Friday, January 21, 2011

I think Iran's star is rising along with China's--new world power.

"EU foreign policy chief Baroness Ashton is heading a delegation
from China, France, Germany, Russia, the UK and US,
aiming to get Iran to be more open about its nuclear ambitions."
This quote from the BBC news of the asia-pacific today:'6:16 AM 1/21/2011.
And this quote:
"We want to discuss the fundamental problems of global politics at the
Istanbul talks," said Saeed Jalili, who heads the Iranian delegation."
Well.the obvious must need to be stated clearly. So here's how
I understand this article:
1) Since the UK initiated this and not the US,the US is not the world leader
any longer.
2) Since five of the biggest economies are going to Istanbul to
plead with Iranian President Ahmadinejad, he must have enormous
3) Since Turkey's diplomats [and probably their President also] is
negotiating to swap nuclear fuel from Iran in exchange for a
nuclear reactor what the other five nations do, is probably irelevant.
4) My observations other than the article:
Turkey's President has interviewed on the Charlie Rose Show; and
in that interview it was very clear that he is a leader in the Middle
East and widely respected by Musllim leaders; and that he is not
compromising too much with Europe to join the EU. Therefore,
since Turkey as a nation is aligning with Iran [and so does China and
Russia] then Iran may be the new world power.
5) If Iran has nuclear fuel and it does according to the opening
paragraph of the BBC article, then it was very foolish for Russia
and America to agree to disarm the respective nations
of nuclear power. Nuclear power is not defeated by anything but
more powerful nuclear power,and the results of it are devastating
totally to the nations where they are employed, bring instant death
within about a five mile radius and radiation sickness as ripple
effects fanning out from the center of the "bomb"
to large swaths of the landscape, causing later deaths and
irradiated food supplies and water.
Read article entiled "The Chinese Dragon and the American Eagle" in Canada Free Press
analyzing the relationship of China to the US at:
This quote begins the article:
"Countries most often destroy themselves
by refusing to gauge the consequences of their actions."And this quote::
"China’s leaders want to be dominant. America’s leaders don’t want to be."
And another article at:
6:54 AM 1/21/2011
I think Iran,China, and Turkey are the forces to be reckoned with and I think they are already the world leaders. I think if anything demonstrated that, it was the Chinese President Hu Jintao meeting secretly with US Senators,addressing the US Congress, and having a State dinner in his honor at White House, while the Chinese flag was flying over the White House; and the article today in the BBC as mentioned here. More on that topic on my blog entry for yeaterday at:
Gloria Poole of and for words that WORK, a mission effort and sometimes that involves warning the people and telling the real state of the 'union"; 7:01am;21/Jan/2011; @home in Missouri

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