Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who owns your DNA--you or government sponsored labs?

Sometimes events happen that change the course of history. I think the U S is in the whirlwind of those sort of events --a percolator sort of for immense change to the way our government works, the way science is perceived and the outcomes/results of scientific 'research". I put research in quotes because I studied statistics a bit--enough to know that statisticians have a plethora of tricks to manipulate the information that they collect.
The purpose of this entry is to tell of one victory in which those manipulated overcame the manipulators. Read this:

Article in NY Times about how an Indian Tribe won a legal battle to
control their DNA:
7:06 AM 4/23/2010

The Indian tribe in the article was told that if they gave blood to be studied for the purpose of helping them medically as a tribe to prevent diabetes that hopefully in future less of that. But in reality the 'researchers' used their blood for other reasons and mostly to gain post-graduate degrees with "research".
It is no secret that I am opposed to trick research. It is no secret that I am opposed to DNA testing being used to label and sort humans into those considered 'worthy' of life or the perqs of life for instance income, and housing, and a sense of safety and well-being in their communities. It is also no secret that I am absolutely radically opposed to the sort of research on human embryoes/fetuses that kills them , shreds them, decapitates them to study their brains, stem cells, tissues, cells, blood any or all components of their human bodies. That sort of 'research' is abomination to me and also to GOD I am sure, since GOD wrote in stone the commanmdent 'thou shalt not kill' and that is recorded in Exodus chapter 20 verse 13, and also in Deuteronomy. And JESUS reiterated those words in a different wording when HE said, 'even so it is not the will of your FATHER [GOD} which is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish." Matthew 18:14

The article in the NY Times yesterday about how an Indian tribe won the right to control how their DNA is used is big news. It was not made much of a fuss over in the news but it is a big deal.It will help end the fake research and also the medical research for the purposes of deciding what humans qualify as 'humans'.And it removes the blanket waiver of 'rights' to research via tricks and deceit.
If you do not know the Nuremberg Code of International laws concerning human research that began after Hitler and his cronies were tried and that included definitions of how human research is to be conducted [fully informed consent absolutely essential, no research that kills or maims, researcher bears burden to stop research if risk of injury or death to humans in the research, and several other principles of human research] I ask you to research those and read them and memorize them. The future of the human race might depend on a handful of committed people standing in the gap for the human race.
Gloria Poole; of and for words that WORK,LLP of Missouri; 7:48AM,24-April-2010

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