Thursday, January 13, 2011

Turning a funeral into reelection campaign is shameful. & AP article too

It is no secret to anyone that I despise Obama for his politics of killing the innocent, [prohibited by Exodus 20:13] andlegalizing sodomy [that GOD calls abomination in Leviticus 18:22] and trying to force sin as the ONLY product exported by America. Having written that to state my so-called bias, the word liberals use but I call it to state the facts, I was shocked at the new low of the Obama administration to turn a funeral into a reelection speech and make it a photo-op for an unpopular President.
Maybe one of the biggest flaws in the US presently is that as a nation we are stuck with a President who is never at the White House, has no clue about anything real, and who promotes evil by making it a photo-op. If someone gunned down his daughters would he want it to be a political rally and speech for the democrats? Would he sell tee shirts to their funeral? He is a godless,shameless man.
If that mockery of 'grief' as the news reported it does not give you a clue to what is the most wrong about America [it's President] then nothing will. He is too brain-washed to ever repent of heinous crimes against humanity [his forcing embryonic killing to call it 'research"; and he is too callous and cold and calculating. He sympathizes with the murderer not the murdered and that is a greivous sin against GOD.
Gloria Poole; 8:55pm;at home in Missouri; 13/Jan/2011
Also please reread "A tune and a Tear" poem about grief for the massacred millions of innocents in the womb.
update on 15/Jan/2011@7:27am after reading an article in the Associated Press about the new Republican Chairman, and also seeing two articles put in the 'news' [when they are opinion only] that were no doubt put there by the taxpayer-paid for defense attorney for the man who killed six people in Tucson. This paragraph is my rebuttal of today's news with a spin.
To begin with the AP article in trying to downplay the Republican Party calls it the GOP --an abbreviation used to confuse people and disassociate the republicans as defined in the Constitution from The Republicans. And secondly in that article the writer for the AP makes a statement that is nothing but a lie. He said the Republican party is irrelevant. He does not mention that The Republicans took back control of the House of Representatives AND won 600+ races across the nation in this past election. The Republicans have more than enough power and clout to stop any Obama plan and I pray they do.
And my comments about the opinion pieces that are blatant attempts to blame the state of Arizona for what one sinful man did, are:
1) when pyscho-babble is not used to 'justify' evil, then evil will be contained. It won't be stopped until JESUS comes again and the Day of Judgement [JESUS's Judgment when HE casts unrepentant sinners into hell as told in Revelations] comes. But it would be contained if the US worried about the 'rights' of the innocents as much as they worry about the 'rights' of murderers.
2) Murderers should have no rights. If Arizona was the problem someone would have lynched that murderer by now. The murderer is the person responsible for his deeds of killing six people and he should get the death penalty and as soon as possible.
3) Insanity should not be a defense for murder nor should the condition of Arizona's mental hospitals. Evil is evil and it is defined in the Bible. If you try to pin the label of insanity on those who defy GOD's commandments then pin it on Obama who has defied GOD's commandments at every turn at every opportunity and in all situations.
4) And Associated Press [AP wire] shame on you! For publishing opinions of medical conditions as 'news' and for trying to justify sin of murder when them. There should be a standard for what constitutes news and what a psychiatrist believes about a mental hospital is not news nor should it be relevant to the US case of US v Laughon. Shame on you AP.
5) Adding these comments to keep original entry on post also. for more on this topic also read my blog at :
http;// [that began when I was married the 2nd time but divorced now but kept that blog.[

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