Saturday, February 9, 2013

Prolife Info & News;Medical Photo of Embryo

This is a photo of a human embryo in the amniotic sac [bag of waters]:

If for some reason the photo does not appear, you could also see it on this site: has medical photo of human being in the amniotic sac. It is a photo I photographed from a textbook I bought.

Medical textbooks as references to teach yourself why you should be prolife:

1) Early Pregnancy

2) Fetal Therapy

by Mark Kilby,Anthony Johnson,Dick Oepkes

3) Obstetrics & Intrapartum Emergencies

by Edward Chandrahara,& Sabaratnam Arulkumaran

4) Analgesia,Anesthesia & Pregnancy

by Steve Yentis & Surbhi Malhotra

5) Pregnancy after Assisted Reproductive Technology

by Eric Jauniaux & Botros Rizk

6) Atlas of Oocytes, Zygotes & Embryoes in Reproductive Medicine

by Marc Van den Bergh & Thomas Ebner, & Kay Elder

7) Infertility Counseling by Sharon Covington & Linda Hammer Burns

8) Ectopic Pregnancy by Isabel Stabile

9) Gametes by J.G. Grudzinskas & J.L. Yovich

10) GenEthics by Kurt Bayertz & Susan L Kirkby, & H Tristam Englehardt,Jr

11) Prenatal Care by Marie McCormick & Joanne Siegel

12) Ethical issues in Maternal -Fetal Medicine by Donna Dickenson

13) Preterm Labour by Jane Norman & Ian Greer

14) The Fetal Matrix by Peter Gluckman & Mark Hanson

15) Environmental impacts on Reproductive Health & Fertility by Tracey Woodruff, Sarah Janssen,Louis Guillette,Jr, & Linda Giudice

16) Biology & Pathology of the Oocyte by Alan O Trounson & Roger G Gosden

17) Biology & Pathology of the Trophoblast byAshley Moffett, Charlie Lake & Anne McLaren

18) The Sperm Cell by Christopher J De Jonge & Christopher Bartlett

19) Infertility & Assisted Reproduction by R Botros, m B Rizk, Juan Garcia_-Velasco,Hassan Sallam & Antonis Makrigiannakis

20) The Healthy Embryo by Jeff Nisker, Francoise Baylis, Isabel Karpin,Carolyn McLeod, Roxanne Mykitiuk

21) Gametes--The Oocyte by J. G. Grudzinskas & J.L. Yovich

22) Textbook of Clinical Embryology by Kevin Cpward & Dagan Wells

23) Handbook of Human Oocyte Cryopreservation by Eleonora Porcu & Patrizia Ciottis, & Stefano Venturoli

24) Neonatalogy by Richard A Polin & John M Lorenz

25) Handbook of Obstetric Medicine by Catherine Nelson-Piercy

26) High Risk Pregnancy--Management Options by Phillip J Steer, Carl Weiner, Bernard Gonik, Caroline Crowther, & Stephanie Robson

27) Dewhurst's Textbook of Obstetrics & Gynaecology by Keith Edmunds

plus many,many more. Originally posted on a different site on 5 June , 2012.

Also, these sites are helpful: [Missouri Baptist Convention Commission for Life]

and [American Assoc of Prolife Obstetricians ] ">And on this one: Update on 10-Feb-2013 @ 6:25pm; by me Gloria Poole ,RN of Missouri; to add this info:

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Gloria Poole, RN & artist; @ my apt in Missouri . Update on 24-March-2013 @ 1:26pm by me Gloria Poole in Missouri [but originally from Georgia]: I want this to remain as top entry for a while yet. The personhood amendments are perking in some states, and many states have done great things to discourage or ban abortions. Particularly read the prolife news on the tapestry, publishing-life, and prolife-nurse sites listed above.