognized a Muslim man when I met one in a park once and though he had no ethnic clothing I knew immediately by his speech and customs and respect that he was not American. American men tend to treat women like chattel; whereas other nations' men do not. And in another scenario, when I was in London I participated in what would be called I guess a subjects' [UK people are subjects not citizens] rally because I was there and it was happening and it seemed to be a cause I could participate in and I thought why not? But the UK Bobbies pushed some of the subjects back behind a tangible line, and they stopped when they saw me, heard me. They said 'aren't you a U S citizen?" Was that racial profiling? I had my documents on me and I was not breaking any laws but the crowd was getting rowdy and the police officers made a barricade around me to protect me, cordon me off from the crowd. Was that racial profiling? Or was it common sense? Was it the police protecting their subjects in the obvious light of the situation where someone was amongst them that was not a UK subject subject to their laws. The Police made no threats to me and were totally respectful to me and I felt no threats from them whatsoever. So my point is, all nations do what the phony civil libertarians call 'racial profiling' as a matter of necessity.And let me tell you something else, so does health care. Because certain races/ethnic groups have tendencies to some diseases that the general population does not have, and those factors help good doctors decide what tests are indicated and what risks ?

Arizona, stand firm. Don't back down. Don't blink. Keep on keeping on. The US as a people applaud you and I personally pray that you set a precedent for the nation.
Gloria Poole of and for words that WORK,LLP that has moved to Missouri as of Oct 31,2009. Time is 6:51 AM, 1-May-2010

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