Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The wrath of GOD on Obama & his staff promoting sin

It is written, "for the wrath of GOD is revealed from heaven against all unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; because that which may be known of GOD is manifest in them; for GOD hath revealed it unto them. For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even HIS eternal power and GODHEAD; so that they are without excuse. Because that, when they knew GOD; they glorified HIM not as GOD, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became as fools; and changed the the glory of the incorruptible GOD into an image made like to corruptible man; and to birds and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. Wherefore GOD also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves; who changed the truth of GOD into a lie [ an aside:for themselves only--they cannot make GOD a liar], and worshipped and served the creature [another aside: the devil] more than THE CREATOR, who is blessed forever. Amen. For this cause GOD gave them up unto vile affections; for even their women did change the natural use into that which i against nature; and likewise, also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman burned in their lust one toward another, men with men working that which is unseemly [dictionary defines as indecent or improper] and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was due them [their punishment]. And even as they did not like to retain GOD in their knowledge, GOD gave them over to a reprobate mind [aside: defined by dictionary as depraved & foreordained to eternal damnation by GOD] to do those things which are not convenient; being filled with all unrighteousness,fornication,wickedness,covetousness,maliciousness, full of envy,murder, debate,deceit,malignity,whisperers, backbiters,haters of GOD, despiteful, proud,boasters,inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, without understanding, covenant-breakers, without natural affection, implacable,unmerciful; who KNOWING the Judgement of GOD, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same but have pleasure in them that do them."
Romans 1:18-32, King James Holy Bible
Posted in bold letters as reminder of GOD's words condemning homosexuality and idolatry and as warning that they cannot defy GOD. Read last sentence in passage of scripture again which refers to physical death & spiritual death of those guilty of sodomy abomination & lesbian sin.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri, 1:10pm;23-Feb-2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Maybe the method Assange Used to reveal State Secrets

gives info on "interceptor "used by US gov't..which 'has been deployed since 2003 within the Intelligence community and in support of numerous facilities and installations across the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security and all branches of the United States military." Shockingly, it says it is not encrypted and does not require ComSec authorization! Called Siprnet

Could this be the reason Julian Assange was able to get info from State Dept--no encryption or authorization required?
Asking--anyone verify??
Gloria Poole; 1:23pm;20/Feb/2011'at my apt in Missouri

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Google,Facebook,Apple Gurus summoned to White House????

ABC news article today says Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt and Mark Zuckerberg who are the heads of Apple Computers, Google and Facebook respectively, have been summoned to the White House. What gives? That sort of sounds like Obama trying to capture control of those entities for his use in his reelection campaign, or for gaining control of those software /computers for control/domination of internet. As you might know when the US Dept of Justice anti-trust dept sued Microsoft for violation of anti-trust laws years ago, the deal they made to let Microsoft continue was that Microsoft creates a 'backdoor' in every operating system they make for law enforcement to snoop,spy on citizens without having to get a warrant. Is that the plan now for Facebook,Google and Apple too? 1984 [book] warnings are here America, when private individuals are summoned to the White House to give an account to the President directly.
That is a very suspicious event! It does not bode well for civil liberties in the US.
Remember that Obama was raised in the Muslim Indonesia where Muslims are majority. Muslim leaders are despots it seems according to the people in Iran,Bahrain,Libya, and Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Ye men. Is Obama about to try to shut down the internet? He could say he is Christian but his actions are not Christ-like since he tried to legalize abominable sins of sodomy and abortion; and he has caused the murders of millions of innocents in the womb since his fake reform of health care started paying for abortion through subsidies and freeing up other money and his political support of killing. He is Muslim not Christian. JESUS does not condone killing of innocents [read Matthew chapter 18 KJV] nor sodomy nor any sin.
Also there was an article about an event that is planned to disrupt satellites and radio today and tomorrow possibly. Does anyone think that is a coincidence? I think they blew up a satellite to disrupt radio [wifi] in some countries including US.
Gloria Poole;10:28am;17/Feb/2011;at my apt in Missouri

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Republicans trying to save America from financial bondage
with this quote:
"The total spending cuts add up to $60 billion when compared to spending levels now funding the government. But it meets the GOP pledge to cut $100 billion in federal spending compared to what President Obama proposed for government programs for this fiscal year, which was never enacted." And this one:"The Republican legislation calls for over 100 federal programs to be outright eliminated, including scholarships, family planning, school counseling, Teach for America, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, AmeriCorps, and the COPS hiring program."

And here's a quote I agree with also:
'"The femocrats will not like this statement, but I believe it to be true: anyone who chooses a life without children,…, cannot have much love in them." It's from former Australian Labor leader Mark Latham, that was discussed in article /blog entitled "Julia's tears" written by Nick Bryant in BBC news on Feb 8th,2011*.

The reasons these quotes appeal to me is that as most citizens recognize, I also do that no family OR nation can long endure that habitually lives beyond it's means and lives on borrowed money totally. So the Republicans recognizing that preserving the nation means dispensing with the fluff agencies; and also the evil agencies [like family planning to destroy America through depopulation.

And the second quote is a prolife quote for certain,and I am absolutely 100% prolife--FOR human life to continue. That means I do not care if the animals die out --they are on earth for the cause of humans according to scripture. And I do not care if the trees are cut down since they are also on the earth for the purpose of providing wood [and homes,shelters some sort, paper to write on, paper sacks etc] for humans. I do not ascribe to the devil's theory that humans on earth must be eradicated so the animals can take over. And trees are replanted and animals reproduce themselves when left to their own inborn instincts and humans are not micro-managing them as some lunatics are wont to do. The earth is for humans! Read the Bible 's beginning chapters and read what GOD said on these topics.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri;12:50pm;12/Feb/2011
*footnote: Nick Bryant disapproved of the quote by Mark Latham but I agree with it. Any woman who decides not to have children is not trust-worthy in my opinion because having children is her primary purpose on the earth according to scripture--to replenish the earth's population of HUMANS. Genesis 1:27-28,KJV.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Egyptians some practical help & thanks Egyptian Telecom Sawiris

This quote:
"Some of us might like to believe that the genie is out of the bottle and that we all have access to an unstoppable
decentralized network. In reality, the internet is entirely controlled by central authorities."And this statement:
"We might better use the lessons of the internet to build a communications infrastructure that cannot be controlled from the top. "
This quote from article in CNN news located at:
written by author of book :Program or be Programmed
TEN COMMANDS FOR A DIGITAL AGE who is Douglas Rushkoff.
10:26 AM 2/7/2011
And thanks to Egyptian Telecommunications " Sawiris for intervening
on behalf of Google Executive Wael Ghonim according to this news in CNN:
"His brother, Hazzem Ghonim, told CNN that he received
word from Egyptian telecommunications billionaire Naguib Sawiris that
authorities would release Ghonim by 4 p.m. (9 a.m. ET)."

Also Egypt please remember that you have to begin the process of writing a Constitution that defines the liberties you are seeking, and I am praying you do that very well; and that you include the freedom of an unregulated,uncontrolled-by-government Press; and the liberty to worship GOD in your places of worship individually without threat to your lives,bodies or livelihoods INLUDING Chrisians, Muslims, Jews,and any other religion; and freedom to peacefully assemble ;and freedom to protest your government without penalty;and freedom to vote for your elected representatives including the office of President and Judges.For starters, also, define how old a representative must be, how long a resident of Egypt, if requirement of naturally-born in Egypt for President; and wh elected and how.
And also including the other civil liberties of:
1) no unreasonable searches and seizures of your personal belongings, your households, your physical bodies; and
2) no arrests without a probable cause warrant signed by a Judge who has heard the facts, and
3) no holding in prison indefinitely [must be charged with a crime within say 48 hrs or released]; and
4) a quick trial by a jury of your peers [those in your socio-economic group--not hand-picked jurists who decide based upon where they get their bribe money] when charged with a crime; and
5) the right to legal representation of your choosing; and
6) the right to face your accusers in a Court of law and question them and see any evidence they have against you and
7) the right to prepare a defense, and the time to do it;
8) the right to appeal any decision right up to the highest Court.
9) And the rights for your family that your family and children are not punished for what you did or didn't do [but accused of];
10) the right to no cruel or unusual punishments ;
11) the right not to be put to death unless you have been found guilty of a capitol offense [usually murder,kidnapping,treason,heinous things like dismemberment of a human ] in a Court of law and after having had time to appeal any sentence,question your accusers, defend yourself, and present
your evidence and testimony in your defense.
These principles are in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights for Americans. To read those visit the Cornell University 's Law School website that has the entire Constitution and Amendments online.
I am praying for you!
Gloria Poole; @home in my apt in Missouri;7/Feb/2011 @10:58am
Update 8/Feb/2011 @6:56am central time:
the US government admits it does 'jamming' of computers at will. Read this quote and read the entire article.
"In the absence of those options, there's always the
old-school methods of jamming a government's
communication frequencies and broadcasting favorable messages. That's the Commando Solo's specialty. "Jamming is something we think about in the context of shooting wars," says Arquilla, but "it may have its place in social revolutions as well."
.Article @:
6:51 AM 2/8/2011
The US government has jammed my computers so many times and it is immoral and illegal because I am a US citizen and they have no legal standing to monitor my words or censor me; but I know when they do that because everything on my computer freezes like a block of ice--the mouse and keyboard quit working, the screen is frozen--captured probably by a secret camera hidden in the file or page I was looking at. I am decent and moral and a prolifer. The so-called Homeland Security-- the US version of the KGB-- spies on US citizens incessantly and without any Judge's order and in many ways --via internet spies,at airports, at schools,universities,libraries, in their homes [via internet connection's 'backdoor"]. Reading that they admit it, is a start in the direction of curtailing it in the US at least. Gloria Poole,RN licensed in Missouri

Saturday, February 5, 2011

US: allow Al Jazeera News in the US: where's freedom of Press?

In Newsweek today via Google news is article at location:
It is an excellent article written by "Khanfar [ who is] is director-general of the Al Jazeera network, which is based in Doha, Qatar."
I quote from the article written about Al-Jazeera news. :
"We are unique because our reporters understand the social,
political, and historical fabric of the societies they cover.
They speak the language. They know the terrain. This makes
our news distinctive. It is journalism with depth. So it’s
mind-boggling that Al Jazeera cannot share that
valuable work in a land [the US] that prides itself on a free press."
7:40 AM 2/5/2011

I have read some of the Al Jazeera News reports [in English version they provide] and seen some of their photos. After I did that I read somewhere that they began with journalists who had
job experience working for the BBC [the BBC News has news sections from every continent and country of the world]. I know that they sent reporters to cover the National Democratic Party convention when it was held in Denver because I lived in Denver at that time* and there was a concerted effort by the Colorado news to prevent Al Jazeera from covering the convention. Qatar [HQ of Al Jazeera], is a stable economy somewhat--more so than the US presently is.
How could US seriously 'condemn' Egypt for not permitting Al Jazeera reports when the US does not permit them either? Is it in the best interests of Americans to only hear/read/know the Americanized version of world news? Or are we as a nation collectively tough enough to see ourselves as other's see us? And through the camera lenses of those not born in America?
I also know from first-hand having endured some of it when trying to present news from the Christian perspective, that there is much political 'string-pulling' covertly in the US to prevent negative press of either Obama or H Clinton or any of the Democratic Party. [ An aside: Remember that Obama's press releases of his prayers are propanganda as he has done more to annihilate America than Osama bin Laden ever could when he created a massive killing-of-innocents-in-the-womb-at-government-expense-plan-and-labeled-it-reform] .
Remember that the US is not a 'democracy' but a republic. A republic is very different having a Constitution agreed upon by the people themselves in honest elections and voting. A democracy has whatever rules the 'majority' wants and if the majority are godless people then that results in corruption, evil,killing,sodomy. Read the differences before spouting off you want a democracy and look at some of the so-called 'democratic' civilizations that put the words socialist before the word democracy often.
Also I am readding the link from previous entry to this entry to the website I created to teach ways to create methods of communicating if the internet is blocked in following paragraph.
I have written out many of the known ways to create other channels of communication that do not depend upon the internet, and I quoted from reliable sources. I added a ton of how- too's s to this website of mine:

* footnote: I moved from Denver in Oct 2009.
Gloria Poole; @home in Missouri; 8:09 am;5/Feb/2011;
Update @10:36am,5-Feb-2011 with these quotes from Al Jazeera about situation in Egypt located at : and Google news.
There is an article written in support of liberty for Egyptians by
with this quote:
"To watch hundreds of thousands of Egyptians able to throw off the chains of oppression and the legacy of a totalitarian regime that consistently jailed, tortured or murdered its opponents so overtly that most people were cowed into silence, is to remember that the spark of God continues to flourish no matter how long oppressive regimes manage to keep themselves in power, and that ultimately the yearning for freedom and democracy cannot be totally stamped out no matter how cruel and sophisticated the elites of wealth, power and military might appear to be."
This article was in the Al Jazeera news [English version] courtesy of Google news @10:25am on 5-Feb-2011.
And this message from the people of Egypt to the American president: also in Al Jazeera news courtesy of Google news. This quote sums up article:
"As one protester, Mohammad Mansour, put it: "Obama needs to be clear ... either he stands with Mubarak, or he stands with the Egyptian people." And this sum-up by a student in Egypt:

"From now until September, for all intents and purposes, there is going to be anarchy because there is no legitimate leader in Egypt," he said."
And here's another compelling eye-opening truth:
"But Obama administration officials remain cautious in their choice of words. They do not want to jeopardise the "close partnership" between the two governments that is so highly valued in Washington.
That alliance dates back to the 1978 Camp David Accords and the subsequent peace treaty signed by Mubarak's predecessor Anwar al-Sadat and Menachem Begin, the then Israeli prime minister. Shortly thereafter the US began supplying Egypt with over $1.3bn in military aid every year - making it second only to Israel in terms of the amount of US military aid received."
I have previously and do right now advocate for the liberty to publish for Al Jazeera [and almost any bona-fide news effort] and I pray they are forces for good everywhere by publishing what is happening in Egypt and everywhere.
Gloria Poole
Another update after reading Reuters news:from Reuters News @11:07am this quote:"On Jan. 30, the Egyptian government said it had suspended Al Jazeera's operations, accusing it of false and exaggerated reporting of unrest sweeping the country. The government cancelled its licences and the accreditation of all staff.
But Al Jazeera continues to operate in Egypt and can be seen by ordinary Egyptians via satellite feeds." Read entire article at:
Update @ 11:42 am with these quotes :"There is no force that can get the youth out of the square. Every means was used. Flexibility, violence, live ammunition, and even thugs, and the protesters are still steadfast," he said, referring to an assault by regime supporters on Wednesday that sparked 48 hours of heavy street fighting until protesters succeeded in driving off the attackers." This quote of Israa Abdel-Fattah, a member of the April 6 group, another of the youth movements driving the demonstrations.And this quote from same article:
"Protesters, however, distrust a process conducted by the current government, given the regime's overwhelming domination of the playing field, including a grip on security services and the media, a vast patronage system, a constitution that effectively enshrines its monopoly and a history of rigging elections." These quotes from article written by AP writer in Yahoo News at:
I want to remind you if you have followed the events in Egypt that tear gas, hosing down with massive water cannons, tanks as a show of force, military as a show of force, machetes, swords,armed assailants on horseback and camelback ,swarms of Police in riot gear in their faces, clubs andrazors as weapons against them, imprisonment,loss of income,and credentials, beatings,injuries,deaths have not deterred the Egyptian people from their revolution for the liberty to determine their country and their fate. I pray that THE FORCE of ALMIGHTY GOD sustains them for the sake of liberty in Egypt.
Gloria Poole;
Update at 12:21pm :
From the UK's Guardian News report written by "Ayman Nour, leader of the El Ghad party, was imprisoned in 2005 by President Mubarak and released on health grounds in 2009.
Wael Nawara is a leading Egyptian writer" at: are these quotes:
"25 January is a date that will be forever remembered in Egypt. That was the day when the Egyptian people decided to end the country's last pharaonic dynasty with a people's revolution." And this one:
"This is a revolution of the people."
And other quotes from an article reminding everyone that the US has long supported nations with money who are also suspect as to whether or not their people had liberty or freedom of press, or speech,or religion in exchange for loyalty to Washington DC. Article in the Guardian news of UK with this quote:
"The general threat has always been independence. The US and its allies have regularly supported radical Islamists, sometimes to prevent the threat of secular nationalism." And this quote:"…Washington provided $12m in military aid to Tunisia. As it happens, Tunisia was one of only five foreign beneficiaries: Israel (routinely); the two Middle East dictatorships Egypt and Jordan; and Colombia, which has long had the worst human-rights record and the most US military aid in the hemisphere." And this quote that seems to sum up Washington's attitude toward giving billions to nations that do not allow liberty to their own citizens:
"The dictators support us. Their subjects can be ignored – unless they break their chains, and then policy must be adjusted." Read entire article at:
Gloria Poole

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Creating Communication Channels how-to info for oppressed people

I have written out many of the known ways to create other channels of communication that do not depend upon the internet, and I quoted from reliable sources. I added a ton of how- too's s to this website of mine:

I urge you to read the entire site.
12:04 PM 2/2/2011.
Gloria Poole;12:11PM;2/Feb/2011; @my apt in Missouri;
Update @6:31 pm same day:
I read how the protests in Egypt have turned violent. It seems that has become a Civil War there pitting the anti-Mubarak forces against the pro-Mubarak forces. I reasoned Muburak would do that since he sent tanks to the Square. He raised the stakes by what happened today. I read several articles and the fact that Obama STILL thinks he's calling the shots there is one of the most obvious signs of his egotism-on-display. He is as bad as Mubarak.Here's my favorite quote from NY Times article that told how one man charged against the forces sent by Mubarak with the intent that his 2 yr old should live free, and as he did so he said to the onlooking men:“Aren’t you men?” he shouted. “Let’s go!” And thus began or propelled forward the Revolution in Egypt. Article at:
Also it seems such a Civil War is coming and Obama so-called reform of health care that was a radical rewrite of the US Constitution is the catalyst. The long term entrenched mubarak's in the US Senate have to be voted out or office or impeached for dereliction of duty in upholding the US Constitution which does not allow federal government tyranny-[oversight of how we citizens spend our money], nor mandated expenditures by the citizens. Let the Civil War in the US begin too and start at the White House for these reasons:
1) Congress has not upheld the US Constitution; and
2) Congress has for 40 years laid a plan and gave backing to it with votes,money,political speeches and power,influence to depopulate the nation via abortion. And,
3) Congress and Obama are indifferent to the will of the people in this nation on the abortion issue and the so-called reform of health care which shifts money from Social Security to abortionists.And,
4) Congress, acting on Obama's plan to socialize the nation has indebted this nation to China forever, and created 14 TRILLION dollars of debt. When Obama took office [only 2 years ago but it feels much longer] it was something like 1.4 trillion.
5) And the FCC acting on Obama's wishes plans to control the internet in the US. and shut off communications of political adversaries. And.
6) Obama's 'watch" implemented xray scanning to the nakedness of humans as the travel at airports which is a HUGE infringement on each person's dignity and sense of self, and violation of the right to be free from unreasonable search ans seizures by the federal government, and for no reason. since those who bombed the World Trade Towers were not Americans.
Gloria Poole;6:46pm;2-Feb-2011;@my apt in Missouri P.S.: I do not appreciate vulgar,or profane or alcohol-induced text messages from anyone!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

U S should learn from Egyptians-oust career politicians

I realized today that the revolution in Egypt is coming to America too. In the future. When Americans realize we, as a nation, also do not need any politician in office for 30 YEARS. So let us learn from watching them. VOTE out of office every politician who has served more than the 8 allowed by law to the US President. The Constitution was amended to prevent a long term President and it is time to amend it again in these ways:
!0 create & vote to pass a Constitutional Amendment to protect the innocents in the womb from premeditated murder.; And
2) Amend it so no person currently holding any elected position in Congress could run for President while holding onto the title,pay and perqs of Congress; meaning to run for office would require resigning so seat could be filled with someone interested in the job.And
3) Amend it so no elected person could serve more than 2 terms if in Senate or 6 if in Congress [both equal 12 years].And,
4) Amend it to remove the President's War Powers so-called emergency usurpation of powers immediately.
5) And do not ever for any reason give any President the power to censor the people whether by shutting down internet, or hushing up newspapers, or bribing journalists or threatening them. or putting them on White House staff with office in the basement.
And citizens of America, do you think there will come a time in your lifetime,when a march of millions to evict the President from the White House happens? When the 2nd American Revolution takes place to oust the socialists from office? I think it will happen. And we should collectively as a nation, start by ousting John Kerry,Hillary Clinton,John McCain,the entire Black caucus who have served more than 12 years, and Nancy Pelosi, and every politician in office who has already served 12 years. Let's get it done for the sake of this country--vote the career politicians out of office--and see how soon the situation in the US improves.
Gloria Poole; 5:11pm;1-Feb-2011;at home in Missouri
PS Any news of Google's missing Executive?