Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Shot of WWIII ????

Quote:"Fighter aircraft from France, Britain and the United Arab Emirates converged on bases in and around Italy to begin operations over Libya under the command and control of the United States at its naval base in Naples."
And this quote:
"In what appeared to be a desperate attempt to avert military action, Gaddafi sent two letters to international leaders, according to deputy foreign minister Khaled Kaim, who read the letters to journalists. One was a warm, conciliatory note to Obama, and the other was a sharply worded, menacing message to the United Nations, France and Britain.
To Obama, he wrote: “If Libya and the US enter into a war you will always remain my son, and I have love for you.” Libya is battling al-Qaeda, he said, seeking Obama’s advice. “How would you behave so that I can follow your example?” he asked.
In the other letter, addressed to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the leaders of France and Britain, he warned that the region would be destabilized if they pursued strikes against Libya. “You will regret it if you take a step to intervene in our internal affairs,” he wrote."
And those events led up too:
report from "TRIPOLI, Libya — A French fighter jet fired on a Libyan military vehicle Saturday in the first reported offensive action by an international mission to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya." Read the entire explanatory article in Washingon Post;2:06pm;19/March/2011.
I am adding these quotes here to comment on them. The obvious remark that has everyone in the US's attention is that warm-fuzzy from Gaddafi to Obama. Maybe that is why, showing complete disdain for the mess America is in, Obama took his family and ran to Brazil. Does he look worried or concerned about the mess his lack of leadership has caused in America? Or about the lack of response of Gaddafi to his 'warnings' as the news put it? He looked sort of like a man on his 7th or 8th vacation [he takes a quarterly trip to coincide with college quarter breaks]. Gaddafi, remember what you wrote that you wanted to follow Obama's example? So get it done--follow Obama and flee to place of refuge and set the people in Libya free. Go have a beer with Obama in Brazil--it's his method of reconcilialiation as the US observed during the Harvard fiasco when that Gates man there thought laws did not apply to him, and Obama thought so too, and interfered into States' affairs.
And as for French President Sarkozy taking the lead to rout Gaddafi, well, he's a hero to the people there, no doubt.
And my last comment on this news story is, does Obama seriously think the US's military can fight a war in 3 separate locations: Iraq,Afghanistan AND Libya? If so he's been imbibing some sort of elixir from some la-la-land.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri;2:26pm;19?March.2011
PS I am aware that by writing this the US Pentagon will launch an attack against my privately owned and paid for by me personal computer declaring me a [political] enemy of the Obama-reelection-campaign. But oh well, it comes with the territory of trying to cause the people of the Unites States to THINK [and therefore vote him out of office.]

This article I quoted from is in the Washington Post online at the moment.
Update @ 3:00 and a bit off topic but not really since cyberattacks are being used increasingly against US citizens for political and religious speech is this. The number 1 reason cybercrime has become rampant is because computer companies GIVE AWARDS and cash for breaking into other's computers. I Quote:
"The annual security competition allows researchers to win any systems that they successfully compromise, and also awards them cash rewards if those security flaws are still present in the latest version of the software."
In article : "Pwn2Own day 2: iPhone, Blackberry beaten;Chrome Firfox no-shows' by Peter Bright
in Ars Technica.

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