Wednesday, May 14, 2014

words that WORK to test relationships

Today, I [Gloria Poole] watched on the Christian Television Network {CTN} a program entitled "Marriage Today." I didn't know such a program existed but just happened to turn on my TV as it was coming on. Anyone who has ever read any of my words knows some of my personal history of having been married twice and divorced twice [but not because of adultery but because of violence against me in the 2nd marriage and indifferent who cares? husband the first marriage; but the outcomes were the same>divorce]. I am an example of what NOT to do in that area so I sat down and watched the program. GOD's perfect plan for all men and women is to be married to opposite sex. I know that because it is written that GOD created man in HIS {GOD's} own image and that HE made them male and female and then told them in verse 28 to 'be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth".For the exact words read it yourself in Genesis chapter one verses 26-28, KJV. I urge you to read it in your Bible and to mark those passages with a highlighter so you know that you know what is the truth of GOD about human sexuality and marriage and can defend your viewpoints to a lost and dying [unsaved, unrepentant, lascivious] world. OK, I took notes on what "Pastor Jimmy " said about how to tell if you are in "inappropriate emotional relationship" at work or anywhere, and he was speaking about married men and women, on the topic of making your marriage impermeable to affairs. So many people spend the bulk of their waking hours away from home and away from their spouses and often in close physical proximity to other men and women for 8 or more hours per day, that immorality in the US is a raging problem leading to divorce in 50% of marriages.

Here are some of the questions anyone who is married but "involved" with an "other" person whether at work or not, should ask themselves to help them see what direction they are headed--if into adultery?

1) Do you keep your "relationship" with the "other" a secret from your spouse?

2) Do you talk more to and with the "other" than you talk too or with your spouse?

3) Do you talk intimately or make suggestive comments or flirt with your "other"?

4) Would you change your words or your behaviour toward your "other" if your spouse was sitting there?

5) Would you feel guilty if your spouse overheard your conversation with your "other" or if someone reported what you said to your spouse?

6) Do you ready yourself--primp, or adjust your tie, or put on lipstick, or any of the grooming things men and women do when they want to look their best, before you greet your "other"?

7) Do your co-workers and or friends know of your "other"?

8) How would your friends or co-workers describe your marriage? And your "relationship" with the "other"?

9) Do you meet the "other" any place where your spouse is not present?

10) Do you touch or hug your "other"?

If your answer is yes to any of these, you are at risk of adultery because before men or women commit adultery, they "turn away" from their spouses and toward "other" person; and so their heart is compromised emotionally and then being humans, their physical desires take over. GOD spoke the intent of HIS heart when HE told Adam and Eve to "be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth" in Genesis 1:28, KJV. Marriage between a man and a woman presents their offspring with a stable, committed home, to nurture the children. Pastor Jimmy said that mens' and womens' needs are different. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that is true, because our chromosones, genes, brains, physical bodies are different from the moment of conception. GOD intended there to be two sexes and only two sexes: male and female, according to verse Genesis 1:27, KJV. Pastor Jimmy said that men need first honor and respect; then sex; then leadership role. And he said women need : emotional connections, non-sexual touching and of course sexual touching too; and security in the home and relationship. And the pastor on that program said that these needs [and physical bodies] are designed by GOD to complement each other. If you know terms of positive and negative poles of electrical current, or male or female adapters to anything, you have a pretty good analogy of the male:female relationship. Men are not designed by GOD to be sexual with other men. Nor are women designed by GOD to be sexual with other women.

When people defy GOD's commandments { I consider any words from GOD's mouth directly to the human ear in the form of thou shalt or shalt not to be a commandment, not a suggestion, just as I did when my daddy who was a strict disciplinarian told me to do something. My daddy didn't usually tell any of us [me or my five siblings} to do anything twice. if we didn't do it, we got punished, And though some people like to fool themselves that GOD doesn't punish sinners, they deceive themselves. Clearly GOD does punish sin--it is written all through the Bible in the many records of human suffering for disobedience to GOD; and it is written in Deuteronomy chapter 28, the exact blessings for obedience to GOD and the exact "curses" from GOD for disobedience to GOD. I am Christian, and I also accept the words of JESUS as the words of GOD HIMSELF according to John 10:30, KJV, in which JESUS said HE and The FATHER [GOD] are ONE. JESUS was GOD in the flesh, the Messiah, redeemer prophesied in the Old Testament. JESUS said "if ye love ME, keep My commandments" as written in John14:15, KJV. And HE spoke telling to obey the commandments more than once and it was recorded in Matthew 19:17,22:40,Mark 10:19, ,12:29, Luke 18:20, ;John 14:21, 15:10; I John 5:2. So, my point is JESUS didn't "undo" the commandments. The commandment of GOD that men and women should "be fruitful and multiply" is still the commandment of GOD. But obviously, GOD made one man and one woman and he spoke to them as being together as HE designed them to be, so it was not an "all-inclusive" relationship but one man:one woman.

So, to keep your marriage pure,{ if you have one, I am unmarried/ single again] The Bible says to flee temptation, flee fornication, flee sin in these scriptures: I Corinthians 6:18-20 especially, II Timothy 2:19-22; James 4:7; I Timothy 6:9-12; Jeremiah 48:6; and 49:30, and Psalms 11:1. Don't get "involved" with "other" persons if you have a spouse because it is a sin against GOD that will lead you and all involved in it to much suffering, grief and anguish.

If you want to watch that TV program it's on CTN/ KNLJ in Jefferson City Missouri and has a website:

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