Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Transparency as a way of life.

Above you see, a sketch I, Gloria Poole, of Missouri drew, then painted. Then repainted, then repainted it again. The point is, that if you look at it, it looks transparent in places. But it has several layers of watercolors and acrylics on paper. I think we humans have to realize that sometimes we are a re-do for GOD. When I draw a sketch and I really don't like it, I write a note to myself on it "re-do" and I set it aside and think on it, and let it gel in my mind a bit, and look at it occasionally to see if my perspective changed? Then sometimes months later, the missing piece sort of comes to me, and I can finish it. I think JESUS intended us, collectively as the human race, to have re-dos from time to time when HE sets us aside from life a bit, gives us time to think over something and heal from wounds, and then HE sort of re-does us, shaping and molding us much as a potter would shape clay. Remember the Bible account of Jonah and the fish? That was definitely a re-do. GOD gave Jonah a serious chastising and a time to make up his mind real quick. In fact, JESUS said more than once, "repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand." { Read Matthew and book of John in Holy Bible. I prefer the King James Holy Bible for its poetic words and straight to the heart of the matter language.}

The title means that we humans must recognize that we are not GOD; and that our lives reflect our histories of scars physical and emotional, and layers and layers of re-dos by GOD. And be at peace with allowing GOD to re-do us as a race and a planet.

words that WORK [the concept, buzz phrase] was created by me Gloria Poole in the state of Georgia where I was born; and is still used by me. It still means words that WORK for the glory of GOD.

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Gloria Poole for words that WORK; 5-February-2014 at 7:20pm