Saturday, May 14, 2011

Switzerland: Vote No to Suicide Industry/Tourism

Suicide tourism??
article at:
with quote :"Campaigners against assisted suicide like Hans Peter Haering of the Evangelical Union believe this is not the kind of image Zurich should have.
"In other countries, assisted suicide is regarded as wrong. It is illegal," he said.
"So I ask myself why in Switzerland we are doing things that are not allowed in other countries - I think it is unworthy of us..."
I read this in the BBC news today. I love the BBC News. It is often the only way to find out about what is happening in the US since the U S papers /online often are merely op-ed pieces with news trappings to fool the public; or marketing "tools" to promote Facebook, or do PR for Obama reelection campaign. I really hate those democratic-socialist PACs disguised as newspapers, like the NY Times, and the Washington Post.
But back to the topic: A country, any country that makes money from killing the sick,handicapped,so-called "terminal"*,mentally incompetent, is disgusting.
I always thought I would love to have about a year's visit in Switzerland or maybe move there but now I think: spend money in a country KNOWN to kill it's tourists? And my answer is no way,no how!
Switzerland when it comes up for vote soon, ask yourself if the Nazi image of "medicine' is how you want your country to be remembered in the minds of the world? And remembering that Hitler also killed in the name of "doing what was best" for those he decided had to die. It is macabre, illegal in the GOOD countries, and immoral always in the eyes of GOD who wrote HIS Commandments for all societies in stone, including "thou shalt not kill." Exodus 20:13,KJV. If you don't know the commandments they are written in Exodus chapter 20 of the Bible, and you could view them online also, I think on and other websites/blogs.
Swiss people, you have a heritage of being descended from the Anabaptists--don't ruin it. Be what GOD intended not what the devil intends. Vote NO to medical killing for any and every reason,in every instance. Keep the medical professions pure and for life without conflict of interests of beneficiaries. Please GOD,not the evil killing factions.
Gloria Poole,RN;@ my apt in Missouri;12:13pm;14-May-2011

*Footnote: The entire human race is terminal as no one lives forever--it is the varying degrees of life they are focusing on.

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