Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Creating Communication Channels how-to info for oppressed people

I have written out many of the known ways to create other channels of communication that do not depend upon the internet, and I quoted from reliable sources. I added a ton of how- too's s to this website of mine:

I urge you to read the entire site.
12:04 PM 2/2/2011.
Gloria Poole;12:11PM;2/Feb/2011; @my apt in Missouri;
Update @6:31 pm same day:
I read how the protests in Egypt have turned violent. It seems that has become a Civil War there pitting the anti-Mubarak forces against the pro-Mubarak forces. I reasoned Muburak would do that since he sent tanks to the Square. He raised the stakes by what happened today. I read several articles and the fact that Obama STILL thinks he's calling the shots there is one of the most obvious signs of his egotism-on-display. He is as bad as Mubarak.Here's my favorite quote from NY Times article that told how one man charged against the forces sent by Mubarak with the intent that his 2 yr old should live free, and as he did so he said to the onlooking men:“Aren’t you men?” he shouted. “Let’s go!” And thus began or propelled forward the Revolution in Egypt. Article at:
Also it seems such a Civil War is coming and Obama so-called reform of health care that was a radical rewrite of the US Constitution is the catalyst. The long term entrenched mubarak's in the US Senate have to be voted out or office or impeached for dereliction of duty in upholding the US Constitution which does not allow federal government tyranny-[oversight of how we citizens spend our money], nor mandated expenditures by the citizens. Let the Civil War in the US begin too and start at the White House for these reasons:
1) Congress has not upheld the US Constitution; and
2) Congress has for 40 years laid a plan and gave backing to it with votes,money,political speeches and power,influence to depopulate the nation via abortion. And,
3) Congress and Obama are indifferent to the will of the people in this nation on the abortion issue and the so-called reform of health care which shifts money from Social Security to abortionists.And,
4) Congress, acting on Obama's plan to socialize the nation has indebted this nation to China forever, and created 14 TRILLION dollars of debt. When Obama took office [only 2 years ago but it feels much longer] it was something like 1.4 trillion.
5) And the FCC acting on Obama's wishes plans to control the internet in the US. and shut off communications of political adversaries. And.
6) Obama's 'watch" implemented xray scanning to the nakedness of humans as the travel at airports which is a HUGE infringement on each person's dignity and sense of self, and violation of the right to be free from unreasonable search ans seizures by the federal government, and for no reason. since those who bombed the World Trade Towers were not Americans.
Gloria Poole;6:46pm;2-Feb-2011;@my apt in Missouri P.S.: I do not appreciate vulgar,or profane or alcohol-induced text messages from anyone!

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