Tuesday, February 1, 2011

U S should learn from Egyptians-oust career politicians

I realized today that the revolution in Egypt is coming to America too. In the future. When Americans realize we, as a nation, also do not need any politician in office for 30 YEARS. So let us learn from watching them. VOTE out of office every politician who has served more than the 8 allowed by law to the US President. The Constitution was amended to prevent a long term President and it is time to amend it again in these ways:
!0 create & vote to pass a Constitutional Amendment to protect the innocents in the womb from premeditated murder.; And
2) Amend it so no person currently holding any elected position in Congress could run for President while holding onto the title,pay and perqs of Congress; meaning to run for office would require resigning so seat could be filled with someone interested in the job.And
3) Amend it so no elected person could serve more than 2 terms if in Senate or 6 if in Congress [both equal 12 years].And,
4) Amend it to remove the President's War Powers so-called emergency usurpation of powers immediately.
5) And do not ever for any reason give any President the power to censor the people whether by shutting down internet, or hushing up newspapers, or bribing journalists or threatening them. or putting them on White House staff with office in the basement.
And citizens of America, do you think there will come a time in your lifetime,when a march of millions to evict the President from the White House happens? When the 2nd American Revolution takes place to oust the socialists from office? I think it will happen. And we should collectively as a nation, start by ousting John Kerry,Hillary Clinton,John McCain,the entire Black caucus who have served more than 12 years, and Nancy Pelosi, and every politician in office who has already served 12 years. Let's get it done for the sake of this country--vote the career politicians out of office--and see how soon the situation in the US improves.
Gloria Poole; 5:11pm;1-Feb-2011;at home in Missouri
PS Any news of Google's missing Executive?

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