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words that WORK to teach what sort of man not to date.

This is a post I promised I would write months ago. Finally I am ready to do it. I admit that as I wrote my outline, I realized what a fool I was to have been deceived by such a bad man. First let me remind you I am heterosexual and will always be. I am writing this based upon my own real life 2nd marriage [that led to 2nd divorce] as a way of helping women who want to date men, avoid those who are not the marrying kind, or who are violent and deceptive. When I write don't date such and such a man, it goes without saying that IF you shouldn't date that sort, you shouldn't marry them either. IF you don't date that sort, you don't get yourself into a trap.

1) Never, ever date a man who says he is in "anger management". That is code phrase for a violent man who has friends in high places and will never be punished no matter how violent, cruel, or evil he is.

2) Never, ever date a man who says he "used to do drugs". He still does and that is his way of hinting at it. There is no way to "win" in that case. He will use you, threaten you, make your life miserable, deprive you so he can spend all his money and yours on illegal substances; and he will be violent, deranged, psychotic when he is coming down off his latest "fix" and when he has some substances in his blood stream. It's the surest most predicatble route to absolute misery.

3) Never, ever date a man who doesn't want you to meet his mother or his father. He is hiding something --maybe he's already married and they would tell you that; or their faces would? or maybe he's homosexual, or maybe he's just using you to get citizenship. Something he doesn't want you to know but fears his parents would tell you in some way.

4) Never ever date a man who expects you to contribute to a fast food date! He cannot afford a wife.

5) Never, ever date a man who says "banks cannot be trusted" and keeps his entire bankroll in his pocket. He does that [ I learned the hard way] because he wants to be ready to either buy illegal stuff on the spot if he spots a dealer ; and or pay bribes if he gets arrested.

6) Never ever date a man who spends an hour in the bathroom "doing his hair". Most likely he's using illegal substances and in your bathroom; or in the restaurant bathroom. Just say NO! And call police if he won't leave.

7) Never, ever date a man who asks you after he shaved "if his face feels as smooth as a woman's?" He's a transvestite in secret, and changes his clothes somewhere.

8) Never ever date an atheist [worships no HOLY GOD ; thinks he is god], nor a humanist [worships humans, not GOD] , nor an idol worshipper [forbidden by Exodus chapter 20, King James Holy Bible]. I am Christian and it is the worst sort of misery to be married to a man who hates GOD.

9) Never, ever date a man who steals anything from you. If he does that when he's on his so-called "best behaviour" he will sell everything you own at auction to get money to buy his illegal substances.

10) Never, ever date a man who tells you he "goes to his mother's in the middle of the night". He goes to his drug dealers and other drug-abusers including promiscuous people of both sexes, to "party" with them and fill their bodies with killer substances. It's a no-win for you--NEVER date that sort of man.

11) Never, ever date a man who knows the entire police dept by their first names. It means he has been arrested much, and he paid bribes to them to get them not to testify. On the other hand, good law-abiding people are respectful of the law but not very cozy with them as a general rule and law abiding people mind their own business and don't "party' with law enforcement. But those who deal in illegal substances know which members of the Police forces/ law enforcement also use/ abuse illegal stuff and are therefore part of the camaraderie/ problem.

12) Never, ever date a man who tells you he's "Christian" but knows only one verse in the Bible. His christianity is fake and most likely intended to fool you. Anyone can memorize one verse.

13) Never ever date a man who tells you shortly before your planned wedding, that he wants you "to accompany him to drug court to show Judge how much he has changed" and so "Judge will think he has settled down". NEVER do that! And break off your engagement and or date immediately. Just go !

14) Never, ever remain in a relationship with a man who vanishes often, has no reasonable time frame for anything; has no predictable pattern of behavior in any way. He is deliberately evasive, trying to fool you and the good law enforcement.

15) NEVER stay in a relationship with a man who tells you he "will track you down" [stalk you] or says he "will kill you if you tell what you saw"; or who says he "will kill anybody who tries to send him to prison". JUST leave him whatever that takes. Plan carefully, put all you need to survive in a backpack, or large pocketbook, or tote bag and walk out and keep walking til you are safe. And scream, shout, kick, bite, fight back to stay alive when he physically attacks you. You cannot count on the Police or Judges to defend you or protect you. I learned that the hard way too. Many of them are just as guilty as the man who is violent to you and many of them take bribes to avoid the cases or throw out or prevent testimony that would send the violent man to prison.

16) Never ever date a man who says he "needs you to give some of your coats and things to his mother". He is setting you up for her to appear in your place [wearing wig or dying hair or disguieses]--in clothes you were seen in, at Court hearings when you would ordinarily be summoned to appear as a witness.

I suffered serous physical injuries of fractures, a concussion, bruises, trauma to chest, at the hands of my 2nd exhusband DBP because I did not heed these warning signs. In reality, I just now, seven years later was able to sort out what happened in that fiasco of 4 years of terror, and physical injury and suffering I lived through. It was a whirlwind of degradation,humiliation, injury, abuse, violence that began 2 weeks after vows with him. I am divorced from DBP since Oct 2007 in Arapahoe County District Court in Centennnial COlorado. I know I am alive by the grace of GOD. I know it is because I sang to myself quietly over and over again in those 4 yrs "JESUS will help me" until I got enough strength to survive and to endure DBP's rage, threats, abandonment and attempts to kill me. I am divorced from that evil man since Oct 2007 and it is public record in state of Colorado. I filed for divorce from him in 2006 but withdrew it when he said he 'would start a war" and my youngest daughter Leigh heard him say that, and I got scared for her more than for me. Then I testified in a court hearing and Magistrate put a restraining order against him {DBP} and it infuriated him and he said "no Judge was going to tell him what to do" and he violated it, and harassed me to petition Judge to remove it but I refused. Then one day in 2007 when I went to library in Aurora Colorado and didn't answer comcast telephone in the apt there, DBP said he filed for divorce because I went to library without his permission and because I refused to lift restraining order against him; and I said' there's the door--get it done today". And he left but he returned later to gather his shirts and his TV and his telephone and his whatever he had hidden. I could write an entire book on this topic from my real experience with the sort of man I am warning other women about. There are good men and keep looking til you find one, and pray for GOD to help you. Don't settle for bad men!

I have not yet thought of a way to illustrate the horror of those 4 years and I don't really want to contaminate my art I create with perverse or violent images. So, this is a words only blog. If you can't read English, you can translate entire page with Google translation.

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For the record and to establish provenance of art I have already created also: the art I have created and signed and posted to this blog of mine is part of an on-going series of art I created since year 1991 beginning in Atlanta, GA that "blossomed" in year 2005 in Aurora, Colorado when I lived there for one year [May 2006-May 2007], and art began to really become an integral part of my efforts to save the baby humans from premeditated destruction. In 2005, I began to realize I could use the art to illustrate my talking points in some cases, and to build a secondary "career' for me as artist. In the year 2006 when I had endured and lived to tell about it a violent crash down a flight of stairs and had trauma, fractures, concussion, because my then-husband DBP tried to kill me to 'make it look like an accident" and he tried to twist off my broken leg, I had immobility for months except on crutches and walking boot after surgery to repair fractures and implant metal. As I sat with leg propped up I began to draw daily and paint to occupy the time and my mind. I also began to post art to the web on my blogs and websites, and also photographs I had photographed. I began a series of art then that is named "ethnic series by Gloria" [me] to attempt to draw and paint an art work of every ethnic group tribe, language, culture in the world and I created eight initial oil paintings in the first batch and posted them to the web on domains of mine. I moved from Aurora to zip code 80203 for 2 and 1/2 years and then moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009 with the art I had in my possession at that time. I paint some of the sketches I created in do-overs into oils on canvas and those are very visible on the web. I put many of them on my mini exhibit of art at, and also on my Picasa albums at

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