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US: allow Al Jazeera News in the US: where's freedom of Press?

In Newsweek today via Google news is article at location:
It is an excellent article written by "Khanfar [ who is] is director-general of the Al Jazeera network, which is based in Doha, Qatar."
I quote from the article written about Al-Jazeera news. :
"We are unique because our reporters understand the social,
political, and historical fabric of the societies they cover.
They speak the language. They know the terrain. This makes
our news distinctive. It is journalism with depth. So it’s
mind-boggling that Al Jazeera cannot share that
valuable work in a land [the US] that prides itself on a free press."
7:40 AM 2/5/2011

I have read some of the Al Jazeera News reports [in English version they provide] and seen some of their photos. After I did that I read somewhere that they began with journalists who had
job experience working for the BBC [the BBC News has news sections from every continent and country of the world]. I know that they sent reporters to cover the National Democratic Party convention when it was held in Denver because I lived in Denver at that time* and there was a concerted effort by the Colorado news to prevent Al Jazeera from covering the convention. Qatar [HQ of Al Jazeera], is a stable economy somewhat--more so than the US presently is.
How could US seriously 'condemn' Egypt for not permitting Al Jazeera reports when the US does not permit them either? Is it in the best interests of Americans to only hear/read/know the Americanized version of world news? Or are we as a nation collectively tough enough to see ourselves as other's see us? And through the camera lenses of those not born in America?
I also know from first-hand having endured some of it when trying to present news from the Christian perspective, that there is much political 'string-pulling' covertly in the US to prevent negative press of either Obama or H Clinton or any of the Democratic Party. [ An aside: Remember that Obama's press releases of his prayers are propanganda as he has done more to annihilate America than Osama bin Laden ever could when he created a massive killing-of-innocents-in-the-womb-at-government-expense-plan-and-labeled-it-reform] .
Remember that the US is not a 'democracy' but a republic. A republic is very different having a Constitution agreed upon by the people themselves in honest elections and voting. A democracy has whatever rules the 'majority' wants and if the majority are godless people then that results in corruption, evil,killing,sodomy. Read the differences before spouting off you want a democracy and look at some of the so-called 'democratic' civilizations that put the words socialist before the word democracy often.
Also I am readding the link from previous entry to this entry to the website I created to teach ways to create methods of communicating if the internet is blocked in following paragraph.
I have written out many of the known ways to create other channels of communication that do not depend upon the internet, and I quoted from reliable sources. I added a ton of how- too's s to this website of mine:

* footnote: I moved from Denver in Oct 2009.
Gloria Poole; @home in Missouri; 8:09 am;5/Feb/2011;
Update @10:36am,5-Feb-2011 with these quotes from Al Jazeera about situation in Egypt located at : and Google news.
There is an article written in support of liberty for Egyptians by
with this quote:
"To watch hundreds of thousands of Egyptians able to throw off the chains of oppression and the legacy of a totalitarian regime that consistently jailed, tortured or murdered its opponents so overtly that most people were cowed into silence, is to remember that the spark of God continues to flourish no matter how long oppressive regimes manage to keep themselves in power, and that ultimately the yearning for freedom and democracy cannot be totally stamped out no matter how cruel and sophisticated the elites of wealth, power and military might appear to be."
This article was in the Al Jazeera news [English version] courtesy of Google news @10:25am on 5-Feb-2011.
And this message from the people of Egypt to the American president: also in Al Jazeera news courtesy of Google news. This quote sums up article:
"As one protester, Mohammad Mansour, put it: "Obama needs to be clear ... either he stands with Mubarak, or he stands with the Egyptian people." And this sum-up by a student in Egypt:

"From now until September, for all intents and purposes, there is going to be anarchy because there is no legitimate leader in Egypt," he said."
And here's another compelling eye-opening truth:
"But Obama administration officials remain cautious in their choice of words. They do not want to jeopardise the "close partnership" between the two governments that is so highly valued in Washington.
That alliance dates back to the 1978 Camp David Accords and the subsequent peace treaty signed by Mubarak's predecessor Anwar al-Sadat and Menachem Begin, the then Israeli prime minister. Shortly thereafter the US began supplying Egypt with over $1.3bn in military aid every year - making it second only to Israel in terms of the amount of US military aid received."
I have previously and do right now advocate for the liberty to publish for Al Jazeera [and almost any bona-fide news effort] and I pray they are forces for good everywhere by publishing what is happening in Egypt and everywhere.
Gloria Poole
Another update after reading Reuters news:from Reuters News @11:07am this quote:"On Jan. 30, the Egyptian government said it had suspended Al Jazeera's operations, accusing it of false and exaggerated reporting of unrest sweeping the country. The government cancelled its licences and the accreditation of all staff.
But Al Jazeera continues to operate in Egypt and can be seen by ordinary Egyptians via satellite feeds." Read entire article at:
Update @ 11:42 am with these quotes :"There is no force that can get the youth out of the square. Every means was used. Flexibility, violence, live ammunition, and even thugs, and the protesters are still steadfast," he said, referring to an assault by regime supporters on Wednesday that sparked 48 hours of heavy street fighting until protesters succeeded in driving off the attackers." This quote of Israa Abdel-Fattah, a member of the April 6 group, another of the youth movements driving the demonstrations.And this quote from same article:
"Protesters, however, distrust a process conducted by the current government, given the regime's overwhelming domination of the playing field, including a grip on security services and the media, a vast patronage system, a constitution that effectively enshrines its monopoly and a history of rigging elections." These quotes from article written by AP writer in Yahoo News at:
I want to remind you if you have followed the events in Egypt that tear gas, hosing down with massive water cannons, tanks as a show of force, military as a show of force, machetes, swords,armed assailants on horseback and camelback ,swarms of Police in riot gear in their faces, clubs andrazors as weapons against them, imprisonment,loss of income,and credentials, beatings,injuries,deaths have not deterred the Egyptian people from their revolution for the liberty to determine their country and their fate. I pray that THE FORCE of ALMIGHTY GOD sustains them for the sake of liberty in Egypt.
Gloria Poole;
Update at 12:21pm :
From the UK's Guardian News report written by "Ayman Nour, leader of the El Ghad party, was imprisoned in 2005 by President Mubarak and released on health grounds in 2009.
Wael Nawara is a leading Egyptian writer" at: are these quotes:
"25 January is a date that will be forever remembered in Egypt. That was the day when the Egyptian people decided to end the country's last pharaonic dynasty with a people's revolution." And this one:
"This is a revolution of the people."
And other quotes from an article reminding everyone that the US has long supported nations with money who are also suspect as to whether or not their people had liberty or freedom of press, or speech,or religion in exchange for loyalty to Washington DC. Article in the Guardian news of UK with this quote:
"The general threat has always been independence. The US and its allies have regularly supported radical Islamists, sometimes to prevent the threat of secular nationalism." And this quote:"…Washington provided $12m in military aid to Tunisia. As it happens, Tunisia was one of only five foreign beneficiaries: Israel (routinely); the two Middle East dictatorships Egypt and Jordan; and Colombia, which has long had the worst human-rights record and the most US military aid in the hemisphere." And this quote that seems to sum up Washington's attitude toward giving billions to nations that do not allow liberty to their own citizens:
"The dictators support us. Their subjects can be ignored – unless they break their chains, and then policy must be adjusted." Read entire article at:
Gloria Poole

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