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Live the life you were intended to live, written by me Gloria Poole,RN,artist of/in Missouri

Live the life you were intended

written by Gloria Poole,RN, artist; of Missouri

A tasty pastry is life;

each day filled

with possibility like a creme puff.

Possibility of adventure,

new friends,

long-time friends,

ways to serve GOD,

ways to improve,

ideas to put on paper.

Beauty to capture forever,

on disc, film or paper.

words to write,

songs to sing,

chores to do, problems to solve.

To each human is

appointed a time to die,

so do not die

before your time.

Be the you

that GOD intended;

do the tasks

that you were born

to do.

Fulfill your destiny.

Live your life

to the fullest

and highest level,

and realize that

life is a journey,

not a destination;

an ever-advancing march

to a date with death,

that comes to all.

at their appointed time.

Be not deceived,

by the purveyors of sin,

determined to

do you in,

put you in a grave,

before your allotted time.

Therefore, choose life,

it is written,

with all of its challenges,

and all of its obstacles,

and all of its grievances,

pain and suffering.

LIVE the life

given to you,


Live each day,

minute by minute,

hour by hour,

day by day,

as unto THE LORD.

Keeping always

in your mind,

the words of JESUS,

"and lo, I AM with you

alway even unto

the end of the world."

You are not alone.

No matter if every

human abandons you.

You are not alone


in heaven sends HIS SPIRIT

to those who

love and obey HIM.

You are not alone,

even if all you meet

are atheists,

who despise your MASTER,

and you as HIS servant.

You are not alone,

even if the so-called

system tries to stifle, suppress, oppress,

and persecute you.

You are not alone.

So, live the life

you have,

starting with where you are,

raise your hands to heaven,

and cry-out,

to THE ONE who made you,

Who oversees your most

intimate endeavours,

and your failures,

and your successes.

Cry-out to THE GREAT I AM,

who said, I will bless

you and your seed to

the tenth generation,

of those who obey Me.

Bind yourself to the

Word of GOD,

Read it,

study it,

pray for understanding,

and make it a part of every day.

It's life little instruction book,

to show you the way,

to heaven.

To the eternal glory of GOD

in HIS presence,

where the streets are paved with gold.

But until the day,

that GOD appoints you to die,


seeing each challenge,

as a mere test

of your mettle

as a Christian,

praising GOD and

glorifying HIM,

no matter what.

Remember your Maker, THE GOD,

owns the copyright,

of you,

since HE formed you,

in the womb,

and brought you through

the birth;

and gives you breath,

and makes your heart beat.


Say NO to the

mind-altering substances,

and the brain-numbing alcohol.

and the people who hate GOD,

who try to entice you

to the road

to hell.

LIVE your life,

fully and completely,

so on that day,

when GOD calls you

to HIS home in heaven,

you can leave

with peace and joy;

and leave behind

a legacy

for your progeny.

Live your life.

And thank


who loves you.

Copyright, 20 June 2015 @4:27pm, Gloria Poole / Gloria / gloriapoole

This is my selfie [Gloria Poole,RN, artist] in spring 2014 but I look the same except that I am thinner and my hair is longer but I still put it in lop-sided pony tail when I walk about or create art to prevent hair from blowing into my eyes or into paint.

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