Monday, February 7, 2011

Egyptians some practical help & thanks Egyptian Telecom Sawiris

This quote:
"Some of us might like to believe that the genie is out of the bottle and that we all have access to an unstoppable
decentralized network. In reality, the internet is entirely controlled by central authorities."And this statement:
"We might better use the lessons of the internet to build a communications infrastructure that cannot be controlled from the top. "
This quote from article in CNN news located at:
written by author of book :Program or be Programmed
TEN COMMANDS FOR A DIGITAL AGE who is Douglas Rushkoff.
10:26 AM 2/7/2011
And thanks to Egyptian Telecommunications " Sawiris for intervening
on behalf of Google Executive Wael Ghonim according to this news in CNN:
"His brother, Hazzem Ghonim, told CNN that he received
word from Egyptian telecommunications billionaire Naguib Sawiris that
authorities would release Ghonim by 4 p.m. (9 a.m. ET)."

Also Egypt please remember that you have to begin the process of writing a Constitution that defines the liberties you are seeking, and I am praying you do that very well; and that you include the freedom of an unregulated,uncontrolled-by-government Press; and the liberty to worship GOD in your places of worship individually without threat to your lives,bodies or livelihoods INLUDING Chrisians, Muslims, Jews,and any other religion; and freedom to peacefully assemble ;and freedom to protest your government without penalty;and freedom to vote for your elected representatives including the office of President and Judges.For starters, also, define how old a representative must be, how long a resident of Egypt, if requirement of naturally-born in Egypt for President; and wh elected and how.
And also including the other civil liberties of:
1) no unreasonable searches and seizures of your personal belongings, your households, your physical bodies; and
2) no arrests without a probable cause warrant signed by a Judge who has heard the facts, and
3) no holding in prison indefinitely [must be charged with a crime within say 48 hrs or released]; and
4) a quick trial by a jury of your peers [those in your socio-economic group--not hand-picked jurists who decide based upon where they get their bribe money] when charged with a crime; and
5) the right to legal representation of your choosing; and
6) the right to face your accusers in a Court of law and question them and see any evidence they have against you and
7) the right to prepare a defense, and the time to do it;
8) the right to appeal any decision right up to the highest Court.
9) And the rights for your family that your family and children are not punished for what you did or didn't do [but accused of];
10) the right to no cruel or unusual punishments ;
11) the right not to be put to death unless you have been found guilty of a capitol offense [usually murder,kidnapping,treason,heinous things like dismemberment of a human ] in a Court of law and after having had time to appeal any sentence,question your accusers, defend yourself, and present
your evidence and testimony in your defense.
These principles are in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights for Americans. To read those visit the Cornell University 's Law School website that has the entire Constitution and Amendments online.
I am praying for you!
Gloria Poole; @home in my apt in Missouri;7/Feb/2011 @10:58am
Update 8/Feb/2011 @6:56am central time:
the US government admits it does 'jamming' of computers at will. Read this quote and read the entire article.
"In the absence of those options, there's always the
old-school methods of jamming a government's
communication frequencies and broadcasting favorable messages. That's the Commando Solo's specialty. "Jamming is something we think about in the context of shooting wars," says Arquilla, but "it may have its place in social revolutions as well."
.Article @:
6:51 AM 2/8/2011
The US government has jammed my computers so many times and it is immoral and illegal because I am a US citizen and they have no legal standing to monitor my words or censor me; but I know when they do that because everything on my computer freezes like a block of ice--the mouse and keyboard quit working, the screen is frozen--captured probably by a secret camera hidden in the file or page I was looking at. I am decent and moral and a prolifer. The so-called Homeland Security-- the US version of the KGB-- spies on US citizens incessantly and without any Judge's order and in many ways --via internet spies,at airports, at schools,universities,libraries, in their homes [via internet connection's 'backdoor"]. Reading that they admit it, is a start in the direction of curtailing it in the US at least. Gloria Poole,RN licensed in Missouri

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