Thursday, February 17, 2011

Google,Facebook,Apple Gurus summoned to White House????

ABC news article today says Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt and Mark Zuckerberg who are the heads of Apple Computers, Google and Facebook respectively, have been summoned to the White House. What gives? That sort of sounds like Obama trying to capture control of those entities for his use in his reelection campaign, or for gaining control of those software /computers for control/domination of internet. As you might know when the US Dept of Justice anti-trust dept sued Microsoft for violation of anti-trust laws years ago, the deal they made to let Microsoft continue was that Microsoft creates a 'backdoor' in every operating system they make for law enforcement to snoop,spy on citizens without having to get a warrant. Is that the plan now for Facebook,Google and Apple too? 1984 [book] warnings are here America, when private individuals are summoned to the White House to give an account to the President directly.
That is a very suspicious event! It does not bode well for civil liberties in the US.
Remember that Obama was raised in the Muslim Indonesia where Muslims are majority. Muslim leaders are despots it seems according to the people in Iran,Bahrain,Libya, and Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Ye men. Is Obama about to try to shut down the internet? He could say he is Christian but his actions are not Christ-like since he tried to legalize abominable sins of sodomy and abortion; and he has caused the murders of millions of innocents in the womb since his fake reform of health care started paying for abortion through subsidies and freeing up other money and his political support of killing. He is Muslim not Christian. JESUS does not condone killing of innocents [read Matthew chapter 18 KJV] nor sodomy nor any sin.
Also there was an article about an event that is planned to disrupt satellites and radio today and tomorrow possibly. Does anyone think that is a coincidence? I think they blew up a satellite to disrupt radio [wifi] in some countries including US.
Gloria Poole;10:28am;17/Feb/2011;at my apt in Missouri

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