Sunday, August 26, 2012

25 LOGINS to try to get my acct back!

It has taken me approximately 25 logins, a password reset, countless minutes waiting [about an hour] to try to reclaim my account from cybercriminals. Cyber-criminals broke into my account and into my earthlink account before that. They stole my earthlink last year through fraud,using credentials they got by breaking into my email accounts. And they stole the domain of right from my owner's account on web-hosting for Yahoo. belongs to criminals now, I suppose since I never consented to sell it, and they broke into my web-hosting account to steal. The Phillippines where is out-sourced too, has no morals about business that I could tell from doing business with them from Dec 2002 until last year when my account was stolen from me by criminals.

So this is a public notice that words that WORK belongs to me still. Those who break in and steal will be punished in God's time and way, according to Scripture.

I am convinced the entire purpose of the attempt to run over me last June [2011] in my town in Missouri was so that criminals could snatch my pocketbook, get ID info they needed to steal accounts with. My computers were hacked at the same time and every web-hosting account I had was compromised. I realized then that accounts that are nothing but air, are not worth dying for.

So I am not bothering with web-hosting any more because it is futile--the companies sell out anyone who owns a domain when someone comes along who wants it and who will pay more for it than the stated/published price. That has become fairly common deceit on internet since most of web-hosting companies do not abide by business law, or laws of contracts.

I am grateful for the companies that are good and one of them is Google.

Also, while I am on the topic, there are two 'companies" putting fraudulent cookies on my desktop every time I boot up, and I want to notify the public about them. They are, and They try to prevent me from using my own private computer. I do not have a static IP address on my dsl line, but they try to pin one on my desktop so they can stalk me online.

I think any company whose sole business is online are fools! Because the internet cannot be secured, no matter what anyone says. I have tried four brands of computers, eight different isp's [some on mobiles like netbooks, tablets, phones; but 3 different ones on desktop from 2002 til now] over 10 yrs time, and they all have inadequate security to stop cybercriminals.

Also, my computers [3 of them] that belong only to me are supposedly repaired with clean installs and updated/patched. In fact one of them has been patched per recommendations about 200 times! Which explains a lot to me as to why there is no security. Could you imagine putting 200 patches on a tire? Or an inner tube you intended to float down the river on?? Only the internet would try that. Planned obselescence is the name of the game because they want consumers to have to buy a new computer/ device every six months. And I did that for about 2 years but I am not going to waste my money that way any longer. There's a whole lot of living I want to do yet.

This is much later than I usually am online but I started at about 6pm trying to retrieve two of my email accounts from criminals who broke into them, and it has taken me until 11:06 pm to get to this blog page to add to it.

Gloria Poole,RN; at my apt in Missouri; 11:06pm; 26-Aug-2012