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Concussion: a prose written today by Gloria Poole, RN, artist , creator of words that WORK ;update


written by Gloria Poole, RN, artist of / in Missouri

"You think that you are strong,

but you are weak",

the song sings on,

with a pleasant voice

and a gentle rebuke,

that reverberates through

my head.

Two steps forward,

one backward>

crash to floor!

One ankle that does not

make certain movements,

has created in me,

a tentative, halting,

lop-sided, wobbly,

way of getting from Point A

to point B.

A perpetual anxiety

that seems to be connected

to the titanium screws

and plate in my leg

to the neurons

in my brain,

in a complicated circuit

of spark across the

synapse that leaps to

my leg, and says "move"

but sometimes,

my leg

cannot seem to understand

the electro-magnetic signal

from my brain.


to floor, or sidewalk

with a startling suddenness

that always catches me


The thigh bone's

connected to the

ankle bone,

the childhood song says

and, of course, it's true

but it's also connected

to the brain,

by a network of tiny

threads with electro-magnetic

pulsations, that are,

measurable on an E.E.G.,

that energize the muscles,

that move the leg,

or the arm

or the head.

But trauma!

That blunt force impact

with something that,

does not give way,

that exists like the,

rock of Gibraltar,

while the human body,

soft and pliable,

hurtles into it,

launched by a vehicle

with a careless, wanton driver

first into space,

then into solid mass,

of metal,

or granite

or concrete

that twists and contorts

the tiny threads

in the brain,

So that the electromagnetic

spark is short-circuited,

and shuts itself off,

when the pressure

is too great.

So, that the brain,

becomes like a

blank, white paper,

nothing written on the



it seems to shout

without saying a word

because words become

tangled around

the teeth,

and get lost in

the chaos of the mind

where the spark

couldn't jump the synapse

because the tiny bridge

from one neuron

to another

was broken beyond repair

or simply overloaded

with stimuli, and

the damaged brain

that impacted with

the granite,

or metal

or fist

or head

or knee,

just shuts down,


till the too-many stimuli

becomes none

and the brain can rest

and regroup

and re-charge.

So the muscles receive

the spark again,

and react,

and the mind is

not blank,

but active again,

and the words make sense

and are visible in,

the eye of the mind ,

so that order and cohesion,

of mind,

>> spark>>synapse>> muscles, occurs

and words can be formed

by the tongue

working in cooperation

with the palate;

And legs move

and activities resume

and the panic resolves

as the fear,

of nothingness recedes.

Concussion. There's a name

for the broken synapses

and the tangled neurons,

and the blank, white paper

mind that occurs

when the brain


and the human being

experiences a mandatory

TIME-OUT! , called by

the referee of the body:

the brain,

that is the operating system,

and the motherboard

and the electrical circuit box

all rolled into one,.

Soft, gelatinous mass,

cased in hard bone

shell of the skull.

Concussion is the word,

when soft, gelatinous

mass of brain,

slams back

and forth,

inside the hard bony shell

bruising and tearing

the tiny, delicate fibers

of neurons, and

the filtration system

of the cells

that shift fluid,

and salt, glucose and


back and forth

from the cells

to the spaces,

between the cells,

and into the bloodstream.

Even after the physical

injury heals,

and sometimes,

creates new neurons

and new pathways

it remembers

the trauma.

It fears annihilation.

It halts.

Stopping to be

perfectly still

and quiet.

until the chaos clears,

and the brain can sort

the messages again.

But until the human being

whose brain is concussed

has lived through it some,

the terror

of annihilation, LOOMS,

as the brain senses its own confusion,

and distortion of distance,

and eyes that do not work together,

and electro-magnetic impulses,

jamming, because of

atmospheric pressure rising,

and panic rises up like,

a tidal wave,

as the brain searches

for the missing pieces of

synapses, and signals, and

sparks to jump-start itself,


Brain panic is terrifying

because the breathing

and heartbeat are

controlled by the brain also.

And the brain KNOWS,

it is in peril.

I have a concussed brain

and metal in one leg,

a lot of metal

I know of what I write,

an an upclose,



When I reach

the point of exhaustion

my brain makes

that T shape sign

with its invisible hands

and blows its whistle:


And then, I can either

lie down, or continue

but if I continue

my brain will spin like a top,

and my vision will blur

and I will become

as a blank, white paper

for a while.

I have existed beyond,


by sheer will

and by faith

that there is GOD!

And HE goes before me,

and HE is the Good Shepherd

and HE knows the way.

Even if I don't.

The Mind of GOD

takes over for me

at times

and I just rest


until the utter fatigue

drains away,

and suddenly it seems,

as if my brain

is ON again.

Copyrighted. Written today 4 August 2015 at 3:30am-4:30am because I couldn't sleep.


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