Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time Magazine, who paid for the 200 transformative...?

I read the Time Magazine "200 transformative moments in history" today. The font and informatics of it was microscopic in size I guess on purpose since it is obviously a P R campaign for certain people. I read with SHOCK that Time magazine considers these as transformative in history:
1) Beach Boys song "Pet Sounds" that I NEVER heard of before today;
2) Barbie doll;
3) Levi jeans
4) Mary Tyler Moore tv show
5) Snow White & 7 Dwarves
6) "Sugarhill Gang"--another group I never heard of before today;
7) "Sex Pistols " -yet another totally unheard of group; and I read voraciously.
8) Oprah Winfrey--I have never watched even 1 show of hers;
9) the concoction by chemists of coca cola-- a well known product, but did it change the world??
1) birth of JESUS
2) American Revolution; or any nations' revolution for liberty;
3) Civil War in U S that freed the slaves;
4) the Wright Brothers first flight that was the first airplane to fly;
5) Amelia Earheart crossing the Atlantic solo;
6) the development of the supersonic Concorde;
7) the user friendly interface on computers of Microsoft Windows; [ a first think from having to type in commands on terminal ;
8) the laying of the first under the sea cable that connected the continents in communication;
9) oil pipelines that carried oil thousands of miles from nation to nation;
10) World War I; that greatly changed the power structure of world;
11) World War II that ended the killing regime of Hitler and liberated the Jews;
12) the Constitutional Convention & ratification of U S Constitution;
13) Dr Albert Einstein's theory of relativity;
14) the translation of the Aramaic/ Greek/Hebrew scriptures into English [King James Holy Bible}
15) the first printing press [Gutenberg]
and there are dozens of scientific events that they did not mention.
Well. I had to comment on the list. It seems that Time needs better historians or better staff. I kinda sorta think that list had a political agenda. It does not mention George Washington, the first President and the only one truly chosen by the people since he did not run for office or ask for the Presidency but it was thrust upon him after he won the American Revolution securing liberty for the colonies.
C'mon, Time ; get a grip on reality. You could do much better.
Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 19_April-2012;12:45pm

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